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'It's Probably My Last Appearance on MSNBC'

J$P Audio! John Ziegler on his contentious Contessa contretemps:

From The John Gibson Show, June 10 2009

You might find this interesting.
The New York Times in their Cartoon/Humor section printed the transcript of Letterman's jokes about Palin.  
After some of their commenters asked them why they omitted the joke about Palin's daughter, the NYT replied:
From the editors: The transcript we received omitted the joke referred to in the comments below, presumably for reasons of taste. Had the transcript included the joke, we would not have run it. Monologue jokes are routinely edited for taste and brevity.
Evidently, even the Letterman people knew that this joke was beyond the pale and omitted it from the transcript!
It is interesting that MSNBC did not show the video of Letterman making the remark about Willow.
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JC in OC
So why did Letterman "double down" on Tuesday?
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How about:
6. After a wink and a nod, ended up with a kilo of crack
I interpret that as saying Sarah Palin traded "friendship" for crack. Did he mean that she is a Crack Whore?
3. Finally met one of those Jewish people Mel Gibson’s always talking about
Isn't Mel known for an anti-semetic rant when arrested for DUI? Why would an anti-semite have an Israeli flag in her office?  
So, 3 of the top 10 paint Sarah Palin as a slutty, anti-semitic crack whore.
Sarah Palin wants to keep Willow away from Letterman, probably because she thinks that Willow would go all Crispin Glover on his sorry ass. I think Dave is still in therapy from the last time that happened... and I doubt if Crispin knows how to field dress a moose!
It is not respectful to make your elders pee their pants on national TV.
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