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Interesting Exchange on GretaWire

It's probably a bunch of people reading too much into an off-hand comment...unless it isn't. It all got started on GretaWire Monday morning and the back and forth continued into the evening and beyond the midnight hour. This is an extremely condensed version, representative of numerous posts, that got started with this:

  • Comment by Simply Amazed: Greta, I will record the show. I can’t stay up that late. Unless you like the late hours, I wish you could be on earlier, say 8 p.m. Eastern!
  • Comment by Greta Van Susteren: i would like an earlier time, too…the time of my show is the drawback for me…and a reason why i might want to change careers
  • Comment by Beth: Greta, Please don’t leave OTR. Get Fox to change your hours!
  • Comment by Lisa S: Seems like Greta has had a lot of time off lately and not quite focused on the big stories of missing and murdered women.
  • Comment by David 1787From IL: I think Greta might be trying to get out of her contract. If Greta wants a change jobs then it’s in her best interest to do so….Especially if she dosesn’t like the hours… She just might be yearning to go and practice law again..
  • Comment by Barb in Bolingbrook: I agree David…But how cool is it that she’s letting us down slowly ya know? They cannot replace her, but I understand you gotta do what ya gotta do. She should go back to practice law. Although I think she’d be a kick-ass DA. Barb don’t like defense attorneys. (Um…till I need one)
  • Comment by jillian wv: Greta has pretty much burned her bridges with CNN. she quit there and has not been shy about taking shots at them about having like 67 people on their staff to do andersen coopers 360 ten PM show while they have about 12 on her staff and in one pod cast she was in an auditorium that had been set up for reporters and was going to tear up CNN’s sign so they would not know where they were seated..So I think CNN may be out of the picture…
  • Comment by jillian wv: It takes 2 parties to re-up a contract and there is the possibility Greta was ready to re-up and possibly Fox was not…
  • Comment by PAM in PA: Greta, Everyone’s up in arms about your possible job change!
  • Comment by Greta Van Susteren: i am not going any place soon….so don’t be up in arms!!

Sounds like to me Greta may be testing the waters.I never knew she was unhappy with the time slot. I would not be surprized if CNN or MSNBC would go after her but with the talent Fox has I don't think there would be a problem. I am a fan and watch OTR all the time...it does seem lately she wants to do more reporting on politics and has said she loves that. I feel that a lot of people are sick of the long campaign season and politics in general...its going to be a long, long year.
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uh dur
holy over reaction... it was a joke.
February 19, 2008, 10:52:40 AM EST – Like – Reply

I dont remember the topic but she has said in the past that there are ideas that she thinks should would like to pursue somewhere down the road...not connected with TV or at least being on the air....
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