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Friday Links & Open Thread

Latest cable news links [6:35 pm]:

Pix: Protesters at MSNBC! (via HotAir)

More F&F fiddling.

Thursday's numbers. DVR numbers.

Sunday talkers.

Video: Shep bores in.

Baghdad: gray skies.

LKL: Drew Peterson. Greta: No deal!

Greta defends Katie.

Sunday special: Benedict XVI.

Hotline quotes.

More FNC-HD scuttlebutt.

O'Reilly Emmy controversy.

Bonus firing demand.

MSNBC's "David Wilson": "heartwrenching", "uncomfortable", "innovative", "fascinating".


Video: Daily Show hatchet job. Stewart's comic eye, Sklar's rut?

Alert! Man stuck in traffic!

Today's firing demand.

Use our valuable bandwidth to post your comments on any and all cable news topics in today's open thread. Standard rules apply.

On The Mark
The "Meeting David Wilson" programming concept is fascinating. On the one hand, this seems an odd approach (an independent documentary not tied to a specific program) for a cable news network. The expense has to be enormous. But, if MSNBC is serious about its legitimacy, as I think it is, it has to break away from the tawdry, mind-numbing prison documentaries. I am not much interested in "Meeting David Wilson", but I am interested in the reaction to it.
We've talked about how cable news may need to redefine itself, post-election. Perhaps, this is a start in that direction. If the election comes out the way it is expected, and I think only the unexpected is expected this year, MSNBC will be on the inside looking out, and will have lost its loyal opposition focus. It will be grappling, much as FNC, when no longer the Administration insider, risks coming off shrill and whiney. Shrill and whiney sometimes works, to be sure, as evidenced by Limbaugh, but I think Murdoch has far mnore integrity than Limbaugh and wants more than that. Some of the FNC movement of late may be anticipating this and moving to prevent it. Good to see both are being proactive.
Ever wonder what will happen to Dobbs when the immigration issue back-burners itself, as it surely will? Any evidence CNN is planning for that? Campbell Brown? Couric for King?
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On The Mark
John Oliver did an uproarious piece on the Daily Show about FNC last night. I think FOXphiles and FOXphobes alike will enjoy it. Like all good satire, it should both please and outrage everyone.  
"Coming Up Next", 'The Meter is Running' ....
As one who finds somewhat more to critcize at FNC than to praise, it made me realize how silly some, but not all of my criticisms are. And, it made me laugh!
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Re: Barry Nolan/O'Reilly
Not being from Boston, I've never heard of this guy, but once again would like to see some proof of his allegations against O'Reilly. But be sure to click on the link that J$ provided to the article - people commenting on the Boston Herald site just HATE this guy, who is apparently someone who never really made it and is super envious of O'Reilly.
And I hope Nolan and Keith have a wonderful time at the event. Maybe they'll become an item!
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Shrill and whiney  
On The Mark | 04.11.08 - 9:14 am | #  
You just described keith olbermahn's comedy show. On another note, immigration will not be "back-burnered" a much as you would like it to.
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The good ol' million man marcher!
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Ripped from the puffpo/stewart thread. I have a feeling this clown was serious!
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Once Obama is elected all networks will report the news fairly, like Keith Olbermann.
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Mike Chimeri
I don't know why Cable Gamer likes about "The Daily Show." I learned from the time I used to waste watching it that its audience is rabidly far-left.
Barry Nolan hosted an "Inside Edition"-like show called "Hard Copy." From what I remember, it didn't fare so well. Yet, "Inside Edition" continues to chug along. I don't watch it, but as a BOR fan, I root for the success of the show he started almost 20 years ago. Plus, former News 12 Long Island anchor/reporter Diane McInerney is a correspondent and she co-anchors "Inside Edition Weekend."
Anyway, I had no idea Barry Nolan has become so radicalized. Maybe he should contribute to "Countdown."
Speaking of which, why did "Countdown" do so well in DVR ratings? I just don't get it.
Kudos to the pro-Hillary people protesting NBC at 30 Rock today. I loved the Olby-bashing signs.
Okay, I'm done.
April 11, 2008, 9:50:30 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
One last thing in this thread: Olby did his patented quote-cropping last night with BOR. Via his obnoxious mock voice reading of a transcript, he turned a measured line in Thursday's Talking Points Memo ("I believe this is evil") into a radical yell. Then, he clipped out two minutes and jumped right to "And the pipeline...". He praised Media Matters *and* David Brock. It doesn't get more twisted than that.
Now, on to the weekend thread...
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