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Monday Links & Open Thread

Latest cable news links [5:35 pm]:

Friday's numbers.

Tony Snow joins CNN? [via HotAir] Confirmed!

Cable is king.

FBN ratings, accuracy concerns.

Video: David Shuster hearts Obama?

Hillary tonight: LKL, Countdown. Comparison. Kos OlbyPoll. O'Reilly snubbed.

CNBC's fuzzy math?

It's Green week.

CNN wants new voters.

Q&A: Chris Matthews.

CNN's wall again.

Top Ten O'Reilly annoyances? FNC is unbalanced; the proof: O'Reilly!

Hot & Not.

NYT discovers Alan's mailbag. Today's installment.

Soledad O'Brien: papally unimpressed?

Cablers: "Fair use".

Kurtz: Pentagon analysts.

Layfield's "love potion"

Video: Today's deep thought.

Use our valuable bandwidth to post your comments on any and all cable news topics in today's open thread. Standard rules apply.

Mike Chimeri
I skimmed through the transcript of today's "Reliable Sources" and Kurtz was talking about the same topic linked to here. And as usual, the show was loaded up with far-left guests posing as respected journalists. That AmericaBlog guy (who infiltrated the BillOReilly.com message boards last summer and gave people like Olby future ammo) was among the guests. Pot shots at FNC analysts were taken.
Is EnterStageRight a far-right site? If so, it proves BOR is despised by both fringes. Are you listening, Keith?
Segue: No, he wasn't. He was too busy watching that young lady in the "deep thought" link. "Sorry it had to be under these circumstances, but great thanks for your time, madam. ... What are you doing later?"
(I didn't want to type that because it's in bad taste, but I took a gamble.)
April 21, 2008, 12:33:01 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I don't know if it's bad taste, but I got a laugh out of it!
April 21, 2008, 12:43:31 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike, bad taste or not the image it conjures up definitely has a very high gag reflex.
April 21, 2008, 2:58:09 AM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
The Selwyn Duke article is profound. As a society, we have backed away from the moral dialogue. It is uncomfortable, because, perhaps, we believe we must be perfect to participate in the discussion. A vacuum has been created. Into that vacuum the moral relativists have entered, and by default have become our voice. Duke, by example, only, uses O'Reilly and O'Reilly's willingness to say homosexuality and those who engage in homosexual conduct are matters for God, a true cop-out, while at the same time elevating himself as the moral expositor and arbiter of virtually all other matters. And, as expositor and arbiter, O'Reilly believes he has license not only to grace us with wordy monologues and to make moral decisions, but to shout, to shout down, to condemn, to ridicule, to treat with scorn and contempt. He regularly does so.
To a greater or lesser degree, we are describing the modus operandi of a number of others as well, in the media (Dobbs, Hannity, North, Morris, Scarborough, et al) and outside the media (Cheney, Coburn, the late Falwell, Gingrich, Hagee, Robertson, the Vitter Apologists, et al).
In O'Reilly, we have a complex relativist, one who acts as if he is in a cafeteria, picking and chosing the moral values which he will extol and uphold, for which he will be expositor and arbiter, and overlooking his own rather significant moral lapses. This denial aspect seems to give tenor, volume and stridency to his condemnation of others, as if somehow in shouting loudest, acting the ultimate martinette, he is making a sincere act of contrition whilst being the champion for goodness and decency.
By contrats, in Cheney, we have the pure relativist, one who demands moral certitude in all things, except those things for which certitude is too high a personal threshold. There is an understandable and admirable component, a humanizing face, in the father accepting however ironically and illogically conduct in the child which would make a Cabernet-sipping Marin County cultural anthropologist blanch. It is much the same phenomenon as a (Bill) Clinton decrying missogynism while boinking and objectifying an intern, or (George W.) Bush pushing through unforgiving, draconian minor in possession laws while his own daughters are drinking themselves under the tables or behind steering wheels and being slapped on their wrists, which magically becomes a private, family matter, instead of a matter of public interest and welfare.
The point is not these men are imperfect. They are as are all of us. Imperfect men make moral judgments. The point is the standard to which they hold themselves, primarily, and us, ultimately, is too low. It reflects personal preferences and weaknesses. Values come to be shared not as binding cultural precepts and norms, but as a smorgasbord in which the odd radish rolls into the English pea salad.
I think the Duke article, in its most limited sense, shows us the danger in our making journalists and quasi-journalists
April 21, 2008, 8:31:48 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Wow, talk about "wordy monologues." Throw in some good ol' fashioned ridicule with just a dash of hypocrisy and you get 'philby."
April 21, 2008, 10:08:49 AM EDT – Like – Reply

"I think the Duke article, in its most limited sense, shows us the danger in our making journalists and quasi-journalists
On The Mark | 04.21.08 - 8:36 am | # "
"Quasi-journalists" what? How could you leave us hanging over the cliff by ending your herculean essay with an incomplete sentence?
So, when do you think you'll be getting around to solving the world peace question and do you think you should have settled that first then moved on to the thorny issues rasied by the Selwyn Duke article ?
April 21, 2008, 10:59:16 AM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
The post should have ended in the word "super-stars". I am sure this was an error on my part, and I do apologize for this omission. I also appreciate your calling it to my attention.
April 21, 2008, 11:23:13 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Hillary on with Olbermann tonight? After he's been savaging her for weeks now, if in fact she does show up, how will Olby handle her? The typical blue-dress-style softball interview? Or will he actually confront her for running what he claims is a David Duke, racist campaign?
April 21, 2008, 11:26:59 AM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
Thanks for the Stu Bykofsky article, too, Johnny. The goulash paragraph had me in stitches. I agree with the List, particularly not letting guests finish their sentences (although Dobbs, Matthews, Scarborough, Wallace have mastered that art as well) and the sleaze quotient. I would have made not letting guests finish their sentences #1, however.
I was not familiar with Bykofsky, but I'll be reading him from now on. The Factor as "cheesier than a wheel of cheddar" .... Great stuff.
April 21, 2008, 11:33:32 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Johnny, the Koz Kidz have already jumped on it with a if only it could happen Diary.
"The news that Hillary is appearing tonight on Countdown collided with the news of her disastrous financial situation and made me fantasize."
Where were these people in the 90s when we could really have used them?
April 21, 2008, 11:34:27 AM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
.... how will Olby handle her?
I'm betting softball. Olbermann is a bit of a coward mano a mano, so to say. I think the only person I have ever seen him actual be confrontational with or unpleasant to is Matthews.
April 21, 2008, 11:35:47 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Picking up on a comment last week from supernoxic... I'm told by an insider that Kirsten Powers is doing so much work on the tv side with this hotly contested primary still going strong that it makes scheduling her for the radio very difficult. Perhaps when the Dem nomination is settled, we'll hear KP back on Brian & the Judge again.
As for Olby & Hillary, I agree with OTM. I think Olby will avoid challenging her. The Kos fantasy about her going on Countdown and dropping out tonight is preposterous.
April 21, 2008, 12:25:00 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
>the Koz Kidz have already jumped on it with a if only it could happen Diary.<
Don't insult fans of Dave Koz.   (I know you meant "Kos.")
Re: "Hot&Not": What's Also Not: Acting like Doocy, Camerota, Kilmeade, and Piscopo all abandoned Geraldo when his joke "fell flat."
Stu Bykofsky is another BOR traitor. And to think, he appeared on "The Radio Factor" last summer, albeit when Michael Smerconish was filling in.
Tonight, I'm going to do something I haven't done in two years: I'm going to watch "The Factor" with "Countdown" in P-I-P.
April 21, 2008, 12:28:46 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
Greg Kelly filled in for Brian on "Brian and the Judge" this morning.
A certain disbarred lawyer and OlbyFriend is a co-guest on "The Radio Factor" right now promoting a book he co-wrote with Barry Goldwater Jr.
April 21, 2008, 1:11:21 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
TVNewser seems to be revelling in FBN's lack of success, which Cablevision is contributing to. Along those lines, nobody seems to care about my frustration aired in my recent blog posting. I'm getting hits for pointing out that I saw Barry Bostwick in an Optimum Voice ad, but that's been it.
For the record, the book John Dean and Barry Goldwater Jr. were promoting is "Pure Goldwater," co-written by them.
April 21, 2008, 1:18:10 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
It just occurred to me that Hillary's "Countdown" appearance will give the show an unfortunate (for "The Factor" anyway) ratings boost. We'll see how big when the numbers come out tomorrow evening.
And I'm late in responding, but I'm glad you guys got a laugh out of my Olby-hitting-on-deep-thought-girl scenario.
April 21, 2008, 1:42:56 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
BillOReilly.com's O'Round The World has the following link:
Apparently, Bill Moyers will be "interviewing" (Olby style) Rev. Wright on Friday night.
April 21, 2008, 1:57:57 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Kos is running an OlbyPoll (link added) and they seem to think he's going to go after Hillary tonight with guns blazing. I'll believe that when I see it.
April 21, 2008, 2:50:27 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I could not have said it better.
April 21, 2008, 3:05:50 PM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
I don't suppose there is much point in guessing what is happening on the ground in Pennsylvania or what will happen on Olbermann, but we have a several bizarre things going on today:
The Shuster/Scarborough exchange over the Saturday Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, in which Scarborough was clinging so tenaciously to the poll, a weekend poll which he has to know is always suspect.
Today's Gallup Tracking Poll showing a significant Obama uptick.
Friday's Newsweek poll showing a huge Obama lead nationwide.  
Today's Public Policy Polling data showing Obama beating Clinton (the only poll so showing).
The Clinton campaign leak to Drudge of an internal +11 Clinton poll, which poll the Clinton campaign now denies exists.
Obama's statement today that he doesn't expect to win in Pennsylvania.
Clinto's new ad with a still of Osama Bin Laden, smacking of desperation.
Certainly, a spat between two of the most ego-manical men on cable news, one of whom is woefully ill-informed and chronically inaccurate means little. The Gallup tracking poll has been ridiculous and may be valueless at the moment; the PPP poll has been all over the place. Logic seemingly mandates the Newsweek poll be dismissed. The Clintons have often used Drudge as a conduit, so that could mean anything or nothing. Obama is belatedly trying to frame the expectations game.
Factor in the renewed attention to the Philadelphia and suburban registration numbers, which are truly dramatic, and the information that a Clinton win of +8 or less results in a stream of superdelegates to Obama, +4 or less, a flood. Factor in also some indications that the tone of the campaign, particularly the Clinton campaign in the last 72 hours, may be suppressing turn-out in the "T".
I still think we are looking at Clinton +6, but anyone who says he knows what is going to happen either has reliable inside information or is a fool. That provides the transition to Olbermann. If Olbermann does attack Clinton tonight, then either NBC/MSNBC believes Pennsylvania is very much in play or a vision came to Olbermann in the midst of a post-pizza and lite beer induced coma.
I look forward to tomorrow, and I also look forward to tomorrow passing.
April 21, 2008, 3:26:04 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I could have added a half dozen question marks after that Snow item. Remember that BigHeadDC was first with the exclusive scoop that Tucker would be replaced by The Rachel Maddow Show.
Also, though they claim "Tony Snow to CNN", the actual text of the story merely says he will be appearing Tuesday night. It doesn't say they signed him up for anything beyond that. So I'd be cautious on this until more is known.
April 21, 2008, 4:01:27 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Oh well, just ignore that comment I just wrote.
April 21, 2008, 4:12:48 PM EDT – Like – Reply

You've an eagle-eye, Grammie, but I think you could just assume OTM had eneded his piece in the same fashion as the more coherently worded "deep thought" video. :D
April 21, 2008, 5:45:19 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Imagine being in the position where you must appeal to foul-mouthed pea-brained nut cases like the Kos kids.  
Poor Hillary...  
I'm actually hoping that Olbermann's innate ly limp manhood quotient is even lower than usual tonight.
April 21, 2008, 5:51:41 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I bet that Bathtub boy had a smile ear to ear.......until he read the last part.
April 21, 2008, 6:06:43 PM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
To try to stay on topic and to avoid the personal attacks some old time posters so adore, I really have come to like Michael Smirkonish. Perhaps, his appeal is and will remain parochial, but I enjoy his enthusiasm, his knowledge, his manners and his demeanor. He is a good counter-balance to Matthews. He has and conveys a unique and valuable perspective.
April 21, 2008, 6:31:34 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Cecelia, OTM's abrupt ending in his first comment was due to a Haloscan comment character number limitation, not incoherence.
It was a thoughtful and coherent post, the type of which should be welcomed as an alternative opinion without the inclusion of personal attacks or divisiveness that you get from many disagreeing commenters.
April 21, 2008, 6:38:43 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Imagine being in the position where you must appeal to doddering drooling mouth breathers like O'Reilly's old buggers
April 21, 2008, 6:49:57 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
I would think you'll never hear Tony Snow again on "The Radio Factor." Since it airs on FOX News Talk, besides with the Westwood One affiliates, filling in on "The Radio Factor" would be a conflict of interest. Right? I wonder what Olby will say about this, since BOR and Snow are such good friends.
April 21, 2008, 6:56:35 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Lucifer | 04.21.08 - 6:54 pm | #
I guess Lucifer wanted to prove my point about disagreeing commenters! Thanks Luci!
April 21, 2008, 7:34:13 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan,
I have no more problem with OTM's posts here than I have a problem with Johnny linking to a teenager's screed on Youtube.
I also take no issue with your not agreeing with with my opinion that essentially there is little difference between the two. I certainly don't suggest THAT is a "personal attack".
April 21, 2008, 7:49:04 PM EDT – Like – Reply

The devil must certainly be in those details, Lucifer, but appealing to buggers is your job description, right... :D
April 21, 2008, 7:56:32 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I'm assuming this means that Tony Snow must be recovering and feeling stronger. He had been looking so badly--frail and ill. It's great news!
April 21, 2008, 8:02:29 PM EDT – Like – Reply

[message deleted for rules violation: personal attacks]

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April 21, 2008, 8:12:43 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Cecelia, I believe that OTM took it as an attack, but it's not really an issue to me.  
Luci, I believe in reptoids just like you! I also believe in the Easter Bunny. And in comment moderation.
April 21, 2008, 8:32:27 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Cecelia, I hadn't looked at the pressure on KO quite that way before.
No matter which way he jumps he is going to have some really angry leftists who are going to be even more angry than normal going after him.  
I have noticed some real knock em down drag em out confrontations on the far left sites that KO has sparked by being in the tank for Obama. I think whichever way he jumps tonight the poor boy will be damned and will wind up pleasing no one.
April 21, 2008, 8:34:24 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Luci, my grandson just told me confidentially that the Tooth Fairy isn't real but don't tell his Mom and Dad that he knows that.
Luci, please say it ain't so!
April 21, 2008, 8:41:08 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
I'm changing my mind about believing in comment moderation in this case. I think Luci's words should remain to spotlight her inanity.
April 21, 2008, 8:50:30 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Vince P
Lucifer comes to use from the Latin-derived KJV Bible. The original Hebrew phrase that was mistranslated to be "Lucifer" is Heylel Ben Shachar. The Semetic root "halal" in Arabic means crescent moon. Shachar is the Morning Star.
Look at an Islamic flag, and what do you see.. the Crescent and Star.
Lucifer = Allah.
April 21, 2008, 9:07:33 PM EDT – Like – Reply

[message deleted for rules violations: personal attacks]

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April 21, 2008, 9:07:34 PM EDT – Like – Reply

[message deleted for rules violation: language. Final warning.]

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April 21, 2008, 9:11:06 PM EDT – Like – Reply

On the Mark
Olbermann surprised me a bit. While he wasn't a mad dog, he wasn't too soft, either. Given the time constraints, I think Olbermann was fairly persistent. The Scaife matter was handled well by Olbermann, much to Clinton's discomfort. It was surprisingly not all that awful. Well, even a broken clock ....
April 21, 2008, 9:14:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Olby "surprisingly not all that awful"? Sounds like the least awful, yet still awful episode ever. lol
April 21, 2008, 9:21:05 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Was tonight one of the "rare" times you watch Olbermahn, philby?
April 21, 2008, 9:21:06 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Johnny, your recap at OW is top notch. I hate to see such a good party end so early.
Why don't you invite everyone over to your "Place" for some nightcaps and breakfast?
April 21, 2008, 9:21:50 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Thank you for reading it. It was a different kind of recap, but I think the point was made fairly clearly.
Those who are clear-headed and intelligent enough to figure it out can come here to comment if they so choose. There are some whom I hope never find their way here, and I don't want to give them a flashing neon arrow pointing the way!
April 21, 2008, 9:27:09 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
I liked the recap, too, as always.
April 21, 2008, 9:28:29 PM EDT – Like – Reply

On the Mark
You summarized tonight's Olbermann very well, indeed, FoxFan.
April 21, 2008, 9:29:22 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
Tonight was the one and only night of my experiment of watching "The Factor" with "Countdown" in P-I-P.
April 21, 2008, 9:33:50 PM EDT – Like – Reply

FF, I have the same dichotomous opinion about comment moderation that you just expressed. Too strict and the fare would be as exciting as grits with no salt, butter and/or pepper. No moderation and the buffet can turn into one that Alex Boudain would run from in fright even if he were starving to death.
I don't know how famliar you are with Olbermann Watch's recent history so please excuse me if I mention what you already know. OW was the premier example of unfettered free speech on the net. No one was censored and free speech beyond the wildest imagination blossomed.  
Sadly the very predictable outcome, based on our history, was that just as the Marxists, Stalinists, Nazis and now the Jihadists abuse their freedom a handful of trolls abused their freedom and hijacked the site. They flooded it with such repulsive obscenity, profanity and personal attacks [from vivid descriptions of incest, bestiality and everything in between] that the site is no longer open to comments. Hopefully, that will be corrected soon.
My Dad always said he was a good Catholic because he indulged in everything but only in moderation. That sums up my opinion re moderation vs no moderation.
April 21, 2008, 10:41:59 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
Are you talking about Anthony Bourdain?
April 21, 2008, 10:56:59 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Thanks Mike! I did mean ANTHONY Bourdain.
If my memory was better I would have referred to some others who offer more extreme insights into cuisine.
April 21, 2008, 11:01:36 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
8 1/2 hours ago, I said:
>TVNewser seems to be revelling in FBN's lack of success, which Cablevision is contributing to [by not yet carrying it].<
And neither does Keith Oralmann (now *I'm* calling him that, too), as he showed tonight. Via his NYT blue blog source (linked here by Johnny), John "Bradshaw" Layfield was Worst Person merely for selling a sex drink. And the Laughing Stagehand (though it might be a producer) was there. "(wild laughter)! They have snake oil salesmen! Funny!"
April 21, 2008, 11:04:54 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike Chimeri
I've seen promos for Bourdain's show on the Travel Channel, but have rarely ever watched. But I'm a huge fan of "John Ratzenberger's Made in America." Segue: John was on "F&F" this morning to promote the new season, which now simulcasts in HD. There's another channel Cablevision will never have. DirecTV doesn't have it either, but I'm sure they will before long.
April 21, 2008, 11:12:12 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Johnny, this probably was not on cable news but it is so funny that I hope you don't mind the link.
It reminded me of Johnny Carson.
Who knows? One of the cable channels may pick it up and make me legitimate.
April 21, 2008, 11:18:46 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Grammie, thanks for the overview of what's happened at OW. I don't visit there often, but I did read the article from yesterday because of it's mention here. Good one too, johnny! 
Is Luci one of the commenters from OW? I've been under the impression that it was someone I've spoken with before, but not from OW...
April 22, 2008, 7:03:41 AM EDT – Like – Reply

hahahaha, Grammie! The lizard thing is great!
I would have had precisely the same reaction as that guy, only I woudn't have gotten up. I'd have needed CPR!
April 22, 2008, 10:58:36 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Is Luci one of the commenters from OW? I've been under the impression that it was someone I've spoken with before, but not from OW...
Fox Fan | 04.22.08 - 7:08 am | # 
Indeed, he's an olbyloon to the bone!
April 22, 2008, 11:02:51 AM EDT – Like – Reply