1/18/10 12:31 PM

'We're Nothing Without Them'

J$P Video! Geraldo talks Afghanistan, makes an unfortunate slip of the tongue:

From Fox & Friends, October 30 2009

'The White House Hypocrisy Is Outrageous'

J$P Video! Media critic David Zurawik discusses The War on Fox:

From The O'Reilly Factor, October 28 2009

'This White House Gives Fox Nothing'

J$P Audio! Major Garrett reveals what really happened in the Poolgate affair:

From Brian and the Judge, October 27 2009

'They Kept Us Safe? Safe From What?'

J$P Video! The Judge rules on the skyscraper bomber case:

From Studio B, October 26 2009

'A Very Calculated Political Strategy'

J$P Video! The News Watch panel tackles The War on Fox:

From Fox News Watch, October 24 2009

'A Very Serious Constitutional Violation'

J$P Video! Attorney Peter Johnson Jr analyzes Poolgate:

From Fox & Friends, October 23 2009

'It's Outrageous That the White House Tried That'

J$P Video! How the press pool busted the White House Foxcott:

From Special Report, October 22 2009

'In This Reporter Gaggle Were Maddow and Olbermann'

J$P Video! FNC blowback to latest Gibbs attacks:

From Fox & Friends, October 21 2009

'I Know Something About the Fox Viewership'

J$P Video! Bob Beckel explains why he appears on FNC in this panel discussion of The War on Fox:

From Hannity, October 19 2009

New FNC Promo: An Answer to White House Attacks?

J$P Video! The White House says FNC is "not news", but Fox begs to differ:

From Fox News Channel, October 19 2009

'Apparently It's OK to Use Racial Slurs'

J$P Video! Juan Williams strikes back at racial slurs over the Limbaugh controversy:

From The O'Reilly Factor, October 16 2009

'I'm Putting a Red Phone on My Desk'

J$P Video! Beck reveals his hotline to the White House, plus an F&F/Gibbs highlight reel:

From Fox & Friends, October 13 2009

The War on Fox

J$P Video! Reported by James Rosen:

From The Live Desk, October 12 2009

'What Happened?'

J$P Video! Chris Wallace on NASA's moon bust and the Nobel prize:

From Brian and the Judge, October 09 2009

'Thank You for Throwing Me to the Wolves'

J$P Video! Lanny Davis gets a little snippy with Michelle and Gretchen:

From Fox & Friends, October 8 2009

'I'm More Likely To Be Shot Than the President'

J$P Video! Ann Coulter vs Dr Marc Lamont Hill:

From Geraldo At Large, Setpember 19 2009

'You're Causing a Disturbance'

J$P Video! James Rosen tries to stay on the air at the Values Voters confab:

From Studio B, Setpember 18 2009

'Geraldo Is Not Your Friend!'

J$P Video! Ann Coulter tangles with Juan Williams and Geraldo. Topic: Joe Wilson:

From Geraldo at Large, Setpember 13 2009

9/11: The Collapse of the Towers

J$P Video:

From Timeline of Terror, Setpember 11 2009