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'He Didn't Stutter'

J$P Video! Frank Luntz's focus group picks tonight's debate winner:

From Fox News Channel, September 26 2008

Obama? Are these people on crack?
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the electorate is scary uninformed. the cnn focus group was as blind as luntz's. maybe im no impartial observer, but that was a bloodbath. mccain simply showed the contrast of a stateman and and empty suit. but with the cablers its "dont blieve your lying eyes and ears. well except hannity!
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Olby Sucks
Gotta be.
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the one lady, something like "i dont wanna hear what he's done, just what he's gonna do".....uh ....uh what? in that case, hell, let my 9 year old son run for president...wtf...i'm really thinking an IQ test should be rendered for a right to vote.
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Damian G.
Focus groups are garbage. Look at this:
Washington liked McCain by a hair, and California loved Obama. And J$ - you should put up video of those calls to the Pennsylvania and Florida focus groups.
The PA group loved McCain, but the Floridians were undecided. The PA group was in a key Democratic-leaning area, and the FL group was in a synagogue.
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I have always enjoyed Luntz's focus groups and particularly love the dial reaction graphs. Very informative and my favorite part of speech/debate coverage. This is a political persuasion event after all, so it is very telling what these swing voters go for. Instead of dismissing the focus group people, understand that they are who McCain and Obama are targeting and judge whether it worked. Yes, they are responding differently than the hyper-interested people who comment on this board.
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Fox Fan
Obama didn't stutter??? Obama stuttered on almost every answer! "You know, I, I, I, think..." was repeated over and over! Then there was the part where Obama called John "Jim".  
No wonder Obama doesn't want any citizen questions or town hall meetings.

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These Lugluntz focus groups are not scientific. They are all sitting together with a dial in front of them. They influence each other's thinking. They should be placed in a small cubicle with a tv in front of each then get a more accurate reading without the "group" interference.
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I've done focus groups like this before john, not for politics but on TV shows. And you're wrong in thinking that anybody is being influenced by anybody else in the group. You're too busy watching the show and moving the dial around to even think about what the person next to you is doing.
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Jibreel Riley
there is no "undecided" voters this year. McCain studder!!!???!! whatever lady. these are the same clowns who will say no to a bail out and still vote for Obama... $700 Billion is like Obama education pian alone!
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this focus group was so wrong, like slider said, she did not want to hear what he has done, uh, uh, are you kidding???? she said that because she was probably already in obamas camp, because he has done nothing in the past. and one person said here they are not like us who are more focused, what???? I am not that political but I do want to know what someone has done in the past, and it does matter to me if he can accomplish things, mccain won hands down, obama was on the defensive, looked robotic, and looked like he memorized everything, and that bracelet comment , that he had one to, uh, uh, uh, he could not remember his name and kept looking down and he sounded like a kid saying that , and I loved how mccain came back with the meeting with amadahjadah or however you spell his name, it was so funny and revealing. I want a president who is dicisive, and has expeirence. never like luntz's focus groups, if you look back alot of times they are wrong.
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Ike Marks
These undecided idiots need to just do some research on the issues. If you are voting for someone based on how they do in a debate or how they talk you are an absolute moron and a dangerous one.
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Fox Fan
The elephant in the room in the debate was Jim Lehrer. I thought his moderation was excellent- hands off, fair questions, fair answer times, and the way he tried to get the candidates to interact. He did a fantastic job.
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I agree Lehrer did a great job as moderator. He also refrained from making himself the center of attention, which is to his credit.
September 28, 2008, 9:27:17 AM EDT – Like – Reply