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Fox Haters Week in Review

Updated with reaction from Dr Marc Lamont Hill.

This is the Fox Haters Week in Review, where we catch up on some of the distortions, lies, and smears that may have slipped under the radar over the past seven days.

Meet the Old Lie, Same as the New Lie
Keith Olbermann is rarely one to correct a falsehood; he is far more likely to repeat it. So it's no surprise that when he took off on Bill O'Reilly for speculating that NBC paid for an interview, Edward R Olbermann just had to kick it up a notch:

Fox scrubbed its transcript of O‘Reilly‘s show to make it look like O‘Reilly didn‘t say she was paid by NBC to do the interview, but as if he was actually said she was made by NBC to do the interview. Sleaze bags.
What Olby doesn't mention is that Fox transcripts aren't done by Fox; Fox doesn't own them or even hold the copyright. They are done by an outside company that claims sole responsibility for the accuracy (CQ Transcriptions)--which just happens to be the same company that prepares transcriptions of...Countdown with Keith Olbermann! Olby is in the business, so he knows that Fox didn't "scrub its transcript". If all this sounds familiar, it's because Olby used this same smear before. It was a lie then, and it's a lie now.

We haven't done a post about the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal) for over a week. But things are different over at the kennel, where the hound discussion forum has started no fewer than ten topics about this site in as many eleven days. In the midst of this preoccupation with J$P, we noticed that Ellen QB jumped in as well. Writing in the most recent of the ten topics, Ms Brodsky served up this staggeringly un-self-aware masterpiece of irony:
  • It's getting creepy how obsessed he is with us. Posted by: Ellen

The Loony Bin
If you've ever wondered what Fox Derangement Syndrome looks like, you need to savor this gem from the intellectual giants at O'Reilly Sucks. It's from two weeks back, but we didn't have a 'week in review' last week so we saved it for today. The moral: even if you're one of the most respected commentators on any cable news channel (and one of the most liberal), don't you dare appear with Bill O'Reilly. And if you do, expect a puerile tantrum in return:
Let me tell you something about Dr. [Marc Lamont] Hill. The so-called Democrat. I wrote him one time and asked if I could have him ask O'Reilly a question once in a while. He wrote me back and said sure, no problem. So I sent him a couple questions to ask O'Reilly, but he never asked them. So I wrote back to him a couple times to ask why, and he never returned my e-mails, none of them. I am guessing he was too afraid to ask Billy the questions I wanted answered. My guess would be that he is afraid if he asked Billy a tough question O'Reilly would kick him off the show, and he would lose his tv time on the #1 cable news show. So in my book Dr. Hill is a sell out coward of a fake Democrat, who just wants to kiss Billy's ass so he can stay on tv.

Time Sure Knows How to Pick 'Em
What do these sites have in common: Huffington Post, Andrew Sullivan, Crooks & Liars? Answer: they have all been named among the 25 best blogs of 2009. Oh, they have something else in common too. They all ran with and published as true the phony Gibson/scrotum doctored tape. How many of these "best blogs" fact-checked and verified the story before rushing to publicize it? Zero.

Tolerance and Understanding
Our racial tolerance moment of the week comes from Crooks and Liars. And you know that theirs must have been a worthy, intellectual sentiment, as it was expressed on one of the world's "25 best blogs". Never fear, it's exactly what you might expect:
  • Juan "token good negro" Williams actually compared O'Reilly's mean spiritness to comedic icons Richard Prior and Lenny Bruce. What's it like living a complete lie, Juan? From what I know about "uncle toms" like Williams, if I were white I'd never believe a word that liar says.

Spot something you'd like to see in the next Fox Haters Week in Review? Send us an email. If we use your submission you will receive a genuine attribution!

UPDATE: Dr Marc Lamont Hill posted his reaction to the O'Reilly Sucks attack in the comments, and we thought it deserved more prominence as an update to this post:
The last time I checked, I am the most left-wing guest on Fox News by FAR. Furthermore, I am probably the most left-wing regular contributor on any major network. Somehow, because I don't agree that it's a venal sin to make fun of Helen Thomas, I'm a covert Republican? Furthermore, this guy is upset because I didn't read his questions to me on live television? First, the network calls me with topics, not the other way around. As such, I cannot randomly pose questions to the HOST of a show. Second, most of the questions are neither original nor appropriate for television. Finally, I literally receive 1000 emails a week from people, many of whom ask me to pose questions to Bill O'Reilly. I'm a secret agent of Karl Rove because I didn't answer this one schmuck? Come on! This is the ridiculous, cult-like stupidity that makes the left look disorganized and self-destructive. --Marc Lamont Hill

Anatomy of a Smear

The B-Cast goes in-depth on HuffPoGate, including an interview with the man who created the doctored video:

Huffington Post Smear of Gibson Uses Doctored Video!

Updated! HuffPo apology, Gibson response, and more after the jump.

A headline at Huffington Post blares: John Gibson Compares Eric Holder To Monkey With Bright Blue Scrotum (VIDEO). Writer Alex Leo lays it all out:

At the end of a long and pointless conversation between two Fox News reporters covering a zoo escape, John Gibson compared Attorney General Eric Holder to a monkey.... At 2:48, they toss to John Gibson who complains that he can't get away with saying "bright blue scrotum" on the radio then follows that up by saying, "We were talking about Eric Holder today on the radio and his bright blue scrotum."
Here's the HuffPo video [it has been removed from youtube but see the 'update' below for a link to a saved copy]:

Hundreds of HuffPo commenters erupted in predictable outrage:
  • FOX continues to prove it is part of the most racist network since the KKK
  • John Gibson should be fired.
  • These guys are unbelievable. Racism and Gibson's fixation for blue scrotums together would baffle when Freud himself.
  • this is not surprising john gibson is a bigot and has never denied it.
  • i hope Keith Olbeman has a special comment about this isses!!!
  • Keep digging Faux, just keep on digging yourselves into a marginalize racist pit of despair.
There's only one problem with all this: the video posted by HuffPo is a fake. The three words allegedly spoken by Gibson, "bright blue scrotum", are actually in Trace Gallagher's voice. Those words were lifted from a few moments earlier and pasted over Gibson's actual sentence: "We were talking about Eric Holder today on the radio and his comment that this is a nation of cowards." But don't take our word for it. See, and hear, for yourself:

This story has already spread through the Fox hater echo chamber and it's still propagating tonight. It's even shown up at Keith Olbermann's blog of choice (i.e. Daily Kos), with another passel of outraged comments from the gullible.

The Huffington Post has some 'splaining to do. Why are they presenting a doctored video? Who altered the soundtrack? Who knew and when did they know it?

Most of all they need to make a big-time apology--with the same prominence and bold-type headline as their phony smear.

UPDATE: Our report has had its intended effect. The Huffington Post article now sports a different headline: "John Gibson Did Not Compare Eric Holder To Monkey With Bright Blue Scrotum (UPDATED)" and begins with a retraction and apology:
The Huffington Post has learned that the below video has been doctored. We regret the error and apologize to Mr. Gibson. John Gibson never compared Eric Holder to a monkey with a bright blue scrotum.
It still appears on the media page but is less prominent than before (further down and to the right, and without a graphic to draw attention to it). A quick check found a snarky update from Wonkette and a correction from Jossip...but no changes to the Daily Kos article. [Kos finally limps to the finish line nearly 48 hours later with a pseudo-apology.]

The Huffington Post claims they got the video from TVNewser, but obviously did not verify its accuracy. Several commenters note that an 'annotation' (words that pop on the screen) has now been added to the youtube video by its poster, admitting that Gibson didnt say 'bright blue scrotum'. The original doctored video (now removed from youtube) was saved and can be found here.

UPDATE UPDATE: John Gibson says this is part of a pattern, and had further comments on today's radio program. Breitbart.tv interviews the creator of the doctored video: John Sanders of WBAL-TV. Check our Friday links post for updated reaction from across the blogosphere.

Newshounds 'Pornography' Smear Enrages Marina Fans

Updated! One sure sign of desperation among the Fox haters: playing the "pornography" card. And sure enough, that's exactly what's been served up by the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob).

Now you may think that pornography is "obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like"; if so, you agree with the Random House Unabridged Dictionary. But over at the pound, when something airs on FNC they see it a little differently. The hounds have described the following as pornography: clips from the Miss USA pageant, a Snapple commercial, Golfer Natalie Gulbis in FHM magazine, and the Michael Jackson trial. In fact, they even assailed Alisyn Camerota's hairdo for looking like porn!

Perhaps the ultimate absurdity was reached this weekend when Ellen decided that philologist Marina Orlova's latest appearance on Fox News constituted "soft core porn"! No, we are not making this up:

FOX News Soft Core Porn For Valentine's Day...Marina just happened to show up in a sleeveless halter top in the middle of February. She was also so excited by her etymology that she could not help shaking her large chest at nearly every word. I'm surprised she didn't jump up and squeal, "Coochie Coochie!"
In this case, it's not necessary for us to demolish Ms Brodsky's bizarre claims, because Marina's fans, at her website, did the job for us:
  • wtf soft core porn ??!!! That newshound site is filled with FOX haters for all I know … or they are very conservative and doesn’t like the idea of smart and pretty girls
  • They are Fox haters and they’re far-far-left. Newshounds is an unreliable website with a poor track record in telling the truth.
  • I agree with you that Newshounds is an unreliable source of information.
  • That woman Ellen, who wrote that piece, seems to be suffering from a severe case of Breast Envy! I had to watch the show again to confirm my conviction that there was no mammary agitation going on, but confirm it I did. Marina was shaking her head and moving her arms about a lot but the wobbly bits were well lashed down and in no danger of going overboard in a storm.
  • just watched it again too Bob and I didn’t see any unnecessary movement or any movement that would constitute a write up like Marina got from that rag of a news letter. Some people are just jealous of others and have to cut them down to make themselves look good. But in this case she made herself and her rag look bad. As they say bad news sells good news fails.
  • Marina I know you don’t like to stir the pot. But if I were you I would give this person a piece of your mind over the trash she talked about your performance on the O'Reilly show. Who cares if it’s February and your in a halter top. It’s warm right now and I would think that the show has heat in the building. What did she want you to wear a danged overcoat. Maybe your the sexy female she would like to be and takes it out on others. I hope she reads this and gives me a comment so I can give her one back that she won't like.
  • People without talent become critics of those who have talent. Marina is very clever and has a great show and people are jealous of her. Don’t worry Cap, many use Marina for publicity since they can’t get it on their own.

Update: Marina has added her own reaction to Ellen's "porn" smear:
I get attacked quite often by people when I appear on the O’Reilly show, but it’s simply by people who are attacking Bill and trying to use me as ammo. You would think that people would appreciate the break from politics to learn a little history… but they don’t. No big deal on my part.

Postscript: Does the video posted by Ellen even work? Not for us. And yet, strangely, none of the 15 comments on her article mention this. Are Ellen's readers reacting to a video they haven't even watched?! The screengrab below illustrates the hounds' non-functioning video; for your viewing pleasure, we have included a working embed directly below it.

HuffPo Fans Rally Behind Juan Williams!

No, they're not quite as, um, colorful as the comments found at the newshounds, but they're getting there. Read what some HuffPo habitues wrote in response to the Juan Williams/NPR flap (the [deletions] are ours, not HuffPo's):

  • I cannot stand this [deleted]ing turncoat piece of [deleted] Juan Williams. I think he hates his blackness too.
  • I've heard that when Limbaugh strokes William's belly near his fifth upstairs fireplace in the evening light Juan tinkles himself.
  • Juan Williams is a two-faced coot.
  • Juan WIlliams is something of an Uncle Tom.
  • In order for him to be FOX's token liberal, like Holmes [sic!], he was required to be neutered, and hasn't been the same since.
  • Juan Williams is a another sad self-loathing black man verbally bashing Michelle Obama. There's no shortage of Scumbags like him.
  • Let's start a petition... easy to do, just tell NPR no more memberships until he's gone.... He is at best a hack, at worst self-hating.
  • Juan Williams is little more than an Uncle Tom that FOX can use to try to justify its propaganda.
  • He is not proud of Pres. Obama becoming President, dont believe the croc tears, they were pathetic tears of his failure of a human being and spineless African American puppet...
  • Juan Williams is a minstrel!
  • Monkey see, monkey do. Juan knows where his bread is buttered.
  • Exactly,The "happyNegroe " [sic]
  • Juan Williams is a self-loathing black man (HP won't post if use my preferred word for these people) -- the lowest form of humanity.
  • Now Juan Williams is one man that should be called "COLORED" along with Steele.
  • He is a worthless piece of amphibious grabastic crap, Besides, like who really cares what this Fox news Uncle Tom thinks.

'Neocon Republican' Bruns a Soros Backer!

You know when a Fox employee gets arrested, the haters erupt with glee. So yesterday when Aaron Bruns, who was an embed producer covering the Hillary Clinton campaign, was picked up on child pornography charges, the most reckless elements of the blogosphere just couldn't help themselves:

  • Another REPUBLICAN pedophile gets caught!
  • I love it when a NeoCon shill shows his hand.
Meanwhile, over at Keith Olbermann's blog, the comments were no less euphoric:
  • Right wing conservatives take thier entitlement patriarchy a little too seriously.
  • If this is one example of what conservative values looks like, I will stick with my liberal ideals.
  • Geez, these Republicans really need to do something about their ever-growing repression because, when they don't release it in a healthy manner, [deleted] like this ends up happening.
  • The fact that the guy is a FOX producer just points to the rank hypocrisy that permeates modern republicanism.
  • It seems that the Republicans have a huge problem with pedophilia...
The point here is that the Fox haters have been so poisoned by the echo chamber that they assume this guy must be a "Republican" and a "neocon". After all he works for the eeevil FNC. Ergo they just declare it to be fact! But it took only 60 seconds of investigation to determine that the accused is neither Republican nor a neocon. In fact, he is a supporter of George Soros. His only political contribution found in the FEC archives was to "America Coming Together", a George Soros-funded group looking to assist in the election of John Kerry.

Another Fox News "Republican neocon"!

Of course no such roundup would be complete without a nod to the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob). There was of course the inevitable "he's a Republican!" lie ("Family values republicans!!!! ahahahaha! Too funny-sick.") But poster Alex (no last name) seemed more fixated on J$P:
What is interesting is who isn't reporting the story. When I did a search at 10:30AM EST, I found zip at FoxNews.com, zero on Drudge Report and nada at Johhny "Your source for the truth about Fox News...and the latest cable news links" Dollar's Place, which had been updated at 10:15 AM.... Update: Another check at 2:50 PM and guess who still isn't reporting the story? Quelle surprise!
Well, the newspups may have only gotten around to this story today, but it broke yesterday. And Alex NLN is either inept or dishonest, since in our Tuesday post we included two links about this story, including one to the very same TVNewser piece that the hounds did. Only we did it yesterday. When the story was still news. 18 hours before the newspoodles got around to it.

See also: Chickaboomer.

Dissent? No! Racial Slurs? Si, Podemos!


They have a code of conduct for commenters over at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob). It is not designed to weed out dissent--oh no, they welcome opposing points of view:

A comment will be deleted if it is 1) totally irrelevant, 2) relevant, but extremely vulgar, or 3) a copy/pasted article with no relevant comment.
This brings us to an unintentionally hilarious piece authored by Ellen, QB. It deals with a series of racially motivated assaults: the fourth of four suspects entered a guilty plea. The nefarious website, foxnews.com, came under attack from Ellen because their report on the story didn't have enough words:
That was apparently not very newsworthy to FOXNews.com which gave the item a few brief paragraphs. By contrast, CNN.com offered a full report on the horrific spree. Just another example of FOX News' racial insensitivity.
It won't surprise you to learn that Ellen neglected to mention something: the "racially insensitive" article wasn't written by Fox at all. It came straight from the Associated Press and went out to countless websites and newspapers, not just Fox. Why didn't Ellen tell us that? After all, it means that it wasn't Fox who was "racially insensitive"--it was the Associated Press.

With the new hound policy of approving comments before they appear, the dog pound is now free from gutter language and hateful smears, right? Err, not exactly. Ms Brodsky's post--which makes no mention whatsoever of Juan Williams--nonetheless produced this highly relevant comment approved by the newspoodles:
  • Juan Lawn Jockey Williams likely believes that them uppity Negroes had it coming.
So Ellen permits this demeaning racial stereotype just under an article where she (falsely) accuses foxnews.com of "racial insensitivity". As we said, unintentionally hilarious.

But Ellen isn't through yet. She serves up a bizarrely over-the-top rant at O'Reilly and (uh-oh) Juan Williams. And as the comments pour in, they are, by an amazing coincidence, pretty much all in lock-step with Ms Brodsky's screed. Except for this one:
From Ellen's article:  Even worse, Williams seemed to be justifying his workmates' xenophobia. He assailed the Times for identifying as racism the “[There is]real anxiety in white America about the number of immigrants in this country, both legal and illegal.” I wonder if Williams would have identified as racism the “real anxiety” whites in the south felt about the civil rights movement.

From the video, Williams continued: "And then all of a sudden now, they want to make the case that somehow, anybody who has a point of view about expressing that concern is automatically a reprobate and a racist and to be pushed out of decent company."

From a speech by President Obama in Philadelphia last March:  And yet, to wish away the resentments of white Americans, to label them as misguided or even racist, without recognizing they are grounded in legitimate concerns - this too widens the racial divide, and blocks the path to understanding.

There is no question that accusations of racial insensitivity and racism squelch honest debate on real issues that affect the country. President Obama knows this, Juan Williams knows this, Bill O'Reilly knows this.  Sadly, so does Andrew Rosenthal. --vstol
What's this? An opposing view is allowed to be heard? Well, not exactly. There's one problem with this comment: Ellen wouldn't let it through. It didn't appear. It was dumped, nuked, buried. We only know about it because its author resposted it elsewhere (on the unmoderated forum, no doubt wondering how freezing out people who disagree helps foster the free exchange of ideas that the biased bassets believe in so strongly).

So what sort of comments were allowed to be added to the post? You know the answer to that before we tell you:
  • I think Uncle Juan is a sorry piece of s..t.
  • A Fox Noise discussion on racism would not be complete without Juan House Negro Williams. Whatever Massa Bildo spews out, Juan always obediently agrees. There will be some extra bacon fat on his plate tonight at the Fox Noise plantation.
Ellen may fancy herself a mystery writer, but when it comes to encouraging racial slurs, while freezing out dissent, we already know whodunit.

UPDATE: The newspoodles have gone to new lengths to keep their echo chamber free of unacceptable opinions. After we reprinted it here, the comment vstol put in the off-topic thread has been summarily deleted without explanation! Remember, this is supposed to be the hound forum where "you can debate in whatever way you like on whatever subject you like, free of interference from us." That is...as long as you don't disagree with Ellen Brodsky.

Meet Glenn Beck: Sadistic, Psychotic Child Abuser?!

There's nothing like a bit of character assassination to brighten a dark day over at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate). Their latest victim? Glenn Beck. Before we document the personal attacks, let's first look at the video clip that started all this. Yes, that's right, it's not a segment that the newsmutts actually saw (heaven forbid they actually see an entire discussion before "analyzing" it)...it's a snippet edited down to 15 seconds by Jon Stewart:

Armed with this 15 seconds of data, Priscilla commences the smearing:
Beck, looking earnestly at the Fox News camera, admitted on national TV that he spanked his four year old son for having “caught” him in a lie (which was not described). What makes this even more troubling is that he admitted, on his radio show in 2007, to having done this before, apparently to the same child.... If this is part of a pattern...
Yes, that would be a pattern of spanking his child once every two years.
...it suggests that there could be some serious issues (possibly clinical) that need professional intervention. Child development experts, generally, agree that spanking is an inappropriate and ineffective tool for parenting...
Priscilla doesn't explain where this nugget of information came from, and we are reluctant to accept an unsourced claim from one with a history of making things up. And indeed, Time magazine and CNN found no such "general agreement":
Psychologists and other academics are similarly divided... Neither the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) nor the American Psychological Association (APA) has come out fully against the practice.... Plenty of experts believe that spanking is not always wrong.... Robert Larzelere, a psychologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, concluded that in children under 7, nonabusive spanking reduced misbehavior without harmful effects. Not only does spanking work, Larzelere says, but it also reinforces milder forms of discipline, so that children are more apt to respond without spanking the next time.... The clearest indication that there's no simple answer to the spanking dilemma, though, is that some professionals who work with parents to prevent child abuse and teach appropriate discipline methods also acknowledge spanking their kids--albeit sparingly. Right or wrong, for most parents, spanking remains a private matter.
Priscilla continues:
...could, depending on the severity of the spanking, constitute child abuse and criminal assault.
Well, that's kicking it up a notch. But if you think that was an injudicious slander, just look at what followed. The kennel-dwellers swarmed into the comment threads and eagerly upped the ante. There were a few who saw through the ad hominem defamation, but most were all too happy to revel in the personal attacks:
  • All of these people have some sort of personality disorder.
  • Beck should look into it and possibly look into getting help for his own benefit as well.
  • That child is living with a bully at best or worst, a child abuser.
  • Beck's wife Tania is young enough to be his daughter.
  • Bullying a four-year old is Beck's style.
  • Torture Begins at Home. eh, gle, you hitting-a-four-year-old coward.
  • No surprise there with either one of these religious nutcases. The more devoutly religious people are, the more that violence is acceptable.
  • Wait some woman got pregnant with Glenn Beck's baby? Shutters.
  • The sick [deleted] goes on to say he attacked a 4 year old child, then just shrugs it off as if it was no big deal. Thanks for sharing what a [deleted] you are, Glenn.
  • I have always felt that Beck was in serious need of psychiatric help.
  • I also enjoy the fact that Beck likes smacking around his adopted child. Jeez, a shrink could have a field day with him.
  • I fear for the mental health of his children.
  • Spanking a 4 year old for "telling a lie" is over the top authoritarianism.
  • I wonder if he had been drinking.
  • Glenn Beck is a monster! Hell, he probably adopted the kid to begin with just so he could spank him every time he lies.
  • Glenn Beck is a five-star [deleted], and a brass-plated ignoramus.
  • His mental state is questionable and therefore his take on spanking and discipline, in my opinion, is just plain scary.
  • The real story probably starts out with Glenn getting a little drunk.
  • What state does Glenn live in? I would like to report him to CPS and get that adopted son taken away and put into a loving home where the parents will not beat him.
  • The most sexually confused and kinky weirdos are usually devoutly religious republicans.
Postcript: All of the above comments were specifically approved by hound moderators before they appeared. Keep that in mind as we present the following quotes, from the Department of Irony and Hypocrisy:
The "ad hominem" attack. This is an ancient technique which every human being has used at one time or another in his/her life. If you don't have a good answer, divert your opponent's attention by calling them a name or impugning their mother's sexual practices. Such personal attacks serve to deflect your opponent's attention away from the issue at hand. --newshounds

According to Jewish Law, character assassination is considered a profound sin, possibly equal to taking a physical life. --newshounds.

Newshounds: Keep Those Racial Slurs Coming!

What happens when you strike a nerve? Usually there's a shout of pain. That must be what we heard today from the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). Aside from the name calling, personal attacks, and other standard weapons of the intellectually stunted, we have our favorite fabulist, Priscilla, trying to do damage control over the latest wave of racial slurs sprouting up in the Fox haters' kennel.

Prissy has apparently been tasked with the responsibility of proving that loathsome racial stereotypes (like "Happy Negro") are not demeaning, as long as they're used against Juan Williams. You will recall that just a few weeks ago, Prissy was apopleptic over the "offensively racist" phrase "Magic Negro". According to Priscilla, yeah the phrase was applied to Barack Obama by a distinguished, respected African-American writer, but that doesn't matter because Rush Limbaugh is white and an "oxy addict" and...well she goes on for two long paragraphs explaining why the source of the phrase is irrelevant.

Now as to the phrase "Happy Negro"...well, that phrase was also first used by a distinguished, respected African-American writer, but for Priscilla now the rules are suddenly 180 degrees opposite:

The phrase was first used by Dr. Boyce Watkins. End of story.
All of a sudden the source of the phrase is no longer irrelevant. In fact, it's the only thing that matters! "End of story!" And with that preposterous bit of rhetorical hypocrisy, Priscilla gives a green light to the kennel dwellers, who bring us a whole new assortment of vile, degrading slurs, all welcomed and approved by the newspoodles:
  • Juan Williams plays the role as 'happy negro'(or more aptly, "house negro") very well.
  • And to boot, he's not African American
  • "Juan" Williams? Is he one of those Halfrecains Fox and Rush likes to talk about?
  • Having betrayed his people and his integrity for money, Williams can't be all that happy.
  • Juan Williams is a sellout: house n---er,lawn jockey, raghead, etc...."Yassuh, Boss, anything you says, boss."
  • Williams is a lawn jockey to aging Roger Ailes.
  • Juan Williams is the Fox Noise House Negro. When Massa Bildo or Massa Klannity want it, Juan will join in the verbal bashing of any "uppity Negro" who doesn't know his/her proper place.
  • Juan Williams is not a Happy Negro, Juan Williams is an "UNCLE TOM"
  • House Nigga,1st thing comes to my mind whenEVER i see ANY person of color who's getting PAID on fox
Stay classy, haters.

Newshounds Recycle Lies, Revive Racial Slurs

Updated! Things are getting crazy over at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob). In order to keep their site alive they have been reduced to recycling posts from other Fox haters--a real-world exemplar of the internet "echo chamber". Of course, that reduces any research or fact-checking to near zero, but that's the way the haters like it.

We begin with an entire post devoted to "proving" that Sweden is a "neutral country" (with the only "source" cited, laughably, Wikipedia!). The 75 comments are especially illustrative, escalating in hate until one sknabt (who runs his own hate Fox site) bellows his disgust at "O'Reilly's lie about Sweden"! Just what was O'Reilly's "lie"? Declaring that "Sweden is a very nice country"? That's precisely what Bill said. Of course the mastiffs don't tell you that.

Unfortunately for the curs, Sweden may have been neutral 60 years ago, but today they are "anything but neutral" given their work with NATO and the hundreds of troops they have in Afghanistan (Switzerland only has observers there). By the way, do you know O'Reilly addressed this as well? What, the newshounds didn't mention that either? Must have been another oversight.

Of course the Queen Bee of the dog kennel (as unattractive a mixed metaphor as one could ask for) cares little about accuracy. So to inflate her post count, Ellen Brodsky uncritically recycles an attack from an O'Reilly hate site. Things really liven up when someone dares to suggest the site was wrong, and O'Reilly offered a correction to his original comment just minutes after he said it:

  • Bill corrected himself after the break. Guess you conviently missed that portion.
  • Or you conveniently made up facts, which is not surprising. You learned from Fox. Or perhaps you work for Fox. Sorry to get personal, but you are, like O'Reilly, a LIAR!
  • Oh look. A cowardly troll got thru.The coward also conviently [sic] missed where Ellen posted "From borally-sucks.com". Or maybe the troll lacks reading comprehension skills.
  • Try getting the full story next time. In the very next segment, O'Reilly acknowledged his mistake and apologized. Got that? He really did issue a correction. I actually watched the show.
  • This post came from another blog. However, I did see last night's show and I do not remember BOR correcting the record. -Ellen
  • Exactly how did Bill correct himself? Did he mention Ryan by name? ...Or did he gee-shucks it with a wave of his hand mumbling some generalities it wasn't all Democrats? - EyesOnFox
  • How about a link for us to see how exactly he corrected himself? What did he say?
  • In case anyone missed the update in my post, I heard from Steve, the original blogger whose post I picked up. Steve said he watched the whole show and there was no correction. Not tonight, either. - Ellen
  • Mr. Anonymous has disappeared so I guess I won't get my questions answered by him on how Bill corrected the record. But Damail claims he "actually watched the show" and saw it so perhaps he'll explain it to all of us who missed it (even those of us who watched the show and missed it). - EyesOnFox
After an update to her post that a correction may have been made but she doesn't remember it, Ellen added this:
I have heard from Steve at oreilly-sucks.com and he is adamant that O'Reilly never corrected the record. In his email to me, Steve wrote: I watched the entire show and took notes, then I wrote a blog review, at no time did O'Reilly correct it, in that show, or tonight. I watched every minute, and there was no correction. I saw an update to Steve's original post noting that O'Reilly did not correct the record on tonight's show, either.
J$P is proud to be the site that will tell the truth about this and let you hear O'Reilly's correction made just minutes later, immediately after the commercial break. "Steve at oreilly-sucks.com" lied about that correction, while Ellen cared so little about accuracy that she never bothered to fact-check anything he wrote.

Speaking of haters, we recall being told how the new hound policy of premoderating all posts would prevent racially offensive and demeaning comments like these from appearing at the kennel. How's that working out? Not so well. Here are just a few of the comments screened and approved by their "moderators" over the past few days:
  • We can always depend on Ole Uncle Juan to smear or defend whom ever OReilly deems the target....a whore for Murdoch money...
  • Juan Williams has become Fox News' Uncle Tom.
  • Juan is the Happy Negro.
  • At what point will JW stop being a Vichy black...
  • This is the type of nonsense we can expect from the House Negroes at Fox...
  • What is Juan the "black for pay" ahole talking about...
  • i see why juan williams was called a happy negro...
  • he is the favorite House Negro on the Fox Noise Plantation.... Massa Ailes will no doubt reward Juan with some extra cornbread tonight and a warm spot near the fire to sleep.
This is what passes for approved commentary at the dog pound. Such repellent, diseased conduct reminds us again that to be a Fox hater, you first have to be a hater.

Update: The ultimate authority, "steve at oreilly-sucks.com", has emailed us with a reply to our post:
Get a grip moron, you are a right-wing nut who lies and defends for O'Reilly and every Republican in America. Nobody believes a word you say, and your credibility is zero. O'Reilly said it on the radio factor and the tv factor, and I never saw him do a correction. The next day he was e-mailed to do a retraction and he refused. So as far as I can tell he never did a correction, so take a hike sparky.
"Steve" did not explain our clip of O'Reilly actually doing the correction. You know, the clip that proves Steve to be lying. Shocker.

A Miracle of Dishonesty

Of all the fabulists at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate), Priscilla is rapidly becoming our favorite. Today's bit of brilliance is a bizarre amalgam of ignorance and deceit, but it's all in a day's work for someone who sees things that aren't there, and hears things that weren't said. In this case, it's Fox's outrageous use of the term "miracle" for the rescue of the downed plane's passengers:

Certainly there are other means of describing an amazing, extraordinary survival story which was the result of a very competent and heroic airline pilot - “miracle” being just one of them. But not so for Fox News which, for two solid hours this morning on Fox&Friends, used, almost exclusively, a chyron with the following phrases: “Miracle landing,” “Plane makes miracle landing,” “ Miracle on the Hudson,” “Hudson river miraculous landing.”
Just how did Fox & Friends use those phrases for "two solid hours" when they also covered Bush's speech, the inauguration, and a bunch of other topics?

But that's not Prissy's only falsehood. There's also her fatuous claim that those four phrases were used "almost exclusively"--a claim that the credulous kennel dwellers eagerly lapped up as true. When one commenter dared to note that other channels were using the term "miracle" as well, he was immediately slapped down by a pound denizen who pointed out that the other channels didn't run "a constant chyron with those words". Well, guess what? Neither did Fox. We described Priscilla's claim as fatuous because it's so easily proven to be a lie. Here are some of the chryons found in a quick scan of just a half hour of plane coverage:

Not a 'miracle' among 'em [raw screenshots here]. But wait, our newspoodle has more:
On today’s Fox News webpage, the pilot is described as a “Miracle Man.” (while the more reality based San Franciso Chronicle has “Bay Area Pilot Hailed As A Hero.”)
Unfortunately, the article on foxnews.com has no such phrase in it. And a search of foxnews.com turns up no use of that phrase in any article:

Priscilla is certainly batting a thousand. But she has one final arrow in her deceitful quiver:
Is it just lazy writers or Fox News being America’s Christian newsroom?
The gullible denizens of the dog pound love this sort of drivel, and having swallowed the lie about the chyrons, they dug into this like it was a fresh bowl of Alpo:
  • I was wondering how Fux would spin this. The "angels walk among us" angle takes me by surprise.
  • I guess FNC figures the same people who think their lucky troll doll and prayer will increase their chances in the bingo parlor will chalk this up to divine intervention
  • Any excuse at all to make it look as if we have some form of divine intervention at work every day.
  • It is a conscious effort on Fox News' part to titillate their audience with simplistic religious claptrap
Yes, just like those religious zealots at ABC News and NBC News:

Not to mention USA Today, The Nation, Bloomberg, or the 3600 other news sources who used some version of this evocative phraseology. Oh but you know the Fox hater rule: it's only bad when Fox does it.

One postscript: the person who popularized the phrase "Miracle on the Hudson", whose imagery was echoed in thousands of news reports, was not someone on Fox. It was David Paterson (D), Governor of New York. You will not be surprised that Priscilla makes no mention of this whatsoever. All the better to pretend it was all the doing of the eeevil Fox.

It's 'Only' a Small Lie

Why make a fuss about something so trivial? Because Fox haters use the drip-drip-drip of repeated small falsehoods to construct their Niagara of lies. In this case it began with the self-styled 'Queen Bee' of the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). She declared that Fox is "virtually the only news organization" willing to host terrorism maven Steve Emerson. Her source? The discredited, unreliable Think Progress.

Then to reinforce the propaganda, newsmutt Priscilla (she of the dubious track record for honesty) decided to kick it up a notch:

Fox is the only network who interviews and uses information from perhaps paranoid “terrorism expert” Steve Emerson.
Really? The "only" one? Well, yeah, if you don't count his appearances on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC News, MSNBC, and CNBC. We could could go on with a fistful more from just the past 18 months, but you get the drift.

Remember, when you read anything from the newspoodles, it's sort of like watching Twin Peaks. Nothing is what it seems.

Fox Haters Condemn Racist Messages...Except Their Own!

What better to way to kick off the New Year than a huge helping of hound hypocrisy? The text message, sent in by a viewer, hoping the 'Magic Negro' would do well in 2009? Well, that just has the newshounds in a tizzy:

Fox News VP of programming Suzanne Scott "explains" (not apologizes) the offensively racist New Years chyron... This isn't the first time that Fox News has allowed "racially charged" language directed at Obama.
Newspoodle Priscilla also showed off her uncanny powers of mental telepathy:
That Fox gave its “imprimatur” to this obvious shout out from Jen and John to their fellow Fox viewers tells you all you need to know about the medium, the message, and the many who embrace it. More on the CD and the offensive song below the fold.
The term 'Magic Negro' was applied to Barack Obama by a black writer for the LA Times. But Priscilla is a veritable Kreskin: she can see into the minds of Jen and Jon and divine that they were really referencing not the article, but a song.

Even more interesting is her objection to the "offensively racist" language and how Fox "allowed" it. So we thought we'd stroll through the comments (online equivalents of text messages) over at the pound, and see what they allow. Certainly nothing offensive or racist, right? Here are a few from just last year, mostly about another prominent black man, Juan Williams:
  • Nice to see Juan take time out from holding a lantern at the bottom of BillO the Clown's gated driveway to be a substitute host.
  • Juan is a popular lawn jockey on the Fox Noise Plantation, and this non-interview shows why. He will get some extra bacon grease this Christmas and maybe a chance to sleep close to the fireplace.
  • Juan Williams is a complete lackey.
  • Juan is a good house Negro who does the Master's bidding. No hard field work for him from now on.
  • He's merely a pariah over at NPR and his NPR colleagues think he's full of it. Just throw him on the FOX dung heap.
  • I'm black and I very much agree that Juan Williams is a house negro.
  • Juan does the Massa's bidding while pretending to be a liberal Democrat. That's a House Negro!
  • Great [Atty General Gonzales] interview, eh? Uncle Tom and Tio Taco...
  • It's fun to watch [Hannity] team up with his house Negro of the day to bring racism to new depths.
  • Bill O'Reilly's favorite NEGRO apologist is laughable. Fox must pay pretty damn good wages for its cast of whores.
  • This boot licking, O'reilly Butt kissing, Hannity toe tapping colored man,accuses [sic] pfleger of doing what he has mastered the art of for his handlers at Fox.The [sic] minstrel actors of yore,darkend [sic] their faces with boot black and pretended to be black people.Peterson [sic] and Williams, at least I speculate, were born black,and [sic] need not adorn themselves with an artificial ebony hue, The [sic] bucking and shuffling,also [sic] apparently comes [sic] quite naturally to these two buffoons.
  • Bill O'reilly has such an over inflated ego, that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he scheduled a show with his water boy, Juan Williams.
  • Do [Jesse Lee Peterson] and Juan Williams get into conflict about who will carry out Massa Hannity's mint julep of [sic] an evening?
  • Juan Williams is nothing but an Uncle Tom.
  • He was described as Fox's "Happy Negro" and I believe he is living up to that moniker.
In most of these threads, there are multiple deletions and edits while the above comments were untouched. So these slurs were approved for publication. That the biased bassets gave their “imprimatur” to these offensively racist shout outs tells you all you need to know about the diseased psyche of the newshounds.