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'Wouldn't It Be to His Advantage?'

J$P Video! When is Senator Edwards going to stop boycotting the voters who watch Fox News?

From Fox News Iowa Caucus Coverage, January 3 2008

What a bunch of pussies. If I didn't want to put a stake, once and for all, through the Clintons, I would love to see Edwards lose 40+ states in the general. He is easily the easiest, of the top 3 dems, to beat. Obama is gonna be tough
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tim zank
Edwards is the worst kind of snake-oil salesman there is. Boycott Fox you pompous ass, you're cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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Damian G.
MM | 01.03.08 - 7:03 pm | #
Actually, polls show that Edwards is the most viable of all the Democrats, which shocks me. It's probably because he has received so little coverage that most Americans don't know what he is really like.
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Two faced Democratic candidate- avoiding FOX news in this presidential cycle, but taking $800.000.00 for his book, "Home", of which $3 Gs went to his eldest daughter...
Only when it's convenient, will Edwards use any Murdock corporation. Read: $
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Oops, I meant $300.000 dollars, instead of $3 Gs, went to Edwards' daughter.
Big difference to everyone but him.
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Vince P
Watch these videos about Hillary Rotten Clinton
Hillary The Movie
Hillary! Uncensored - The Trailer - Banned By The Media
[This is kind of off topic but I'll let it go this time. Next time, not. ==J$]

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ana coachella
i agree obama is going to be very tough to beat - he proved that by winning all white iowa - thats dangerous for the republican party - 
edwards should go on fox news - it does show a weakness on his part
and he cant exactly take it back now - so it really does hurt him - he is a weak candidate
but obama - he is strong
if we get McCain - might be the only person we have that could beat him
but im worried we wont get mccain
January 4, 2008, 3:32:55 AM EST – Like – Reply

McCain? Yucko, he's a freaking back stabber and a media whore. I'd vote for him, but I would not be enthusiastic. And if it's Huck, I swear I'll vote for the dem. As long as we'd flush our country, I want a dem pulling the lever.
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Vince P
Ron Paul has a greater chance of being the nominee then John McCain
lol.. john mccain .. underminer of the 2nd term.
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