12/24/09 11:16 PM

Friday Links & Open Thread

Latest cable news links [updated through the day]:

David Gregory critique: he's a white guy!

Late Edition: Wolf out, King in.

Roundtable: Megyn, Soledad, and more.

Thursday's numbers.

Kyra Phillips re-ups.

Radio Joe begins.

Chris Wallace: fair and balanced.

Video: open-mic mayhem. (PS: ICN sez it's a fake.)

Singer: Chris Matthews is (MS)NBC's nightmare. Kurtz: more.

Critics pile on. Run, Chris, run!

Advice from Mika.

Wolff on Murdoch, again.

Hotline after dark.

Fired Fox-hater's frivolous filing.

Use our valuable bandwidth to post your comments on any and all cable news topics in today's open thread. Standard rules apply.

That MSNBC producer video was hysterical. Can you imagine the rage from the left and from folks like AD if that happened on FNC, yet we know there will be silence about this.
It just shows what MSNBC management thinks about females.
December 5, 2008, 12:51:46 PM EST – Like – Reply

I'm not thrilled about the blogger at Chickaboomer calling Contessa Brewer "prim" in the context of this sort of gaffe.
It's now to the point in our culture that if someone even SEEMS to have a sense of propriety that precludes them from using angry profane language (even if they aren't wearing a mic or in a work setting), there's something off about THEM.
December 5, 2008, 2:43:21 PM EST – Like – Reply

Wow - on the Gregory complaint, first the Author implies with the Obama comparison that NBC did not pick the most qualified person. Next, the author asks: "why not put on a woman or a person of color?" In other words, the most qualified person is not a woman or person of color. I believe its wrong to link qualifications with gender or race. If a person is qualified, race/gender not a factor.
It's wrong to not hire someone because of their ethnicity or gender. It's also wrong to hire someone because of their ethnicity or gender.
But isn't everyone a person of color? We all have a color to our skin. Can't we just drop these racial distinctions? Of course, doing so is politically incorrect.
These idiots at Huffington Post should just post a notice on their site "White People need not apply".
December 5, 2008, 4:45:55 PM EST – Like – Reply

Mike C.
Chickaboomer is Marty something. I don't know her last name.
December 5, 2008, 4:56:08 PM EST – Like – Reply

david smawley
Sanity returns to the Thursday demo #'s. Don't even think about "totals" wipe out of Messnbc by Fox.
O'Reilly & H&C regain top spots for FoxNews. Say AD, what say you tonight, on second thought, forget about it.
December 5, 2008, 5:15:38 PM EST – Like – Reply

She's really smart and has a terrific blog, Mike.
December 5, 2008, 5:36:26 PM EST – Like – Reply

david smawley
Marty Davis
December 5, 2008, 5:44:06 PM EST – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Marty is an awesome chick (a boomer?). She replies to comments on her site too Mike, potential cougar for you?
December 5, 2008, 8:57:22 PM EST – Like – Reply

Mike C.
No, thanks, FF.  And thank you, David. She does have a fairly good site, Cece.
December 5, 2008, 10:07:45 PM EST – Like – Reply

Mike C.
I didn't know this until tonight, but Cablevision added four NBCU HD channels to their lineup. One of them was CNBC HD! Still no FBN! I posted about this on my blog:
December 5, 2008, 10:09:47 PM EST – Like – Reply

Mike C.
Re: "Open-mic mayhem": I'm inclined to believe ICN. Should I?
December 5, 2008, 10:43:48 PM EST – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I do.
December 5, 2008, 11:21:00 PM EST – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
I wouldn't say no thanks so quickly to Marty, Mike!  
December 6, 2008, 12:04:45 AM EST – Like – Reply

Ashley | 12.05.08 - 12:56 pm | #  
Argghhh! I really get annoyed when I fall for a hoax.  
I apologize to the management at MSNBC.
December 6, 2008, 12:15:34 AM EST – Like – Reply

I saw that MSNBC video months ago.
December 6, 2008, 8:05:19 AM EST – Like – Reply

I think it's a fake too.
Few supervisors nowadays would not know such behavior could be grounds for a hostile environment suit.
December 6, 2008, 11:24:14 AM EST – Like – Reply