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Fox Haters Week in Review

The race card rears its ugly head, and somebody's lying. Who could it be? Answers in today's action-packed edition of Fox Haters Week in Review!

Meet the New Smear, Same as the Old Smear:
Old slanders never die; they just get regurgitated endlessly by the newshounds. And playing the race card is one of the handiest arrows in their crooked quiver, since it neatly sidesteps such bothersome matters as facts, details, or truth to go straight to the ad hominem attacks. When the mongrels saw someone else's report that Glenn Beck called the President "racist", they were up in arms...or paws...over such "awful" language. The language just now became "awful"; it certainly wasn't regarded that way when the newspoodles hurled it at O'Reilly, John Gibson, Dennis Miller, Kilmeade, and Fox News itself. Even Juan Williams has been a target but he's fair game because, after all, he's not an African-American!

The kennel's Race Baiter in Chief is of course the charming Ellen Brodsky. Check out this HeadLie:

Fox News Continues Its Pattern Of Racial Attacks As Hannity And His All-White Panel Accuse Obama Of Being A Racist
Wow! Why weren't there headlines all over the place, like there were for Glenn Beck, for the use of such "awful" language? Possibly because it's not true. Nobody in that discussion called Obama a "racist". Not even the "all-white" panel: another of Ellen's favorite constructs. Of course the biased bassets themselves are an all-white panel. But don't mention it to them; they get a little snippy.

Never one to allow racial flames to go un-fanned, Brodsky upped the ante even further, bellowing that racism is now "a network-wide effort". Among the "proof" offered is a segment on The Live Desk where a Rush Limbaugh clip was played and a liberal responded to it. That's racist for sure! You'll never find MSNBC playing Limbaugh clips to liberals! Brodsky asserts:
Beck is not even the only Fox News host to accuse Obama of being a racist on the air.
And then goes on to cite things like the Live Desk segment and a quote from Juan Williams (who has in fact said Obama is not a racist). Here's a shock: none of the cited examples is of a Fox News host calling Obama a racist.

Ellen regurgitates some golden oldies from the grooveyard of race-card greats. The most egregious example:
Host Megyn Kelly's remark about Michelle Obama, "Bluish-green is not the color for these women."
Brodsky, who likes nothing better than accusing Miss Megyn of racism (such "awful" language!), has repeated this bluish-green quote several times, and each time she carefully omits what was said beforehand, and what was said after. Why the reluctance to tell the whole story? Here's what came beforehand, the part Brodsky doesn't want you to see:

Such unbridled racist hate from Megyn Kelly! And isn't that interesting? The talk about the dress referred not to Michelle Obama's pigmentation, but to the blue background she was standing in front of. No wonder Ellen wants to keep that under the rug. We've heard what came before, now what came after Kelly's "racist" statement, made during a radio interview:
KELLY: I stand by my comments on the Michelle Obama dress: bluish-green is not the color for these women.
HOST: And it blended in--you were right--it blended in with that background. That was probably a wrong choice.
KELLY: I'm just saying. No one can dispute that Michelle Obama has the rocket body and she looked terrific. But she blended.
Gee, could it just possibly be that the women Megyn (and the interviewers) were talking about were women who are speaking in front of a blue background? Could that possibly be why Brodsky never quotes any of this except for one isolated sentence? Ya think? Listen to the full interview and decide for yourself.

We would be remiss if we didn't note that Brodsky continues to use her favorite Nazi smear against Hannity, claiming he was friends with white supremacist Hal Turner, based on...the statements of Hal Turner! Now mind you, Turner's claims don't exactly hold water:
THERE IS A HUGE PROBLEM...in 1993 Sean Hannity was NOT in NY, he was broadcasting in Atlanta until late 1996 when he was hired by Fox news. There is ANOTHER HUGE PROBLEM ...Sean's wife was not pregnant, and did NOT get pregnant till 5 years later in 1998, his first child was born in Nov. 1998, So it would have been impossible for Hal Turner and Sean Hannity to be talking about the "things expectant dads talk about in 1993", and for the relationship to grow. Turner also claims that about this time Sean provided Turner with his private phone number at the Fox News Channel. This is also false, since the Fox News Channel did not exist until the fall of 1996, over 3 years later.
There's more but you get the idea. Ellen's response to this demolition of Turner's allegations is most instructive. The newspoodles love to toss the term "discredited" around, like the "discredited" John Stossel, guilty of "inaccurate, sloppy" reporting. But Brodsky is much more tolerant of inaccuracies when it comes to Hal Turner, finding him more worthy of belief than people like Stossel:
I can agree that there may be portions of Turner's account that are unreliable. He's obviously not the sort I'd consider a go-to guy for unvarnished truth. But getting some facts wrong does not mean that his entire post is untrue.
Hal Turner lies repeatedly, but Brodsky doesn't think he's discredited. After all, his crackpot charges were repeated in a "national magazine"--they must be true! We're waiting for Ellen to launch a post-mortem smear of Tim Russert because, according to her trusted source, Russert was Turner's pal too.

If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie Lie Again
It was just last week when we chastised whippet Priscilla. She objected to an interview with an (R) on The Live Desk claiming there was no opposing view given, but didn't tell her readers that a (D) interview aired immediately afterward. Oops. Then she made it two-for-two by criticizing a segment on America's Newsroom for being a one-sided (R)-only interview, once again leaving out the pertinent fact that a (D) interview followed that gave the other side. Now you'd think that Prissy would be a little more careful about such allegations, but here she is today with another, whining about a Bill Hemmer healthcare interview with John Shadegg:
Only one person, from the “right” side, is interviewed with no rebuttal which was certainly not provided by Bill Hemmer who gave Shadegg quite the platform for the perfunctory talking points.
Has it ever occurred to Priscilla that one-on-one interviews with politicos are not some exclusive Fox trick? No news channel has a rule that politicians have to be brought to the cameras in pairs. This isn't Noah's Ark! Needless to say, in railing against this proof of "bias", Prissy once again failed to mention a salient fact that would have severely damaged her thesis. Before this interview there was another one, also on the healthcare bill, also conducted by Bill Hemmer, also with "only one person"...a (D):

The TPM Countdown Clock
A new feature, to keep you abreast of the brilliant insights found in the Fox Haters echo chamber. This one comes courtesy of Talking Points Memo: There are now 28 days remaining until Shepard Smith quits Fox News or is fired. Mark your calendars!

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Johnny, do you think that Vermontdave and Count Istvan know about these purposeful lies and distorions of Ellen's and Priscilla's?
My guess is they, and the rest of the poodles, believe without question what she puts out there.  
This is really great stuff today.
One has to wonder if Ellen will make an effort to "correct" some of her "mistakes". I doubt it because if the poodles are happy living like mushrooms then she is happy as well.
p.s. Do you really have to show her picture? I just had dinner.
August 2, 2009, 6:20:42 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I don't see how they couldn't know. It appears to me that they don't care about the lies. Anything goes, including lies, if the purpose is to attack Fox.
August 2, 2009, 6:25:48 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Lil' Barry Bailout
If Ellen wants to browse the archives for some of her race-card favorites, maybe she'd also like to recall the Newshound's treatment of the white Duke students falsely accused of rape by a black "student".
August 2, 2009, 9:05:55 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Ellen tosses about the term "discredited", as in the discredited "documentary" her sham site is based on, Outfoxed? Oh, the irony!
August 2, 2009, 9:08:17 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Great FHIR, Johnny!
You are utterly on target by pointing out that Ellen and company call someone on FNC a racist nearly EVERYDAY!
I think that Glenn Beck has gone into Olbermann viciousness and hyperbole in his accusation of this towards Pres. Obama, but how hypocritical of the News Hounds to say so.
As you say, calling people racist is THE sick arrow in their twisted quiver (or something like that).
August 3, 2009, 10:19:30 AM EDT – Like – Reply