3/21/09 11:50 PM

Double Dog Dishonesty

It's a beneficial rule of thumb to remember: Fox haters are not to be trusted. That's why we periodically check out their smears to keep track on how reckless and dishonest they really are. We didn't have to look very far. We found a pair of deceptive slanders posted just today from the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed gang).

Donna is upset because Obama and Hillary are attacking each other, but that's not happening to the McCain campaign. That pesky business of real-life, where McCain has secured the nomination but the Democrats haven't. Reporting on it is just so unfair:

John McCain Gets Free Commercial On Studio B
...Of course they spent a segment on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton battling each other with commercials, going after each other. But when it came to John McCain, there was nothing but good news. His guest was Jim LeCamp who has a radio show, Money Sense. They spoke about John McCain calling for a freeze on gas taxes from Memorial Day until Labor Day. (Comment: Did someone make McCain president so he could call for a tax freeze?)
Donna's insights are always deeply perceptive. Were you aware that nobody can call for a tax freeze unless they were elected President? Of course they weren't talking about a tax "freeze" in the first place. But we digress...
Both Smith and LeCamp agreed that this was a wonderful bumper sticker for McCain. They said that everytime that someone went to put $70 in their SUV's they would be thinking about McCain's plan. They did point out, however, that McCain was one Senator and this bill was unlikely to pass. Comment: It's amazing that McCain gets all the good news and Barack and Hillary get all the bad press on Fox.... Another unfair and unbalanced piece on Studio B.
Donna claims that the segment on McCain was "nothing but good news". A helpful tip: when you read one of Donna's "reports", have a tivo handy, or access to instant transcripts. Let's look at what leCamp actually said:
LeCAMP: The problem is, he can't make this happen, because he's only one member of Congress. It's got to go through all of Congress, and it has to be approved by the President. I don't think any of those things are going to happen. The other problem with this plan is, I don't think it's going to fix anything. When you look at the average savings, and let's say you have an SUV and you fill it up, and you spend $70, you're going to save $3.68. Well monthly that's going to be $15-$20. That's not going to change the economy. That's not going to change anybody's balance sheet. So it sounds really good, and it's going to be like a bumper sticker for McCain every time you go to the pump, but it's probably not going to get passed. And even if it did get passed, it's probably not going to mean very much for the economy.... John McCain had it right when he said he probably didn't understand economics well enough. But he should've broadened that to say all of Congress doesn't undersatnd economics well enough.
Did Mr LeCamp praise McCain's plan as "a wonderful bumper sticker"? Were his comments nothing but good news for McCain, a "free commercial" as Donna put it? Obviously not. So she lied about what he said.

Chrish was no more honest, and considerably slicker, in her little libel of Fox & Friends. How dare they put on Bill Sammon, reporter for the Washington Examiner, to analyze the electoral campaign? And what's worse, it was so horribly unbalanced, because:
Sammon was the sole political guest for the hour. The swiftboating has begun in aernest [sic].
What hour was this? The 6:00 am hour of Fox & Friends First. Another good rule of thumb: when Fox haters cherry-pick something from the schedule, always ask the question, what are they hiding? Why did the newspoodles zone in on the lowest-rated hour of the program, and ignore the rest? Who were the guests who came afterward that Chrish doesn't want you to know about? We are happy to answer that question; see for yourself who else was on Fox & Friends, and let it serve as another object lesson into why the biased bassets are the premier fabulists in the Fox haters echo chamber: