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Moon Madness

Maybe it's because we are approaching a full moon. Or perhaps someone is spiking the Alpo. For whatever reason, things have gotten increasingly surreal over at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed gang).

We noted the increasing lunacy when the newspoodles came up with a shocking revelation: Fox News is using crypto-Christian symbolism to bamboozle its viewers!

FOX borrows Huckabee's flying cross for latest promotion... FOX has apparently borrowed the premise, with some tweaking, for their latest false advertising campaign.... Subtle as a Mack truck, as my dear old mom would say.
Most of the kennel-dwellers lapped it up, but some are starting to get wise:
  • After four years of watching FOX I can safely say I'm wise to their tricks, large and small. This is classic.
  • wait for fox to float muslim symbols everytime they speak of Sen Obama.
  • I think you're looking for patterns where none exist.
  • Wow, someone's paranoid. This blog entry reminds me of the Saudi authorities banning the letter X because it too strongly resembles the Christian cross.
  • Wow, you all are that paranoid about the use of + instead of &? This is the most pathetic rant i have seen in some time.
What exactly was the fuss all about? The Fox slogan being written as "fair + balanced", and using the plus sign in the manner of a cursor. No, we're not making this up. Oh and the cover shot the mutts used as "proof" of this scurrilous Christian propaganda? The plus sign next to Alan Colmes...who is Jewish!

If you think that's off-the-wall, then try to diagram the impenetrable "logic" behind this:
Neil Cavuto, Fox's "Business News" Guru, Ignores an "Emergency Move" by the Federal Reserve... The Federal Reserve cut rates in an EMERGENCY DECISION on a Sunday?! What the hay? So, what did Neil Cavuto, the managing editor of business news for the FOX News Channel say about that big, breaking (this is a FOX NEWS ALERT) news? Nothing.
Where to begin? Neil Cavuto is not on Sundays. His next broadcast is Monday afternoon. (Hey, Lou Dobbs and Jon Stewart were silent too!) So what in the wide world of sports is Melanie talking about? Oh wait, maybe this is it: she links the word "nothing" to the Your World web page. Meaning what? That's not a news page. It's a promotional page for a television show. They don't do breaking news on a promotional page. Is Mel trying to hoodwink her readers into believing Fox didn't report this story (which would be a lie), or is she just incurably dense? After all, how hard could it be for her to to find Fox's coverage when her own page sports a huge ad for foxbusiness.com with an invitation to "click here"?

But for our big finish: a gem from Ellen, feigning outrage over a comment in a forum at Sean Hannity's website. A poster was ruminating about the grim possibility of an assassination attept on Barack Obama, noting that "I hope for it not to happen". That was all the biased bassets needed:
Hannity's Website Speculates About Assassination Of Obama... the next time Hannity goes on one of his Hanctimonious rants about the hate-filled leftwing blogs, we can pull this one up quicker than he can say, "Louis Farrakhan."
Of course Ellen has to adopt the facade of being shocked that the topic would even come up, even though it has been raised thousands of times, by people ranging from a nobel prize winner to CBS News. Our comment to that effect was swiftly deleted. In doing so, Ellen again threatened to shut down J$P by complaining to our ISP (whose identity she published) about "harrassment" (i.e. posting comments on a public thread). We responded thusly:
  • Ellen, I have kept a record of the "harrassing" posts I have made. I also have a copy of your "rules" for posting, as well as the haloscan operating procedures which, of course, permit you to block any poster you choose. Not to mention all the times I have posted and nobody at all told me to stop.... I know the law. If you attempt to tortiously interfere with my access to the internet based on nothing more than your "request" that I not post comments...if that's your game plan, I am ready.
With that, Ellen erased her earlier threat, but made sure to erase our statement as well. For whatever reason, she replaced the comments quoted above with these words now appearing above the name "johnny dollar":
  • I have been repeatedly asked to leave and refuse to do so. This speaks volumes about my character.
The irony is rich. Last month youtube suspended the newshounds account. The doggies insisted youtube would "correct this mistake immediately". But that hasn't happened. So what did the anti-Fox terriers do? Signed up again under a different name! Yes, after having been asked to leave they refuse to do so. This speaks volumes about their character.

Oh, and so does this. Spotted in the comments at newshounds.us, this gem, on the occasion of Bush's visit to Iraq:
  • Here is the chance for your soldiers to put some of that "friendly fire" that we brits have suffered at their hands to some good.
Not enough? Just hours after Ellen's "outrage" over the Hannity forum comment, this from the hounds' own forum, encouraging violence against Republicans:
  • At what point in time does a violent assault against these unAmerican [sic] neo-fascist rats become patriotic?
Even a full moon isn't sufficient explanation for such diseased derangement.

I got a headache reading that garbage, when I see that kind of stuff I see a very angry person.
March 17, 2008, 5:29:31 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I will concede that there are some legitimate criticisms to be made of Fox News, but when you make ridiculous posts like this you completely destroy any credibility you have in your arguments. Another one of my favorites is whenever someone on Fox says "We do [whatever] so you don't have to," there is a post immediately condemning it for "stealing" their slogan. Oh my...
March 17, 2008, 6:06:57 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I just found Newshouds a week or so ago. They are just insane. I tried to give valid points to argue with them. But they dont argue or give fact, they insult. I have never seen so much hate on one page.
March 17, 2008, 8:41:10 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
If the NH forum commenters want to encourage violence, I say BRING IT!
/closet filled with ammo
March 17, 2008, 10:28:37 PM EDT – Like – Reply

fox fan, let's not get down to that level. No need to resort to violence when the facts are against them.
March 18, 2008, 2:29:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply

[message deleted for rules violation: personal attack]

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March 18, 2008, 8:45:41 PM EDT – Like – Reply

What annoys me is that when I use google to look for news about Hannity, the Newhounds garbage comes up. I don't think they are really doing news about Hannity. There's is a prejudicial and biased blog. It is not a news site. I don't object to finding Newshounds under blogs, but I do object to finding them under news. Is there any way to correct this?
June 1, 2008, 12:26:49 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Somehow the hounds have hoodwinked Google into thinking they are a news site. I investigated and they definitely do NOT fall within Google's own standards for what constitutes a news site. (One of the criteria is that there must be an overall editor who screens and approves what is posted there.) The fact that Google gives them the huge traffic from being listed under 'news' is probably due to some strings that were pulled behind the scenes. All you can do is complain to Google. Lots of luck with that!
June 1, 2008, 12:33:07 AM EDT – Like – Reply

I would like to complain (even if it is futile). Would you be willing to help me by giving me some addresses and phone numbers? Also would you be willing to give me the url where Google's published standards for a news site are located?
June 1, 2008, 1:12:15 AM EDT – Like – Reply

/closet filled with ammo
Fox Fan | 03.17.08 - 10:33 pm |
/pocket filled with matches
June 1, 2008, 8:00:11 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I don't know where to complain to Google but I did find this which might get your complaint read:
As for their criteria, they seem to be rather elusive. I did find a column from Michelle Malkin that has some correspondence from Google as to what criteria are appropriate for their 'news' listings:
June 1, 2008, 10:32:27 AM EDT – Like – Reply

here is the letter of complaint I wrote:
I am annoyed by the following: Whenever I enter “Sean Hannity” into the “news” section of Google search, articles from Newshounds saturate my screen. Why anyone at Google thinks that Newshound should be classified as a news source is beyond me. It is not as if you allow anyone to be classified as a news source. Indeed, I understand that some have petitioned to Google to have their site classified as a news source, but their petitions were rejected because they did not meet Google’s standards.  
I suggest that Newshounds cannot meet any reasonable set of standards for being classified as a news source. If anything, Newhounds is an opinion site or a blog, not a purveyor of news. It’s purpose (among other things) seems to be to drive Hannity from the airways, and not to explain objectively what is happening on the program.
The fact that it is an opinion site and not a news site should be immediately obvious from the titles of the articles. These titles often invoke name-calling and mudslinging. Often the titles do not reflect truth Ellen (she writes most of the articles about Hannity) knows. For example, she repeatedly uses the phrase “white supremacist sympathizer” (note the present tense) in the title for her articles. She uses this phrase despite the fact that she knows that Hannity has banned white supremacist she has in mind from his radio show for ten years. Many times, Ellen’s articles end with an invitation to write letters of complaint to Hannity, Combs, Fox News, or even the sponsors of his program. I think that kind of invitation is a grossly inappropriate way to end a news article . . . a blog perhaps, but not a news article.
Regarding the comments section: The word “troll” is often used to describe posters with different opinions than that of the writer of the article. This is, as you know, not the normal definition of “troll.” At the bottom of their comment section, Newhounds posts their supposed criteria for viable comments, which are as follows: “A comment will be deleted if it is 1) totally (note the word totally) irrelevant, 2) relevant, but extremely vulgar, or 3) a copy/pasted article with no relevant comment.” Yet, moderators persistently ignore their own criteria. Sometimes posts are deleted for being personally insulting and sometimes personal insults are allowed to stand if the insults are directed towards a poster with a different POV than that of the site. Similarly, irrelevant or off-topic posts may be allowed to stand if the poster shares the same political philosophy as the moderator. However, posts are often deleted solely because the moderator disagrees with the content of the post, and for no other reason. I am not sure why Newshounds is not more honest about their deletion policies; unless they are afraid that their honesty might cost them their news source status.
For the above reasons, I am asking that Google no longer consider Newshounds to be a news source. If you refuse my request, would you please list for me Google’s criteria for considering a site a news source, and would you explain how Newshounds meets your criteria?
June 1, 2008, 5:58:05 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Good luck, danny. If you hear back from Google, be sure to let us know!
June 1, 2008, 6:46:11 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I will. Thanks for your help. If you (or any other posters) have any suggestions concerning how the complaint can be improved or another place to send my complaint . . . please let me know!!
June 1, 2008, 7:20:47 PM EDT – Like – Reply