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'I Was Slimed Based on a Lie'

J$P Audio! John Gibson responds to the Huffington Post smear:

From The John Gibson Show, February 20 2009

Many predicted this would happen. The most effective critics of President Obama and his administration would be targeted with slander and send a chilling effect to all those who would dare raise a voice in oppostion. The left made crude attempted to accuse President Bush of this and now they are actually doing it themselves. If you want to know what the left is up to, listen to what they accuse others of doing.
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I said as much yesterday about the NY POST cartoon kerfluffle, Rob.
The left was apoplectic about charges of "treason," or accusations of being unpatriotic they felt were coming from the right during Bush's term. Now it seems the tables are hypocritically turned. The inflammatory nature of the accusation usurps the agenda and that is the only goal.
The collateral damage that is possible is a real speech squelcher. John Gibson was fortunate to have iron-clad evidence so quick on the internet, thanks to Johnny. People are fired and careers ended now over this stuff and those willing to use such disgusting tactics know it.
It also makes people think twice about challenging the left out of fear of such reprisals.
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yochanan ben avrohom
fake photo's were one of the main stays of stalinist russia. remember the far left relieves the end justifies the means something they had in common with the nazi right.
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johnny dollar
Let's be careful not to get into political or ideological stuff here any more than is necessary. This is a cable news site. Thank you so much.
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I am a Democrat and I'm outraged. Fox News and John Gibson have every right to sue the pants of WBAL, John Sanders(the now former WBAL reporter punk, who doctored the audio) what's really ironic and sad is, agree with him or not, Gibson was actually trying to build a bridge with Holder. Race in the media is a third rail, in part because of punks like John Sanders and shoddy reporting that the Huffington Post and others try to pass of as "journalism." It only fuels the REAL hate speech such as form the above posters. I have gained a new respect for John Gibson, even though I do not always agree with him or his network's coverage or tone. There is no room in the media for punks who tell lies and slander people just for the fun of it, then get their pals to pass it off as real "news." John Sanders should never be allowed to practice journalism for a respected news organization. I also must admit (painfully) the lack of "mainstream" media attention to this slander. I also have a sneeking suspission if it had been the other way arround, with someone form Fox doctoring a liberal's words, it would be fount and center all over the other networks. Finally I might add that I hear rumors that old Rupert Murdock himself is drifting more liberal in his later years. No one in the leftest media cares though I guess. If you don't like the coverage, just don't watch Fox for news. But Let them say their piece, after all it is a free country.

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