1/19/10 11:18 AM

'Elvis Is Dead and Beaver's Grown Up'

J$P Video! Beckel, Cunningham, and Rivera wrangle in an uber-lively discussion of the first 100 days:

From Hannity, April 30 2009

'Are You Kidding Me?!?'

J$P Video! Shep narrates one of the weirdest car chases ever:

From Studio B, April 28 2009

'That Is Not True! That Is a Lie!'

J$P Video! Coulter, Estrich, and Pirro debate torture:

From Geraldo at Large, April 25 2009

'Do I Look Better Wet or Dry?'

J$P Video! 12-year-old pitching sensation Brandon Pilovsky dunks Kilmeade:

From Fox & Friends, April 24 2009

'It's Called Apiphobia'

J$P Video! Major Garrett vs the bee:

From Happening Now, April 23 2009

'We're America...We Don't Do It'

J$P Video! Shep and The Judge on torture: more 24/7/365 GOP propaganda from Fox!

From The Live Desk, April 22 2009

'What Is Wrong With This Woman?'

J$P Video! F&F on Garofalo and Olbermann:

From Fox & Friends, April 18 2009

'Did He Just Come Out?'

J$P Video! Red Eye skewers media tea party coverage:

From Red Eye, April 16 2009 (Preview: Thursday's Gregalogue!)

'He Was Staring Straight at the Floor'

J$P Video! Glenn Beck explains the fainting incident:

From Fox & Friends, April 14 2009

'That's Unscripted Television!'

J$P Video! Clayton Morris wanted a hug, but got more than he bargained for:

From Fox & Friends, April 4 2009 (hat-tip: Carpe Diem)

'It's Gratuitous...A Cheap Shot!'

J$P Video! F&F response to Bill Burton:

From Fox & Friends, April 3 2009 (hat-tip: Carpe Diem)

'The Bush Administration Committed Extortion'

J$P Video! The Judge rules on financial strong-arming by the feds:

From Studio B, April 1 2009

'Trashing the Constitution...Soviet-Style'

J$P Video! Judge Napolitano rules on Geithner's financial plan:

From Studio B, March 24 2009

'They Still Are Suffering'

J$P Video! Wendy Murphy details Alexa Branchini's continuing trauma:

From The O'Reilly Factor, March 23 2009

'Mob Rule at Its Worst'

J$P Video! The Judge rules on bonuses, bailouts, and the US Constitution:

From Studio B, March 19 2009

'They Didn't Read It, So Shut Up!'

J$P Video! The AIG hearings got Shepard Smith's dander up:

From Studio B, March 18 2009

'You're Begrudging Him His Success'

J$P Video! Shep and Chris Wallace goof about Glenn Beck Friday, then Shep talks with Glenn:

From Studio B, March 6 2009

'You Ought To Be Ashamed of Yourself!'

J$P Video! Sparks fly as Fund and Bernero debate the GM bailout...

From The Live Desk, March 6 2009

'Big Exercise Balls'

J$P Video! Julie says it's her funniest tv moment ever...

From The Fox Report, March 1 2009