1/6/09 12:37 PM

Wolfson: I'll Work to Prevent Matthews's Election

J$P Video! Howard Wolfson says he will oppose any attempt by Chris Matthews to become a US Senator: From The John Gibson Show, August 27 2008... Read more

'Cindy Sheehan Was Actually Coming to My Defense'

J$P Video! Griff Jenkins tells what really went down in Denver:

From America's Election HQ, August 25 2008

'They Are the Loudest Voices'

J$P Video! Ed Rendell's comments chewed over by the F&F gang:

From Fox & Friends, August 25 2008

Anti-War Protesters Assault Griff Jenkins!

J$P Video! Warning: language!

From America's Election HQ, August 24 2008

'Joe Biden Makes Damn Good TV'

J$P Video! Shep Smith and Bob Beckel on Biden:

From Fox News Channel, August 23 2008

'John Edwards Better Get Himself a Good Lawyer'

J$P Video! Is the man who villified Fox News now in legal hot water?

From At Large, August 10 2008

'Full of Innuendos, Misstatements, Lies!'

J$P Video! Jerome Corsi (Obama Nation) vs Bob Beckel:

From Fox & Friends, August 5 2008

'There Were People, But Not You'

J$P Audio! O'Reilly grills McClellan, Scott backpedals, fireworks ensue:

From The Radio Factor, July 29 2008

'I Hope He Lingers and Goes Slow and Hard!'

J$P Audio! Blue blogs express their sympathy for Bob Novak:

From The John Gibson Show, July 28 2008

'Scott, I'm Calling You a Liar!'

J$P Audio! O'Reilly rebuts Scott McClellan. Dick Morris chimes in; callers challenge Bill:

From The Radio Factor, July 28 2008

'There's 25 Years of Documentation!'

J$P Audio! Christine interviews today's Fox News protesters:

From The John Gibson Show, July 23 2008

'NBC News Offered Me a Ton of Money'

J$P Audio! Is Fox News racist? Bill O'Reilly takes on Robert Wexler and discusses with Marc Lamont Hill: From The Radio Factor, July 23 2008 fox... Read more

'What a Whining Little Baby!'

J$P Audio! Chris Wallace takes on Hannity, both Presidential campaigns, and makes public an awkward Kilmeade faux pas: From Brian and the Judge, July 18 2008... Read more

'This Is Journalism 101'

J$P Video! Shepard Smith and Bill O'Reilly discuss the unreleased Jackson quote, confirmed today:

From Studio B, July 16 2008

'Very Little Escapes Our Notice'

J$P Video! Flashback: A classic Brit Hume moment:

From Dayside

'That May Actually Be Fraud!'

J$P Video! The Judge explains the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae "bailout":

From Studio B, July 15 2008

'Hang In There'

J$P Video! Griff Jenkins breaks down over the death of his friend:

From Fox News Channel, July 12 2008
Full Tony Snow coverage.

'He's Crazy, in a Good Kind of a Way'

J$P Audio! Col David Hunt on Iran, Iraq, and John McCain:

From The Alan Colmes Show, July 9 2008