1/6/09 12:39 PM

'The MSM Sensing the Genuine End of an Era'

J$P Video! The News Watch panel on the Tim Russert coverage:

From Fox News Watch, June 21 2008

'I Had Not a Clue'

J$P Video! Laura Ingraham plays "This or That" with Greta and Brit:

From Just In... brit greta

'A Great Addition to Our Team'

J$P Video! Lanny Davis joins the Live Desk political panel to make his debut as a Fox News political analyst: From The Live Desk, June 17... Read more

'Welcome to the Nerve Center'

J$P Video! Behind the scenes tour of the Fox newsroom:

From The Live Desk, June 16 2008 cw

'I Don't Want to Relive That'

J$P Video! Brian delivers the ad-lib of the week:

From Fox & Friends + Brian & the Judge, June 13 2008

'One of the Greatest Affirmations of the Rule of Law'

J$P Video! Uh oh! It's more GOP propaganda from Fox:

From Studio B, June 12 2008

'Army Strong, Baby!'

J$P Video! Ainsley jumps with the Golden Knights

From Hannity's America, June 8 2008

'It Is an Agenda Setter'

J$P Video! Why is The Drudge Report so influential?

From Fox News Watch, June 7 2008

'We Look Like Shyster Lawyers!'

J$P Video! Geraldo and Kilmeade mix it up over Gitmo:

From Fox & Friends, June 6 2008

'He's a Liar!'

J$P Video! Fox & Friends throws a few elbows at Olbermann:

From Fox & Friends, June 4 2008

'A Very Big Shoe Dropping on Michelle Obama Tomorrow'

J$P Video! Is Bob Beckel's bombshell for real?

From Fox & Friends, June 3 2008

'I'll Give You 100 Bucks if It's True!'

J$P Video! Roger Stone invokes the elusive "whitey" tape:

From Fox News Channel, June 1 2008

'She Wants Obama Dead'

J$P Video! Jim Pinkerton and Ellen Ratner on the Democratic race--and someone is going to The Chapel of Love: From Fox & Friends, June 1 2008... Read more

'I Sincerely Regret It and Apologize'

J$P Video! Liz Trotta falls on her sword:

From America's Newsroom, May 26 2008

'A Shameless Degree of Outright Partisanship'

J$P Video! Has (MS)NBC crossed the line?

From Fox News Watch, May 24 2008

'I've Never Seen Anything Like This'

J$P Video! Tornadoes touch down on live television:

From Fox News Channel, May 24 2008

'Can You Imagine How Tim Russert Would Feel?'

J$P Video! Is MSNBC a liability to NBC?

From Fox & Friends, May 22 2008

'That Is a Guy Who Picks on People's Children'

J$P Video! Steve Doocy tells off Keith Olbermann:

From Fox & Friends, May 20 2008

'I'm Going to Ask You an Ugly Question'

J$P Video! Frank Luntz and a focus group of undecided voters on "appeasement". It's more GOP propaganda from Fox! From The Strategy Room, May 18 2008... Read more

'I Don't Mean Nuts in a Bad Way...'

J$P Video! Bob Beckel & Mike Gallagher on Hillary, Ron Paul, etc:

From Fox & Friends, May 13 2008

'Democratic Activists Now Hate Her'

J$P Video! Ellen Ratner and Jim Pinkerton on campaign developments:

From Fox & Friends, May 11 2008

'You Cried with the Polygamists'

J$P Video! Happy Birthday, Brian Kilmeade:

From Fox & Friends, May 7 2008

UPDATE: Birthday pix.

'The Other Shoe Dropped Tonight'

J$P Video! Frank Luntz analyzes the election results:

From Hannity & Colmes, May 7 2008

'A Mistake from the Start'

J$P Video! Fox News Sunday discusses the boycott:

From Fox News Sunday, May 4 2008

'Hillary Lost the MSNBC Primary to Obama'

J$P Video! News Watch on The Hillary Factor, boycotts, and more:

From Fox News Watch, May 3 2008

'The War on Fox: Definitely Still Real'

J$P Video! Griff Jenkins reports on the latest skirmishes:

From Weekend Live, May 3 2008

'My Master Is Obviously Not You, Dick!'

J$P Audio! Updated! Gibson confronts Marty Parrish of c-word fame:

From The John Gibson Show, May 2 2008

UPDATE: fact-check.

'Sorry, That's Weird!'

J$P Video! Shep gets frustrated talking with a former cult member:

From Studio B, May 1 2008