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Tuesday Cable News Links and Open Thread

Q3 ratings: FNC dominates, owns top ten; CNN #2, MSNBC sinks, HLN improvesWeekend numbers.

MSNBC: Cults R Us.  Hill hubbub heightens.

Scarborough's sinus.  Q&A: Behar, Schneider.

CNN launches app. More gimmickry?  Elle's belle.

HLN's planHangin' with Mr Colmes.  Hotline after dark.

Updated through the day.  Use our valuable bandwidth to post your cable news comments in today's open thread.

An interesting piece on the Mark Lamont Hill.David Horowitz battle. Now, I don't know enough about Hill to lump him in with Michael Eric Dyson or Cornell West, but he does sometimes come off as a promoter of the victimhood mentality.
As the article says, why not let them debate. It would be good theater. And O'Reilly could be the referee.

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re: cnn app, good thing I don't have a iphone, too many apps on their
re alan: that looked fun
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Off topic but still on FOX. This wide screen thing is ok but when they show something in the old format it blurs and double images and it is extremely annoying. They need to get that fixed fast or they will lose viewer's that have had cataract surgery or have eye problem's because it is very irrating. I have had cataract's in both eyes the last surgery just weeks ago and it bother's my eyes when it happens. A solid border on a 4:3 format video would be a great help. Hate to go get one of those trial lawyer's that the dem's love to get my way.
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"In primetime, the network was down 10% in Total Viewers and down 21% in A25-54 demo viewers. In total day, MSNBC was down 17% in Total Viewers and down 25% in A25-45 viewers."
And what's the network?......MSNBC.
And the response?...."We're still better than the third place network! Nah, nah, nah!"

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No wonder MSNBC is down, they lecture the hell out of you!
I don't know who it was who was on today, (I was outside forever refinishing furniture and could just hear the tv I had left on from Morning Joe) but she was just going on and on about people getting their flu shots.  
She even interviewed other people who went on and on about it.
It was a regular harangue.
I think it was Alec-something and I generally like her, but boy, has MSNBC started treating everyone like they're idiots.
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Mike C.
I guess the ratings for Monday won't come out till tomorrow since that was Yom Kippur.
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Happy Birthday Alan!
Thanks Johnny for posting.
Cecelia | 09.29.09 - 7:27 pm  
I think the person you are looking for is Alex Witt. She does tend to get that way, but to her credit I do believe she has been at MSNBC the longest. Also, she is not a favorite of Media Matters. So, she gets points there.
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I saw a bit of MSNBC today and found out that it was "Dr. Nancy" who was haranguing the public as though we are all 5 year olds.
If that lady walked into my hospital room I'd be turning her around on a dime.
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