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J$P Archives: July-August

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Weekend Schedules

Your guide to this weekend's cable news programming. Sunday coverage (subject to change)... Fox News Channel [updated!]:10:00 am: Eric Shawn/Jamie Colby 12:00 pm: Bret Baier 2:00 pm: Eric Shawn/Jamie... Read more

(MS)NBC: The Scoop That Wasn't

With J$P Video! Everyone knows to give credit where credit is due. But sometimes that truism is more honored in the breach. (MS)NBC has been... Read more

As MSNBC Stonewalls Flag Flap, Keith Revives Controversy

This site was first to report on the curious case of MSNBC's "place for politics" logo, which displays an American flag flying upside-down. The reasons... Read more

R.I.P. Tony Snow

Updated Friday 10:20 am: R.I.P. Tony Snow: Politico TV Decoder Time Radio Equalizer Real Clear Politics CNN ABC The Nation John Gizzi Townhall Washington Post Arnaud de Borchgrave New York TimesAaron BarnhartWall Street JournalHoward KurtzDetroit NewsTV WeekWilliam HamiltonRachel... Read more