7/7/09 9:15 AM

'Afghanistan As You Have Never Seen It Before'

J$P Video! Dramatic aerial combat footage from Afghanistan:

From The Live Desk, June 24 2009

'Bring It On!'

J$P Video! Why is Obama dissing Fox News?

From The Live Desk, June 17 2009

'It's Probably My Last Appearance on MSNBC'

J$P Audio! John Ziegler on his contentious Contessa contretemps:

From The John Gibson Show, June 10 2009

'Let's Use Civility? It's Absurd!'

J$P Video! Kirsten, Coulter, and Carlson talk Notre Dame:

From Geraldo at Large, May 17 2009

'We Are Not Liars!'

J$P Video! Nancy Pelosi discussion sparks fireworks:

From The Live Desk, May 15 2009

'You're All a Bunch of Losers!'

J$P Video! Ann Coulter and Douglas Kennedy argue about Miss California:

From Geraldo at Large, May 9 2009

'That Was Retribution'

J$P Audio! Major Garrett says Obama's snub was payback, and talks bailouts & bankruptcy:

From Brian and the Judge, May 1 2009