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Flashback: Bill's Kristol Ball

J$P Video! Mitt Romney today withdrew from the Presidential race, but on Fox, Bill Kristol was two days ahead of the news cycle:

From You Decide '08 Super Tuesday Coverage, February 5 2008

On The Mark
While it is exceedingly rare for Kristol to get anything right, I am not sure this was some great accomplishment. I believe most informed people saw this coming as soon as Romney threw the hissy fit over the West Virginia convention. He knew "Goonight Ladies" was playing and those watching knew he knew.
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"Bill's Kristol Ball"
Bill must have mislaid that ball in the run up to The Iraq War....But never mind...At least he's right on the unimportant things. 
Looks like Romney's a cut-n-runner.
February 7, 2008, 5:10:35 PM EST – Like – Reply

Damian G.
Well, he did predict that John Kerry would get the Presidential nomination and that President Bush would nominate Sam Alito to the Supreme Court and that Democrats would win both Houses of Congress well before any of those things were set in stone.
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Oops...Yet another sloppy error from you know who.
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Fox Fan
HSUK- If anyone is going to have a D by their name in the GOP race, it would be McCain.  Good try, but it happens on all the channels and is nothing surprising.
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Care to prove that Fox Fan?
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Fox Fan
You want me to prove to you that every news outlet makes mistakes?
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