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Wednesday Cable News Links and Open Thread

Tuesday's numbers: FNC crushes rivals! CNN's humble pie.

Bill vs Barney videos: one, two.

FBN vs CNBC: Hot or Not?

Spot the goof! Flashback!

Coop hearts "Housewives".

Q&A: Amanpour (via ICN), Maddow.

Olby movin' on up.  Hotline after dark.

MSNBC touts Iran-free weekend ratings.

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Re: Olbermann moving on up...
A one-bedroom, one-bath condo sure sounds a little cramped for two people.
Considering the financial status of the buyer, there's a certain symbolism in that too, REGARDLESS of the square footage of the condo.  
Wonder if Olbermann is getting kind of cramped with having his gigantic ego sharing a space with his young girlfriend (and evidently at one point--her father too).
Just going on the basics of the story, as a woman, Olbermann's move would certainly be sending me signals.
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Re: MSNBC touts
Remember the well-worn line from FNC critics that the ratings were high on Fox because it's the same huge audience that watches professional wrestling? (Yes, you can always count on progressives to blithely degrade and dismiss "the workin' man" when it suits a particular purpose.)
Well, here we have an MSNBC spokesperson BRAGGING that their weekend strategy of showing documentaries about sex slaves and such, in the midst of the Iranian protesters being beaten and killed, had garnered them higher ratings!
MSNBC: The Place for Pea Brains...
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Fox News Minimizes Sanford Disappearance
Reported by Ellen - Tue 11:06 PM
The Chief Hen watches 3 hours of a 24 news channel and says she can't find the story. What is missing from this picture?
OOPS!!! One of her own myrmidons pretty much puts Ellen's idiocy to rest.
To be fair, Megyn Kelly and Fux and Friends talked about it today; not sure what they babbled about, but they mentioned it.
nayef - troll buster | 06.24.09 - 2:12 am | #  
I saw it mentioned several times myself yesterday and I only watch 2 hours of Fox.  
Must be a slow haters day at the Hen House.
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A MORNING JOE classic thanks to the crazed "thrill-up-the-leg" Matthews....
His conclusion is that there are only two types of people in this debate....those with "values," who will get it done and those putting up arguments only to thwart it all.
Oh, where is the left's complaint of , "You're either with us or you're against us," Bush absolutism here?
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I thought it was especially ironic when Joe used the example of the war in Iraq as the sort of 'for us/it or against us/it policy' that Matthews had decried, and Chris replied that war is NOT like public health care policy.
You got THAT right, Chris!
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johnny dollar
Totally unrelated to cable news, but it's a slow day on that front. So enjoy this:
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That is a fantastic illusion. I loaded the image on photoshop and verified the claim. Fantastic stuff, thanks J$.
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Ur, oh....look out for NEWSBUSTERS apoplexy....
Fox mistakenly labeled disgraced SC Governor Mark Sanford with a (D)!
It's a conspiracy of monstrous proportions, I tell ya!
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johnny dollar
when did that happen? Can you give me an approximate time? I'd like to post an image.
June 24, 2009, 3:51:35 PM EDT – Like – Reply

And I measnt NEWSHOUNDS, not NEWSBUSTERS.....a big difference.
June 24, 2009, 4:04:19 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Wow! That's a hoot, Johnny! My daughter thinks its fascinating too! Thanks!
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johnny dollar
Never mind I found it. I wonder how many of the blue blogs are going to report that it happened once out of at least a dozen chyron IDs and was corrected within a few seconds. I posted on this, with a special flashback for context.
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What a brazen cad Gov Sanford is!  
He takes off in a plane over Father's Day to Argentina to see his mistress and if that's not bad enough, the idiot doesn't even leave anyone in charge over the state of South Carolina.
Those people need to tar and feather him and then run him out on a rail!
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"I posted on this, with a special flashback for context."
Context?....context you say?.....
Come come now. Don't be so naive.
Does my sarcasm come across?
I actually was watching the live stream of the presser over at kos....(this story is HUGE for them)....and then I refreshed the page to see Markos himself posting on the FNC mistake with the link titled, "Every ****ing Time,"
Yep, "every time."
What eva'.
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I refreshed the page to see Markos himself posting on the FNC mistake with the link titled, "Every ****ing Time,"
He really didn't have to sign it, did he?  
You'd have known it was him by the level of eloquence...  
June 24, 2009, 5:30:44 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I cant understand the outrage over a 7 second mistake.......I mean get a life.
1 point I saw at another site.....the person who made the mistake is allmost 100% a union man or woman.
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