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Huffington Post: Lie, Cheat, and Steal?

You'd think that after an article has been exposed as a tissue of lies and distortions, that would be the end of it. But the Fox haters echo chamber is nothing if not resilient. So are we to be surprised when, nearly a week after it has been debunked, it turns up again? Of course not. But it is somewhat remarkable when its new incarnation appears to be little more than a piece of rank plagiarism, published with impunity by the same folk who popularized the fake John Gibson video. That's right, The Huffington Post.

It was Priscilla of the newshounds who began the smears. It didn't take us long to chronicle the phony quotes, fabrications, and false documentation that suffused Priscilla's sloppy agit-prop. And yet, the canny folk at HuffPo can't seem to get enough of stories that lie about Fox News personnel. Enter Keely Field.

Ms Field's website describes her as a voice-over "artist". But her article at the Huffington Post is not about her "sexy, flirty" voice. It's all about the Notre Dame/Obama controversy. After some self-referential paragraphs, an astounding thing happens around the halfway point. Ms Field launches into a critique of Fox's coverage, and if it all sounds a bit, um, familiar, there's good reason for that. Because it's lifted, word for word, from Priscilla's fact-challenged newspoodle piece. Without attribution.

Needless to say Ms Field, if she is who she claims to be, obviously never saw the FNC segment she's talking about. Because in addition to filching a whole fistful of Priscilla's paragraphs, she also precisely repeats Prissy's errors and lies. Including:

  • Phony, doctored quotes from Martha MacCallum
  • Reference to Priscilla's false data about the "decline" of the Catholic Church
  • The suggestion that Fox didn't interview students at Notre Dame
  • Attributing a statement to MacCallum that was actually made by Fr Morris, one of her guests!
Just compare the last seven paragraphs of Ms Field's "writing" to Priscilla's piece. Cut-and-paste. And since Prissy never corrected her phony quotes (easily shown to be false via the simple act of watching the video), the lies just sat there, waiting to be parroted. And Keely Field obliged.

Now it's possible that Keely Field and Priscilla are one and the same person. That it's our pal Priscilla who has the "sexy, flirty voice". If that's the case, then she's compounding her lies by deliberately slandering Martha MacCallum and Fox News with smears she knows to be false. But really, isn't it much more likely that a HuffPo hack just lifted what she spotted elsewhere and uncritically (sans attribution) repeated it, without bothering to check whether or not it's true?

You know, just like they did with John Gibson.

From the NH resident 'I'm so short, I have to climb a ladder to keep stuff from being way over my head,' john t:
Boy, Dollar is dirting his depends. Now he thinks Priscilla is someone else. Talk about being paranoid. I think this thread showing all of his and the Dollarites lies is driving him to the brink of losing it.  
Posted by: john t on Sat 4.11 2:18am
Evidently jt's failure to look up prevented him from seeing that when a writer (more on this later) on the #1 ranked, highly prestigious HuffPo lifts "word for word, from Priscilla's fact-challenged newspoodle piece. Without attribution," it might conjure up a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory of a secret identity or even a dual personality.
Saturday morning cartoons from those Krazy Kids at the Kennel.

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johnny dollar
It's another lie from john t. Not only did I not say I thought Priscilla was someone else, I specifically stated that it was "much more likely" that she was not someone else, and that her writing was plagiarized and ripped off.
This is of a piece with the earlier john t lies about this site: that we never post videos of complete discussions, and that most of the articles we link to are from right-wing sources.
How to tell when john t is lying? His fingers are typing.
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Priscilla may be a dishonest writer, but she's a better dishonest writer than Ms. Field.
Priscilla would never have authored the following gems:
"He describes his view piont in his own words."
Just wondering, who's words would someone use to describe their own view point?
"Pro-life groups are even now protesting at the White House this week."
Which is it, "even now" or "this week?"
"I watched a friend go through her first unplanned pregnancy,..."
First of how many "unplanned" pregnancies?
"I supported her through her decision of an abortion, and held her hand through the nightmare of a process, but I would have made the same choice in her position, and every female should have the legal right to choose."
Comment unnecessary.
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How to tell when john t is lying? His fingers are typing.
johnny dollar | Homepage | 04.11.09 - 1:22 pm | #  
Play fair now, Johnny. Little johnt rides the short bus. We must be compassionate.( Watch for it now. johnt or some other Puppy will complain that I have insulted the short bus riders.)
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vstol | Homepage | 04.11.09 - 2:10 pm | #  
Whoever this Ms. Fields is, she needs to go back to school.
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johnny dollar
How about she needs to be fired. If not for incompetence, at least for plagiarism.
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Fox Fan
I'm surprised Priscilla isn't angry that Keely didn't give her the credit for writing her factually challenged drivel.  
With writing like Priscilla's, you don't have many situations where people want to plagiarise you.
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