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'They Still Are Suffering'

J$P Video! Wendy Murphy details Alexa Branchini's continuing trauma:

From The O'Reilly Factor, March 23 2009

As usual, the Pound Puppies are all over the "stalking" of the Think Progress loon.  
Not once do they mention the problems that Alexa has had since their aborted attempt to derail the fund raiser. ( Can I say aborted or will some nag come along and get her thong in a wad? )
More fake outrage from the Muttettes.
I wonder if they carried the same outrage when Mike Wallace was the premier "stalker" for 60 minutes. Didn't think so.
March 24, 2009, 8:35:07 AM EDT – Like – Reply

A very convincing case that shows just how petty, stupid & mean folks will sink to. To comment further on their ilk would be stating the obvious.
March 24, 2009, 8:50:04 AM EDT – Like – Reply

"I don't believe I HIGHLIGHTED the Mel Gibson portion."
A nice admission to the truth. I think O'Reilly did the right thing in confronting Terkel who presented an incomplete and purposefully dishonest presentation of O'Reilly's commentary.
The IT HAPPENED TO ALEXA FOUNDATION was collateral damage in the haters', (like Olbermann), continuing war against FNC and O'Reilly. Does Alexa, her family and rape victims in general deserve an apology?.....I am not the agrieved so I cannot say. I don't want to be a "Nellie Olsen."
What a difference compared to the Red Eye controversy? There, Nellie Olsen got the apology from the accused, but not to her.....With this problem, Nellie Olsen's tattle tale resulted in hurting an innocent bystander for which she now has to face. What a dilemma!
It looks like the mob is trying to change the subject....MEDIAMATTERS is pursuing a distraction saying that O'Reilly's ambush was unfair and violated his own rules. Fine. But what about addressing the core issue of the suffering Alexa and her family endured because of false "reporting" and hate mail from those in the mob insulted by O'Reilly's appearance at the fundraiser?
This mob justice is hard to stomach.
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Olby Sucks
Terkel to appear on Olbermann tonight to talk about the O’Reilly harassment machine.  
Looks like she's getting her 15 minutes of fame. I wonder if Fauxbermann will hit on her?
March 24, 2009, 2:21:40 PM EDT – Like – Reply

OS - this shows the difference between KO and BOR:
Olbermann - supports and spotlights the people attacking a worthy organization helping victims of rape. Not Supporting/Not spotlighting the worthy organization helping victims of rape.
BOR - Supporting/Spotlighting the worthy organization helping victims of rape. Reporting on and investigating those that attack a worthy organization that helps victims of rape.
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Olby Sucks | Homepage | 03.24.09 - 2:26 pm | #  
Tonight, Fox will be talking about the news, and MSNBC will be talking about Fox.
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Interesting how Olbermann will have Ms. Terkel on his show, but not Ms. Branchini.
Journalist through and through.
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Mike C.
>Terkel to appear on Olbermann tonight to talk about the O’Reilly harassment machine.
This will never stop! So, I'm taking a sabbatical from OlbyWatch. I'm subscribed to the OlbyWatch YouTube channel in case new videos show up. But no more OlbyWatch for me for now.
March 24, 2009, 3:08:32 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
Viewer e-mail:
Greg Hale, Arlington, TX: "What Amanda Terkel did to Alexa Branchini was despicable. I nominate Jesse Watters as a patriot."
BOR's response: "You should know that Ms. Terkel is painting herself as a victim on NBC News (MSNBC, 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann'), Greg. And the beat goes on."
Suzette Hook, Woodland, CA: "I was so furious after watching the segment that I made a donation to the 'It Happened to Alexa' Foundation and vowed to boycott NBC."
BOR's response: "Well, thank you for the donation, Suzette. Many 'Factor' viewers are doing that, and we have a link to the Alexa website on BillOReilly.com."
Jeannie Bauder, Albuquerque, NM: "Bill, after hearing about yet another far-left atrocity being enabled by NBC, my husband and I decided to boycott. But there's nothing on NBC to boycott."
Michael Dayton, Everett, WA: "Why did the far-left and NBC attack your support of the charity, Bill?"
BOR's response: "Well, 'The Factor' has destroyed NBC's cable operations in primetime, Michael. That's their motive over there. As for the far-left..."
Dave Sweeney, Dallas, TX: "Bill, the far-left haters have identified you as an enemy. By attacking your associations, they hope to keep people from aligning themselves with you. Unfortunately, this hurts many good people."
BOR's response: "And they don't care. Excellent analysis, Dave."
Rob Lewis, Honolulu, HI: "Why would a rape prosecution cost families money?"
BOR's response: "Travel expenses, counseling expenses, legal expenses, just to name a few, Rob."
There you go.
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This thread is very confusing. I am not sure if it is me or you, or halo scan but depending on which section of the thread I click on I get different posts. Posts with different time stamps, ranging from this morning, to this afternoon or this evening. I have no idea whether my posts have made it though or if they have been put somewhere I am simply not aware of, but I have no intention of playing hide and seek. Either for my own posts or any responses to them.
There is certainly no continuity, as far as I can see and it is very frustrating. If it is problems beyond your control, then I will make a few attempts again tomorrow, but if it is being done deliberately. Well then there really is no point is there?
Perhaps you will be kind enough to at least acknowledge this post and either explain or tell me which section of the site I should be looking at, if not this open thread?  
I had none of these problems previously. hence the frustration.
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Tip #2
This is from Sunday's Fox Haters Week in Review thread:
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Hang in here.
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Interesting how Olbermann will have Ms. Terkel on his show, but not Ms. Branchini.
cee | 03.24.09 - 2:51 pm | #  
The same reason why he won't ever debate anyone with an opposing point of view. Rhymes with Howard and Broward.
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