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Fox Haters Week in Review

Distortions, hypocrisy, lies... and words of praise for The Huffington Post?!? Read all about it in the first Fox Haters Week in Review of 2010!

Ups and Downs:
One of the longest-lasting myths is the one about "doctoring" transcripts. It's long-debunked, even though the same silly claims pop up about other cable channels as well. This meme got a shot in the arm this week when Michael Steele used the phrase "honest injun" on Hannity. The Huffington Post reported:

Fox News Scrubs 'Honest Injun' From Steele Transcript...Fox is helping Steele out by altering the transcript of the segment:
STEELE: Our platform is one of the best political documents that's been written in the last 25 years, honest engine on that.
Exactly! Surely we should ask of our lyin' ears if Steele didn't actually say "honest engine."
But kudos to Jason Linkins who, on learning that facts, made the kind of correction all writers should make, and put it at the top of his piece:
CORRECTION: It's been pointed out to me that however hilarious the insertion of "engine" is, the fault here is not Fox's at all, but the automated transcription service that provided the transcript in the first place. Thus, the entire premise of this piece is, as they say, crap! And the fault is mine. I regret the error, and it shan't happen again.
Ironically, even after that highly visible disclaimer was added to the article, some HuffPo commenters preferred the untrue version:
  • Why did Fox do that? Because that's just how stupid and ill-informed their viewers are. Fox viewers deserve to be duped and lied to over and over again.
  • You cant say to anyone with a straight face you work at Fox it gotta be humiliating to manipulate videos and transcripts.
  • It's the fact that they revising history, in real time. They didn't like the fact that he said something embarrassing, so they changed it.
  • The story is about FOX scratching to cover up their $hit............as usual....now they scrub their transcripts as well........this IS a story worth reporting AND FOX needs to be constantly monitored.
By the way, one person who hyped this story as soon as it appeared was David Shuster. Interestingly enough, even after Shuster was informed twice that the story was wrong, he didn't tell his 23,000 Twitter followers. But then this is the same David Shuster who tweeted Michael Steele's call for Harry Reid to resign from this morning's Fox News Sunday, and then added:
I wish somebody would ask steele about his "honest injun" remrks on fox.
Somebody did, Dave. Sheesh!

But we digress. Back to The Huffington Post, where not everyone is as honest as Mr Linkins. Cenk Uygur, desperate MSNBC wannabe, gives us a polemic so nice he posted it twice: at HuffPo and at Firedog Lake:
Why is Fox News Leaving Geithner Alone?... He is the Treasury Secretary when the main issue in the country is the state of our economy. And Republicans in Congress are now going after him. So, why is Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc. keeping their powder dry?... The right-wing media in this country have no interest in attacking big money, big corporations or big banks. So, while they'll talk for ten straight days about how Janet Napolitano should be fired for misspeaking, Geithner is remarkably bullet-proof. Why? Because they actually love what he's doing.
Most readers of this site, who actually watch FNC, will no doubt find the whole concept of "Fox News" covering up for Geithner because they love what he's doing to be jaw-droppingly fatuous. If Uygur is going to attack Fox without watching it, at least he could read this site, where we posted this just days ago. Even HuffPo commenters didn't swallow Uygur's line, citing more proof, including this and this. Clearly the premise of Uygur's piece, advanced without a shred of documentation or evidence, has been demolished, yet it stands unaltered as if it were true. If he could just have Jason Linkins teach him how to write a correction.

Around the Interwebs:
The genuises at News Corpse now fancy themselves constitutional scholars. Hence, they attack Glenn Beck for asserting the "crazy" claim of natural law:
This is going to come as a surprise to Constitutional scholars and legal experts. According to Beck, it was God who established freedom of speech.... Beck’s inability to comprehend the role of law is boundless.
The ignorance in their "analysis" is staggering, given that Beck was espousing the same principles laid out by Thomas Jefferson. But if the Corpsicles are comfortable with ennabling slavery, hey, it's all in a good cause: smearing Fox!

Newser describes itself as:
a news aggregator with brains. We select the best news stories from hundreds of sources all over the web, read them for you, and summarize them in two succinct, sharply written paragraphs or less.
Its founder is Michael Wolff, unreliable Murdoch biographer and discredited critic of Fox News. Newser's latest salvo at Fox uses Glenn Beck as its ammunition:
Glenn Beck doesn’t like the 2010 US Census form one bit, because it allows people to identify themselves as “African-American,” a “bogus, PC, made-up term” that is “not a race.” Speaking on his Fox News show, the host offered his objections to the designation.
The "video" clip is really an audio clip with a still frame of Beck on FNC. And it's obvious just ten seconds in that it has nothing to do with Fox News whatsoever. It's Glenn and his producer discussing the issue on his radio show! Now that's what we call news "with brains".

Even dumber is lying about something that millions of people have seen with their own eyes. Enter Minnesota Think:
Fox News (aka Faux News or Fox Newz) has shown its true stripes once again. Yesterday, President Obama held an afternoon news conference to talk about airline safety and the failure of the nation's intelligence and homeland security communities...Fox (Faux) News chose to ignore it. Their regular programming ran without interruption....It would be a real hoot, if the ramifications for the country weren't so serious.
Only Minnesota Think is not telling the truth. Fox News carried the statement (it was not a press conference) live, as it happened, just like the other cable news channels did.

Media Matters, Truth Doesn't:
The mendacious Minnesotans weren't the only ones making stuff up about that Obama coverage. Our friends at Media Matters, in high dudgeon over Fox & Friends for questioning why the statement was repeatedly delayed, claimed:
Hmmm, it's funny that they seem to care so much about what Obama revealed or whether the press conference started on time. Because if you were watching Fox News last night, you wouldn't have been able to watch it in its entirety. They cut away from it a third of the way in to show Glenn Beck.
Um, not true. It took place at 4:35 pm, during Your World w/Cavuto. Fox didn't cut away from it but showed the entire statement, which was over before Glenn Beck even began!

Since one good lie deserves another, here are the MMers talking about FNC coverage of the recently announced Democratic retirements:
Fox News ties Dem retirements to Obama's "radical" agenda, ignoring similar number of GOP retirements...Fox ignored that a similar number of Republicans are retiring in Congress.
MM cites examples like Brit Hume's commentary, which was specifically about the fact that three prominent Democrats announced their impending retirement within the space of less than a week. That was both more timely and more newsworthy than what Republicans did months ago. But what of the claim that Fox News "ignored" the GOP retirements? As anyone who watched FNC would know, even before Media Matters published their smear the GOP angle was repeatedly reported on Fox.

Lie With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas:
What have they been up to at the newshounds kennel? More making stuff up! We know Fox Nation is a favorite target of the biased bassets, but you would think they'd have enough material to work with without having to fabricate:
President Obama Right, Fox Nation Wrong...Over at Fox Nation last night there was much hooting and howling over the site editor’s latest “find” : a statement by President Obama that the existence of the US prison at Guantanamo “was an explicit rationale for the formation of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”.... I did my homework et voila: the President is correct. Did the editors of Fox Nation really get this wrong, or did they keep the truth under wraps knowing that their followers are too stupid/blinded by ideology/uncaring/all of the above to do a simple Google search?
The "facts" the mastiffs present are a list of things that happened in 2003, based on the theory that's when AQitAP was "formed" (never mind terrorism activity from Yemen dating back to the US Cole!). But none of the links they offer confirms this formation date. Moreover, the hounds' whole laundry list of 2003 events is nothing but an especially brainless application of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, so it proves nothing. But what's really dishonest here is the claim that Fox Nation "got this wrong". Take a look at the Fox Nation article for yourself. All it is the Obama statement, quoted accurately and with video. No editorial comment, no analysis, just the President's words. So what exactly did Fox Nation "get wrong"? Nothing! The newspoodles made that up!

You want more fabrication? The dog pound delivers:
Fox News’ latest shrieker, Patricia Powell, was so worked up, she urged “the average guy out there” to stop paying taxes.... Nobody seemed to mind that she was advocating breaking the law by not paying taxes!...Patricia could be the next Fox News star, I’m afraid.
To correct the record, Patricia Powell has appeared on Fox for years. This is one of those instant reversals that the newspooches do at the drop of a hat. They used to say that you get the "real story" from "straight talker" Powell. But she committed the sin of saying something the whippets don't like, so they did a quick about-face and slimed her. She did not advocate breaking the law, but changing it:
I would advocate that we all take care of ourselves.... I would advocate that people who don't have the ability to buy their own health care, instead of paying taxes for people who are getting their health care for free, that those people would have that money if we didn’t pick their pockets.
Nothing says "liar" like a post from Ellen Brodsky. First she yelps:
Instead Of Informing, Fox News Makes Political Theater Out Of Terrorism Issues.... why did Fox get two political strategists instead of someone with real security and/or aviation expertise?... Fox News producers didn’t really want to inform the viewers of the “we report, you decide” network.
It's Ellen who doesn't want to inform. Hannity is a political show and focuses on political guests. In the hour just previous Fox interviewed Gen Wesley Clark and former CIA analyst Gary Berntsen, both of whom know something about security. Why does Ellen claim Fox wasn't doing something when they clearly were? Why is there no newshounds post about Wesley Clark's appearance? Were they too busy picking cherries?

Complaining that Fox didn't cover a Janet Napolitano presser in full, Brodsky tosses in this stinkbomb:
Hosts Shepard Smith and Bret Baier complained that the press conference was not as "shocking" as they had expected it would be (read: they were hoping Napolitano would resign).
False. It was the Obama administration who said the report would be shocking. And when did either Shep Smith or Bret Baier call for Napolitano to resign? The one link Brodsky provides goes to (her impartial source) Media Matters, and neither Smith nor Baier are even mentioned in it! In other words, Ellen Brodsky made up another lie to smear two fair and balanced journalists.

Clearly, there is nothing too low for the schnauzers. But we can always rely on their commenters to set a tone of intelligence and responsibility, aided by the moderators who pre-approve every submission--ensuring that whatever appears is up to newshounds standards. Like this:

Spot something you'd like to see in the next Fox Haters Week in Review? Send us an email!

IM Right
Excellent FHWiR.  It just stuns me how many of the haters deliberately lie and distort.  That post from Antoinette at the Kennel reminds me exactly how these haters truly are bigots and racists.
January 10, 2010, 6:53:25 PM EST – Like – Reply

Mike C.
Nothing the hounds do surprises me anymore.
January 11, 2010, 12:04:32 AM EST – Like – Reply

I do believe that little Miss Antoinette is on sort of drugs when she writes her ourageous, hateful, bigoted and racists postings.
January 11, 2010, 8:42:19 AM EST – Like – Reply

Ellen lies?????? It's inbred.
January 11, 2010, 8:42:57 AM EST – Like – Reply

I'll try this again but adding to Mike C. nothing J$ does surprises me anymore and been reading and posting long before you.  I just post to something that interest me like the old OW blog when Cox(where did he go?) and then J$ were doing the daily write up's.  I had a post concerning the reid comment and it was removed down to "another GREAT FHater's." Apparently, calling radical left-winger's "DemonNUTT'S" or stating that they are nothing then Bobby Byrd "RACIST" hiding behind close door's instead of "white hood's" was too Conservative for J$.  Amazing the whining about the MUTT'S censoring comment's that they DON'T agree with but nothing about CENSORING comment's that aren't "PC" here but that are FACT.
January 11, 2010, 6:05:57 PM EST – Like – Reply

 johnny dollar
I did cut down that comment of yours (as I did this one too) because you are veering away from the subject matter of this site: cable news. Just posting insults about politicians doesn't qualify and it's off-topic here. This is not a blog about politicians; it's a blog about cable news and we do ask that commenters stay at least tangentially on topic.
I made a judgment call that talk about Byrd and "DemonNUTTS" is off-topic when the subject is cable news. But if there are those who think I'm wrong and are on your side on this, they can say so.
January 11, 2010, 6:22:55 PM EST – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
I'm gonna side with J$ on this one.
Scott is a frequent offender of ad hominems and has a history of false and obnoxious charges here.
January 11, 2010, 9:02:39 PM EST – Like – Reply