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Instant Hypocrisy

It's been a while since we've posted about the newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed mob). Consider this example of their intellectual honesty. Chrish slams Fox for the crime of citing a Rasmussen daily tracking poll:

Ingraham said "the numbers today" (2/14) have Obama with a double-digit lead, and O'Reilly interjected "In a national poll..."... This morning on America's Newsroom Megyn Kelly also talked about a double-difgit [sic] lead, 12 points, in a national poll for Barack Obama and cited Rasmussen.... numerous other polls show a much tighter race, but that doesn't suit the FOX agenda of inciting angst and divisiveness in the Democratic Party... Isn't it odd, how they reported the most extreme numbers they could find, and ignored the rest?
In their very next post, the newspoodles, desperate to attack Fox again, twist themselves into a pretzel. Yes, this time they condemn Fox for not citing the Rasmussen poll with a 12-point lead, and complain that they referenced one of the numerous other polls that show a much tighter race:
Now (again, nationally), Obama is at 49% and Clinton is at 37% [Rasmussen tracking poll].... I know there are hundreds of polls out there but I am positive none of them show that Obama is lagging when compared to even a month ago. I wish Nancy Skinner would henceforth refuse to participate in segments that are designed to do nothing more than plant the thought in the minds of Fox's viewers that Obama is a loser, based on absolutely no factual information whatsoever. It's called P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A folks.
That kind of instant hypocrisy is in a league of its own. But for a classic of sleazy mendacity this is hard to top:
Watch for FOX to ramp up the coverage on issues of terrorism, Iraq, and illegal imigration in the months leading up to the election... A random and arbitrary report on an illegal immigrant on the FBI's most wanted list copped the front page of the FOXNews website yesterday. and only when one clicked through to the linked article did she find that there was nothing "new" about that "news" item. Reading further, one finds that the suspect made the Most Wanted Listing in March 2005, and the actual crime was committed in 2002!... Knowing FOX and their agenda as we do we can only conclude it was meant to inflame their base. A look at Google News shows them as the only site addressing the issue.
This is wrong on so many levels. At the very top of the horrendous Fox article, it reads: "This is part of a regular series that profiles America's most wanted criminals." A regular series? Sure like this, this, this, and this, to cite just a few. Funny that the newsmutts don't tell you that.

In fact, the bowsers did just what they falsely accused Fox of doing. They've never said one word about these profiles, yet when all of a sudden they do, of all the profiles published, they selected one: the one with an illegal immigrant. Perfect: just the thing to inflame their base of Fox haters. And in case you think this was incompetent stupidity rather than deliberate deception, consider that we posted a comment pointing all this out. What happened? There's really no suspense in that question: it was deleted.

nice job as always johnny, I was wondering when you'd do another article exposing the newshounds lies.
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Fox Fan
Agreed steve, the posts that out the NHs are my favorites here.
They're probably working overtime considering the latest FNC ratings (from Wed. open thread, Fox on top link) and the fact that their site is losing high ranking members while it censors longtime posters for exposing the truth. They're committing internet suicide, waiting for someone to kick the chair out from under their domain name.
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