1/18/10 12:31 PM

Weekend Cable News Links and Open Thread

CNN's King praised.  Profile: Big Ed.

O'Reilly's sequestered speech.

Sunday talkers: HuffPo recap.

Shock: Media Matters lies about Fox!

More CNN HD?  Soledad to Cuba.

Dobbs blasts MSNBC.  Cry baby cry

Kneale nixed..  Feud chartAd flap analysis.

Updated through the weekend.  Use our valuable bandwidth to post your cable news comments in today's open thread. Standard rules apply.

Pat Pomeroy
"The" ad is doubly damaging because FOX has become associated, rightfully or wrongfully, as a virtual sponsor of the Tea Parties and the rabble rousers at the August Town Hall meetings. I think it would be best to just come clean and say, "Oops, that ad was a mistake." That sort of mea culpa, however beneficial, is not the sort of thing which comes easy to hypersenitive powers that be at FOX. Still, it would end the matter at once.
September 19, 2009, 3:26:53 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox News Caught Coaching 9/12 Protest Crowd
Reported by Ellen - Fri 8:55 PM
Actually I don't have too much of a problem with this. It's not like the recently fired CNN reporter who showed open bias at one of the Tea Parties.
The other issue is Rick Sanchez's outburst. It will be interesting to see how Fox handles what clearly was wrong.
Having said that, I don't think CNN wants to get into a pissing contest with Fox.
September 19, 2009, 8:02:29 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Now for the good stuff.
Speaking of lying, The News Podles and other various left wing web sites reported that Bill O'Reilly supported the Public Option.
Bill showed the vidoe on his program last night and it clearly showed he was not in support of the public option. I reported as much yesterday.
What is it they say about people who live in glass houses?
What say you Ellen?
p.s. who is your dog washer this week? Maybe your friend Patrick?
September 19, 2009, 8:07:33 AM EDT – Like – Reply

In this FNC viewer's observation, FNC really did come off as juvenile and weak with that ad.  
And unprofessional. Don't know whose idea it was to do that, but poor choice.
And the WaPo's choice to run it was another thing. But then maybe they saw an opportunity to make FNC look really really dumb.
Would love to know what went thru Ailes mind when he heard of it.
September 19, 2009, 8:47:57 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Another Fox News Witch Hunt: Great American Panel Debates Which Obama Advisor Is the Most Dangerous
Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2009 - comments  
Seems like Ellen has her brown stained panties in a wad over the issue of czars.
Look at the words she tosses out.
McCarthyism, witch hunts, smears, aggression, bigot.
What are these people afraid of.That Fox might actually find some radicals( Van Jones) hanging around the White House?
Is there no way the Poodles can discuss an issue without the personal attacks?
As bad as a guy like McCarthy was, some of his info turned out to be correct.
I think these poor Poodles are afraid that the more comes out about Obama that he won't be re-elected.
No one does McCarthyism better than Ellen and her dog washers.
September 19, 2009, 10:50:30 AM EDT – Like – Reply

damn!!! I missed the media matters lie. i watched the Beck segment and then later glossed over the media matters piece. (I really didn't read it)
September 19, 2009, 12:44:34 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I had this on the list for FHWiR but they beat me to it. Good for them. They did it better than I could have. The more people on the watch for this sort of thing, the better.
September 19, 2009, 12:45:32 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Wallace is right. The white house is a bunch of "crybabies". They cried because FOX BROADCAST wouldn't air two press conferences, and because of that they won't go on FOX. I guess its their way or the highway
September 19, 2009, 12:47:06 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Who wants to listen to their lies anyways. Good riddance and get off my channel.
September 19, 2009, 1:25:02 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Bill O'Reilly Bans Media From His Values Voters Speech
Reported by Priscilla - September 19, 2009 - 2 comments  
Pesky Priscilla the Plagairist, seems a bit disturbed about O'Reilly not allowing the media in to hear his speech. Here's a couple of clues.
And any other number liberal web sites whose mission in life is to lie their way to respectibility. Not gonna work.
September 19, 2009, 2:29:10 PM EDT – Like – Reply

FNC caught coaching crowd?
Yes Liberal reporters would never stoop to such a low. Even on a local (broadcast) level.
How about the countless sports stories from a bar when local teams make it into a playoff? "Comon' folks, act like a goof and get on tv".
Coaching? What Coaching?
No Bias? No Bull?
Campbell Brown, Rick Sanchez, Newshounds and the rest of the chorus line of folks (how about Olbermann with his "United in Hatred" line?) that are just yelling into the woods at this point. Go ahead, keep it up.
“first they ignore you
then they laugh at you
then they fight you
then you win.” – Gandhi
September 19, 2009, 2:29:55 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I don't see the ad flap as particularly damaging at all, anymore than I see it in any other ad from networks, that by hyping themselves, suggest that other networks are lacking.
Anyone who watched the coverage and who approaches the whole issue of the protests with anything resembling an open mind, is aware of how so many in the media tried to marginalize the march.
The rest of the news media will squawk "we were there". The anti-Fox folks will hyperventilate.
Everyone else will remember how relentlessly during the coverage that the phrase "the question that won't go away" (about racist motives in the protesters) was said by the very people wishing to constantly ask and emphasis it.  
At worst it will be a draw in the minds of the nonaligned public. For better, they will entirely understand the difference in tone and appetite between how such things and such people are "covered" by the news media.
At best, it will keep the Charlie Gibson busy trying to effect a less disdainful and dismissive tone.
May the ad run night and day.
September 19, 2009, 4:34:59 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Petty, childish  
Wallace's perfect descriptions of Obama's White House....The fact Obama chose not to go on FOX alone of the big four says a lot about him and his advisors.
My DVR is set on FOX NEWS SUNDAY to see the potential fireworks with the ACORN CEO.....She'll beat the droning voice of our CiC who will say the same things he's been saying now for two years.....
Plus, anything of news Obama does tell the others will be summarized on FNC.
September 19, 2009, 6:39:34 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Chris is an excellent interviewer. Unfortunately it's ratings are the lowest in comparison to the networks (not sure about CNN's State of the Union).
Obama will get more exposure on the other shows and its not like the average FNC viewer is likely to be open to what he has to say so it would be a waste of his time and effort. He wants to reach those who arent fixed in their views. FNC viewers pretty much are.
September 19, 2009, 7:24:33 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Actually Fox News Sunday gets more viewers than either CBS or ABC counting the replay on FNC. And counting Meet the Press replayed on MSNBC, FNS is roughly tied for #1 with MtP. As for the rest, you're wrong about that too.
September 19, 2009, 7:26:05 PM EDT – Like – Reply

cee this will be interesting.  
FNS will be following a still breaking story.
While everybody else will be following orders.
September 19, 2009, 7:28:35 PM EDT – Like – Reply

How do you figure I am wrong in that , J$? or are you just stating your opinion?
September 19, 2009, 7:47:07 PM EDT – Like – Reply

wenchie I don't see you're logic.
Here we have Obama going on a full court press with all the Networks (except FOX) Pushing the same message he has been saying for the past week. I can't see why would he go on a bunch of shows that just will preach to his flock. He already has them.
I for one would be wanting to go on FNS. That's the crowd you have to reach across to.
I don't get it on CBS. I tune over to NBC? ABC? UNIVISION?
How many different ways can Obama sell the same can of Beans?
Dismiss FNS? Fine!
But do that at one's peril.  
Meanwhile FNS will be reaching across and having the CEO that is involved in a breaking story.
If the ratings come out with FNS leading the pack. Can't say we did not tell you so.  
Let me also say this, Obama went on O'Reilly's show and was treated with respect. While McCain (with the exception of one during the primaries) & Palin wouldn't go near him. They played pretty much in the safe part of the pool with Hannity.
Now, what was that you were saying about FNC viewers?
September 19, 2009, 8:03:11 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Well, I'm not sure you even know what the 'average' FNC viewer is. So why don't you tell us, and explain why that average viewer is a waste of time?
September 19, 2009, 8:03:47 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Puck: First of all I DO think he needs to reach out to even his base. He hasnt sold a thing for many of them. Those like me (moderates) are dubious at best.  
J$: Since you didnt answer my question directly I'll take that to mean its your opinion and people are certainly entitled to that   
If you are of the opinion that the average FNC viewer is open-minded to Obama and his policies and is willing to listen to what he has to say than I think you are generous in your appraisal and opinion  . JMO.
AFA Bertha Lewis going on FNS, which I think is great and even had suggested it to Bill Hemmer earlier in the week, it's not like this is an exclusive. She has been on the other outlets already.  
I DO look forward to Megyn Kelly's documentary on ACORN in about a week or so
September 19, 2009, 8:20:08 PM EDT – Like – Reply

What is it about this site that makes people who clearly NEVER watch Fox and who think they know eveything about Fox?
I will never understand why people who dont watch Fox feel the need to come here and lie about a network they dont even watch or in some case Cant get.
Not going on the #1 news network if you are trying to say something is just dumb. Something I told Obama in a email years ago.
September 19, 2009, 8:21:08 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Puck: its a very fair statement for me to say that I dont put OReilly, Hannity in with the news division of FNC; I know that they are programming. Chris Wallace is news and the others are opinion orientated and I am well aware of that.
The only 2 news reporters that Obama spoke with on FNC last year was Wallace and Hemmer, ...(To me OReilly is another catagory)
September 19, 2009, 8:23:34 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Perhaps it will be helpful to understanding my views if I state that I am an independent moderate. And I get my news across the board and that includes FNC.  
I find many conservatives and liberals closed minded and often not open to listen but rather bashing and criticizing each other and trying to prove points of debate rather than resolve issues. Just an observation.
September 19, 2009, 8:27:27 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Then I take it you refuse to back up your claim about the 'average' FNC viewer? I'm not even asking that you do that. Just tell us your conception of the 'average' FNC viewer, with what your sources are as an extra credit bonus.
Of course if you don't wish to do so, then don't. But then don't tell me that I'm avoiding a question I can't really respond because you refuse to define your terms.
September 19, 2009, 8:32:51 PM EDT – Like – Reply

First of all Richard ...I AM a FNC viewer...Go ahead and test me....   
Loyal viewer of AN even and am noted to be the one viewer who has had more BYA's answered than any other.... ....and on more than one occasion of had a shout out to from both Megyn and Bill....Im known as "Dawn" or "FarmWench" .....
J$: In my view the average viewer leans right. Many being hard right but certainly not exclusive. Very few lean left and less hard left. Also an older population in comparison to other outlets. The kind who turn on FNC and leave it on thru the day. Other outlets have people tuning in to catch the headlines and then change the channel or go on to other things.
Hope that clarifies a better picture.
September 19, 2009, 8:42:04 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Well, 'the average viewer leans right' might be correct as far as it goes. But according to the most recent State of the Media study by the Pew center, Fox actually has more Independents and Democrats viewing than conservatives...in fact, more of both than any other news channel. The difference in median age vs other outlets is miniscule, within the margin of error.  
This is why I said above that you were incorrecdt. There is no reason to assert that Independents and Democrats are a waste of time for any President, but certainly not for a Democratic one.
September 19, 2009, 8:53:07 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
Re: Embed video ("Ambushing the Ambusher"): Contrast that video with the Think Progress account of the revenge ambush, which is what that was. Their account had Jesse saying and doing things that he didn't say or do.
September 19, 2009, 8:54:38 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Is this the same study by PEW where they have found one of the lowest ratings for the media? The one recently out?  
I admit I dont have the numbers committed to memory.
September 19, 2009, 9:00:35 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
No, it's the annual state of the media study.
September 19, 2009, 9:00:58 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Thanks. Will have to go check that out.
September 19, 2009, 9:05:44 PM EDT – Like – Reply

wenchie | 09.19.09 - 8:28 pm  
Well you know what, It seems a lot of folks watch O'Reilly and Hannity. Now I don't watch Hannity nor do I listen to him on the radio. But a lot of people do.
Obama went on O'Reilly, again you want to dismiss it with the oh so snobbish, "its a very fair statement for me to say that I dont put OReilly, Hannity in with the news division of FNC." Do so at you're own peril.
More wenchie: "J$: In my view the average viewer leans right. Many being hard right but certainly not exclusive. Very few lean left and less hard left. Also an older population in comparison to other outlets. The kind who turn on FNC and leave it on thru the day. Other outlets have people tuning in to catch the headlines and then change the channel or go on to other things."
Nothing we have not heard before, Go to tvneswer or tv by the numbers sir and point out where the younger demo tunes into CNN or MSNBC and not FNC.
And if we just tune into another outlet for headlines what might we find?
Boy! That's what I call news. Not!
Maybe CNN? let's look there.
Topic? Okay. Independent Senator? Okay. One problem, that website Mr.Sanchez used? It shows that the independent Senator got a total of $141,756 from 'Big Pill'. I know, it's not like the $9,918,537 that Mr. John Kerry got.
I look at stuff like this and say, no wonder people tune into FNC.
September 19, 2009, 11:32:05 PM EDT – Like – Reply

"I just happen to be here." LOL.
Sure looks like the kind of place I would happen to be hangin' out at. Oh look! There's Jeese Watters! And I just happen to have my......What was that he had in his hand? I've got more professional looking stuff than that.
We rollin'?
I sort of feel sorry for that guy, but I'm sure he will get a job at MSNBC sweeping floors and hanging outside of FNC ambushing the guy with the Hot Dog Cart on the corner.
Also loved Jesse Watters facial expressions. LMAO!
September 20, 2009, 12:13:03 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Pat Pomeroy
In Blackthon's headlong rush to pounce on anything written at another media review site, he glosses over a truth. Bill O'Reilly did, in fact, offer some support for a Public Option. I wouldn't say O'Reilly endorsed it, but he certainly indicated an openess to it. In Ceceilia's headlong rush to defend anything FOX does, she endorses an ad irrefutably founded upon a lie. I have to ask: Are either the kind of analysis which is helpful in understanding the many weaknesses, failures and problems in American cable "news"? I think not. A bit more honesty would get us a very long way, indeed in understanding this monster we have all created.
September 20, 2009, 2:47:13 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Puck! LOL..
Im not a "sir"... Im a wench..You know a woman :D
I dont watch any of the night time commentary on any of the outlet...Not interested in it....
And Puck there is no peril in not watching OReilly...  Really, my life goes on just fine without watching his show and my life is not in peril....
Talk about dramatic hyperbole ...(chuckle)  
September 20, 2009, 8:11:46 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Pat Pomeroy | 09.20.09 - 2:52 am |  
The first thing O'Reilly said about the Public Option was that it was dead.
He told his guest that he could goalong with a program of co-op's as long as the government was just funding them and not running them.
Next time you critique my writings, get your facts in order.
September 20, 2009, 10:43:38 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
Re: "O'Reilly's sequestered speech": It's a recap by an O'Reilly hater. Thanks, Adele Stan, for giving Keith Olbermann another thing to use against O'Reilly tomorrow night. The other thing is Think Propaganda's revenge ambush on a stalker producer [Ding!].
September 20, 2009, 11:31:44 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Next time you critique my writings, get your facts in order.-Blackflon |
Unlikely, based upon past history, in chronological order:
I am of the opinion that the "dumbing down" and "bullying up" we now see through our tears in such an advanced state in America is in some large part the result of American cable "news" which seizes upon our societal malaise for ratings.
Pat Pomeroy | 09.17.09 - 4:05 pm |  
The paradigm shift among the nation's electorate in 2008 is increasingly evident. Beck and Hannity just don't understand it or don't know what to do about it.
Pat Pomeroy | 09.18.09 - 1:32 pm |
Ashley, given the miniscule aggregate audience of American cable "news" and the fact that I used 15% as Beck's maximum appeal, I should think that the answer to your question would be self-evident. You seem to assume I am saying that Beck's (and Hannity's) accomplishments are not noteworthy. They are. For fringists, they perform, as measured by the ratings, very well. Even if they attained their maximum potential audience, it would be a small audience. If it helps soothe your ruffled feathers, Olbermann has a potential audience larger than Beck's (and Hannity's) given the demographic shifts in America.
Pat Pomeroy | 09.18.09 - 3:51 pm |
Last time I did the math, only 3% of Americans routinely watch cable news and business.
Pat Pomeroy | 09.18.09 - 5:24 pm |
{{{Culminating with my all-time favorite PP Post...........}}}
A bit more honesty would get us a very long way, indeed in understanding this monster we have all created.
Pat Pomeroy | 09.20.09 - 2:52 am |  
{{{So much to respond to, so little space}}}

September 20, 2009, 11:39:17 AM EDT – Like – Reply

The article by David Zurawik was interesting, especially the praise of John King. It bolsters my thinking that CNN is trying to move to the middle. Nothing specific, just a general trend.
But I really read the article in hopes of seeing Z's critique of Chris Wallace interviewing Obama.
Oh wait! Obama snubbed Fox News Sunday.
Never mind.

September 20, 2009, 1:18:38 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
To add to my previous comment, O'Reilly haters want to use this Value Voters appearance as a gotcha. "See?! He pretends to be 'independent,' but he's really a far-right lunatic fringer that is responsible for the death of the esteemed Dr. George Tiller. Joan Walsh was right; he was a hero. Sic 'im, Keith!"
September 20, 2009, 1:38:20 PM EDT – Like – Reply

wenchie | 09.20.09 - 8:16 am  
Then if you don't watch any of the night time programs. Then why do you comment on them?
Talk about dramatic hyperbole? I'm not the one who comes on here after watching FNC daytime complaining about everything FNC?
Yeah, Talk about dramatic hyperbole ...(chuckle)
Sir is noted from now on it shall be corrected.
September 20, 2009, 2:01:56 PM EDT – Like – Reply

If they would have had the tape of O'Reilly speaking or not would it have changed what they think?
If O'Reilly showed up at this VV gathering or not. Would it have changed their minds or not?
My thought when I first heard about this was, O'Reilly is doing it just to piss the haters & MSNBC off.
Blind hate is blind hate.
Kool-Aid, Twinkies & Milk.
Glenn Beck
September 20, 2009, 2:12:39 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Okay, Let me start by saying, I'm no fan of either Stephen A. Smith or Mark Levin. But I found this very interesting. Now Mr.Smith is no longer employed by ESPN, BUT! Didn't he sign on to be a "Special Commentator" for MSNBC back in May?
MSNBC is not going to like this talk. But like I said I don't listen to either so could someone help me out here?
September 20, 2009, 2:25:49 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Bill O’Reilly’s “Courage” Award Speech Smears Dr. Tiller And His Patients
Reported by Priscilla - Sun 12:24 PM
Once again the brown stained panties crowd drag out the old "O'Reilly incited the killing of Dr. Tiller" garbage.
Priscilla, the religon hating plagairist, continues her babbling over the issue by calling Tiller courageous. She never mentions that Tiller lied about his income and had to once ivoke the 5th amendment regarding same.
She also fails to give us the details of the abortions he performed that were in fact illegal.
Usual distortions for the Dog Washers.
September 20, 2009, 2:54:51 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Puck you said...
"Then if you don't watch any of the night time programs. Then why do you comment on them?"....
Not even sure what's wrong with making comments but that aside, I know I have commented on Beck; have I commented on OReilly or Hannity other than I dont watch them because they are commentators and their shows are opinion shows?  
"Talk about dramatic hyperbole? I'm not the one who comes on here after watching FNC daytime complaining about everything FNC?"
....Im complaining about everything on FNC? Everything? And is there any reasons you see then as complaints as oppose to seeing them as observations?  
Hell I know I just said the other day that Chris Wallace is one of the best interviewers out there. Does that strike you as a complaint?  
Im a loyal and active viewer of AN, which I also recently pointed out the other day. Where is the complaint in that?  
I dont understand your logic nor how you are reading my posts and coming up with the idea of complaints rather than observations.
September 20, 2009, 3:19:38 PM EDT – Like – Reply

You got it, Ramjet.
It's dire hyperbole over stuff which never comprises the content of stone tablets or of news stories, namely ad spots... and tsk tsking over national 'divisiveness'...when the news stories don't follow a liberal meme.
Otherwise, with any stellar ratings report or heightened national voice, it's back to equating cable's sphere of influence to that of a high school student council.
It's all a tactic so predicable that it's only slightly less eye roll producing than this particular cat's use of the word "honesty".
September 20, 2009, 3:51:56 PM EDT – Like – Reply

wenchie | 09.20.09 - 3:24 pm  
You say observations I say complaints.
"Hell I know I just said the other day that Chris Wallace is one of the best interviewers out there. Does that strike you as a complaint?"
No, I call it 'The Setup'.
Maybe I missed it, Mind pointing out where you have made 'fair & Balanced' statements about CNN, HLN & MSNBC. I'm not on here everyday.
I watch all three, I have pro & cons of all three. Like I said many times on this site, I don't watch Hannity. Heck, I don't like him personally. And thats the first time I'm saying it on this site.
But a lot of people watch him. A whole heck of a lot of people watch him. Me? I miss Alan Colmes, but let's face reality. If it was Colmes on at Nine, I don't think we would be seeing 2-3 million tune in. Again I don't complain, I just tune into Alan on Fox News Radio.
FNC, HLN & CNN daytime have news mixed with opinion. At night it's the same thing. What is driving the opinion? The story from that day.
Look at it as an album or CD. You have your hits that are on the first or second track. Then you have you're deeper cuts.
Cable News is pretty much like a CD.
You have your hits (news) during the day, then you get into your deeper (cuts) discussion at night, but you're basis is still the hits of the CD.
Kool-Aid, Twinkies & Milk.
September 20, 2009, 5:19:28 PM EDT – Like – Reply

September 20, 2009, 6:44:55 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Man I gotta tell you, this one is a bear to get thru. It's way to long, I'm working on the first draft still, and it's going to have to be trimmed considerably or nobody will want to read it. It'll be like War and Peace. Be patient. It's coming.
September 20, 2009, 6:58:19 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Johnny, don't worry how long it is... the longer the better!!!
September 20, 2009, 7:32:08 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Puck, I think wenchie has been a good poster with valid observations here for quite a while. And I say that as a BOR and Hannity DVRing FNC addict.
September 20, 2009, 8:18:30 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
SeattleJohn | 09.20.09 - 7:37 pm | #
Something about that just sounds wrong...
September 20, 2009, 9:02:40 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Thanks Fox Fan 
Puck, it appears for whatever reason my posts trigger some sort of reaction in you. Not sure what that is about but you seem to
interpret them differently from how I mean them. Like you are on the defensive or something? 
Understandable since FNC, like all the other outlets, have their attackers. 
Could be just a matter of tone and/or projection. It happens I know. 
My posts are more about my observations and less about attacking outlets, FNC or others. I dont see the value in that. JMO
Ah well. Have a great week.
September 21, 2009, 8:02:11 AM EDT – Like – Reply