12/24/09 11:16 PM

Flashback: It's a Wonderful Place

J$P Video! Seasonal nostalgia from our video vaults:

From Fox News Channel, 2004

'There Will Never Be Another Brit'

J$P Video! Brit Hume tribute and sign off:

From Special Report, December 23 2008

'I Definitely Like Your Wife Better'

J$P Video! Mr and Mrs Alan Colmes goof around on F&F:

From Fox & Friends, December 19 2008

'Unprecedented in American History'

J$P Video! The Judge rules on the Eric Holder nomination:

From America's News HQ, December 2 2008

'I'm Proud of the Fox News Channel'

J$P Video! Alan announces his upcoming retirement from H&C:

From Hannity & Colmes, November 24 2008

'The Election Is Lost to You Maggots!'

J$P Video! Shep gets snippy with an emailer, again:

From Studio B, November 18 2008

'No, This Is Actually Quite Stupid'

J$P Video! Fun with holograms!

From Fox & Friends, November 10 2008

'I Don't Want to Peddle in Schoolyard Trash'

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'It Was More Interesting to Watch the Trappings'

J$P Video! The panel (with Judith Miller in her Fox debut) on media coverage of Barack Obama: From Fox News Watch, November 8 2008 fox news... Read more

'He's Good With His Hands'

J$P Video! It's somebody's birthday...

From Happening Now, November 7 2008

Beckel: 'I Would Have Used Rev Wright'

J$P Video! Bob Beckel vs Ann Coulter on today's election:

From Fox & Friends, November 4 2008

'How Great Is That?!'

J$P Video! Trace Gallagher's tour of FNC's new set:

From The Live Desk, November 3 2008

'The Best Thing Affleck's Done Since Dazed and Confused'

J$P Video! Fox & Friends, with Greg Gutfeld, on SNL's Olbermann skit, and CNN's Hughley show: From Fox & Friends, November 2 2008 fox news gg... Read more