3/7/09 12:51 AM

2007: Top Ten Videos

During the past year we have posted over 100 video clips from Fox News Channel, including dramatic breaking news coverage, heated debates, and unexpected moments of humor. Here are our top ten videos of 2007:

#10 - Eric Shawn and Jamie Colby document a tense rescue in flooded Oklahoma: Oh My Goodness, She Has Just Fallen!

#9 - Nobody is a more passionate defender of immigrants than Geraldo Rivera. His discussion with Bill O'Reilly turned into one of the year's stormiest disagreements: It's a Cheap Political Point and You Know It! Later Geraldo would cross swords at a distance with Michelle Malkin, stating I Cringe Every Time I See Her.

#8 - Michael Vick was another hot topic in 2007, and nobody gets as hot as quickly as Leo Terrell: You Have a Problem, Sir!

#7 - You never know what will happen on live television, as Laura Ingle found when somebody mugged her during an iPhone demonstration: There's Laura! She's Doing OK.

#6 - The Don Imus controversy found Dick Morris yelling at Bo Dietl about The Same Racist Garbage You Do All Over the Place.

#5 - The hazards of live tv also struck Geraldo Rivera. A gang of truthers tried to disrupt his broadcast, but Geraldo was sure that Our Fox News Team Can Take This Bunch Of...

#4 - One of the strangest product demonstrations of the year was Mark Litell and the Nutty Buddy: It's Set on 90 Right Now.

#3 - Adam Housley didn't like having his integrity questioned by Charles Barron: He Is Absolutely Wrong.

#2 - Charles Grodin asks Sean Hannity: Did You Not Co-Host with Goebbels?

And the #1 video of 2007: Shepard Smith's snarky, sarcastic Paris Hilton coverage (I Feel Like Mystery Science Theater):

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