3/3/09 1:21 PM

'How Do I Measure That Kind of Harm?'

J$P Audio! John Gibson reacts to the firing of HuffPoGate's John Sanders:

From The John Gibson Show, February 24 2009

'They All Should Think About Lawyering Up'

J$P Audio! John Gibson has more to say about HuffPoGate:

From The John Gibson Show, February 23 2009

'I Was Slimed Based on a Lie'

J$P Audio! John Gibson responds to the Huffington Post smear:

From The John Gibson Show, February 20 2009

'Be Very Afraid, World!'

J$P Video! Shep hosts, the Judge rules on cancelled tax refunds:

From Studio B, February 17 2009

'You Sound Like Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs'

J$P Video! Moore, Malkin, Powers, and Beck talk border:

From Glenn Beck, January 31 2009

'Fitzgerald, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself'

J$P Video! Geraldo's take on the Blago brouhaha:

From The Live Desk, January 25 2009

'One of the Worst People in Broadcasting'

J$P Audio! Keith Olbermann attacks John Gibson, and Gibby fires back:

From The John Gibson Show, January 23 2009

'Going Left Was the Right Thing to Do!'

J$P Audio! John Gibson reveals what Phil Griffin said to him in a chance meeting:

From The John Gibson Show, January 21 2009

'Support Him When I Can, Oppose Him When I Must'

J$P Video! Glenn Beck previews his new FNC hour:

From The Live Desk, January 19 2009

'That Is So Not a Flattering Shot!'

J$P Video! Julie Banderas in Colombia:

From America's News HQ, January 11 2009

'Alan Colmes, You're a Great American'

J$P Video! Alan signs off the last Hannity & Colmes:

From Hannity & Colmes, January 9 2009

'A More Dignified and Deserving Person I Know Not'

J$P Video! Honoring Brit Hume's 35 years in journalism:

From Fox & Friends, January 9 2009