3/21/09 11:50 PM

New Week, New Lie, Newshounds

What do you do when you can't find anything to smear Fox News with? Make something up! That works for the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate).

Serial liar Donna added to her string this morning:

Today on Fox and Friends they kept up the 'some people say' gimmick that they have used so often in the past and continued to use it today. Alyson [sic] Camerota started it by saying, "A lot of top Democrats want Hillary to drop out of the race, but can they force her to quit?" The Banner [sic] said, 'Stay or Go? Force Hillary Out' [sic] Later on in the segment they had Kilmeade saying, "Democrats were really turning up the heat on Hillary but could they really get her out of the race as they wish?"... So, in two segments of Fox and Friends they had 'top Democrats', 'they', who wanted to Hillary to drop out (no names mentioned).... You would think by now that Fox would stop using the 'some people say' tactic since they've been called on it so many times.
Just as an aside, how many years has Donna been writing about Fox? And she still doesn't know how to spell the names? Talk about shoddy. But we digress. The kennel-dwellers took these scribblings as gospel, and naturally barked their slavish approval:
  • If fox didn't use made up news or opinion's [sic] they wouldn't have anything to air for like half the day.
  • While Morning Joe spent much of the morning discussing the "should she stay or should she go" meme, the [sic] actually referenced the names of the those who are saying it (and they are Obama supporters)...
  • "A close friend" or "a reliable source" isn't offering any credibility. But what else can we expect from the unprofessional jackasses at [fox]?
It was apparently a great journalistic outrage not to name the people calling for Sen Clinton to quit the campaign. As if viewers (except for the perpetually clueless Donna of course) didn't already know. But the outrage should be directed not at Fox but at the newspoodles. Once again, they've been caught red-pawed in another blatant lie. Let's go to the transcript:
CAMEROTA: So many people are calling for her to drop out of the race. KILMEADE: Like Sen Dodd, Sen Leahy--Democrats. CAMEROTA: Right, but Barack Obama supporters.
Um, "no names mentioned", Donna? But wait, we've got more:
KILMEADE: Howard Dean, who's running the Democratic National Committee, comes out and says I am dumbfounded Sen Leahy would call on Sen Clinton would [sic] step aside. Sen Dodd said something similar. Who do I believe here?
Donna built an entire smear article on the "fact" that Fox referenced unnamed Democrats. In fact they were named, repeatedly, throughout the program. Another Hound Lie. You would think by now that Donna would stop using this tactic since she's been called on it so many times.