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'The Spark Has Left the Eye'

J$P Audio! Geraldo on Ferraro and why the Democrats will not win the White House:

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From Brian and the Judge, March 14 2008

Geraldo at least "gets it" a little bit. Most of the panelists on TV this week seem very clueless as to the effect a pastor has on his congregation (because most of them don’t attend church, I presume). They all think the story of Obama’s preacher is just a diversion, or a cheap shot at Obama. WRONG! Pastors are in positions of LEADERSHIP and act as spiritual advisors, in addition to interpreting and teaching us Scripture. Their words affect our very lives and the direction and focus in which we live. And Obama goes there voluntary, to be spiritually fed. The choice of one’s house of worship is a profound decision as it has a deep affect on one’s entire focus of life.  
Further, these TV clowns equate this with the fact that McCain has received an endorsement from a “controversial” preacher. As if an endorsement is the same as sitting in a church, listening to horrific rhetoric each Sunday for 20 years!!!
There is NO WAY Obama could sit through 20 years of that black separatist, hate-filled rhetoric and not be affected. NO WAY! There are hundreds of good, Christian churches in the Chicago area that preach the Gospel. If he’s such a great Christian as he tells us he is, why on earth would he choose a church that focuses on Afrocentric and black lifestyles, instead of one that worships and preaches the message of Jesus Christ?  
And how slow is this guy to just NOW separate himself from Rev. Wright? It took him 20 years to figure out that this guy may be an ethnocentric, American-hating bigot? MANY of us have left churches when we hear the pastor speak things that are non-Scriptural, or just not right. But Obama and his wife followed this guy for 20 years?  
I wish these pundits would realize that this is NOT a simple diversion in the campaign; what a man is taught spiritually affects his very existence, and the direction, mission and outlook of his life. How can Obama be President of our entire nation when he’s just been taught to hate our country and that only black people matter?
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Missy brings up the point that an endorsement is not the same as sitting in a church. And yes, Pastors are in a position of leadership. However, McCain sought out Hagee's endorsement. Why? If McCain does not agree spiritually with Hagee why would McCain seek Hagee's endorsement? Or is McCain just attempting to suck up to the religous right?
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