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'Fair & Balanced Fox: You Beat 'Em All!'

J$P Video! Garrett and Hume poke fun at CNN; Terry McAuliffe makes himself tomorrow's "worst person":

From Fox News Channel, April 22 2008

CNN has a picture of Obama on it's front web page, smiling as if he won, instead of a pic of Clinton. Other spots on the webpage are all about Obama as well. Shameful bias.
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Mike Chimeri
That was very well put together, Johnny. Thank you, as always.
April 23, 2008, 12:24:03 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Has obama always thought and preached, like he is tonight, that the world is coming to an end unless he is elected? Talk about 'fear mongering.'
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I loved Hume's "Our old friend Terry McAuliffe". (Who had felt Dems shouldn't debate on Fox.)  
As always, Johnny, you capture the irony and the ecstasy of the whole shebang. :D
THAT is, I suppose, what distinguishes an aficionado from a militant. Thanks!
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What a great way to start the day!
Johnny, that is a 24 carat gold masterpiece to add to all the others you've given us.
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On The Mark
I think you're incorrect about CNN, RJ. The placement may be odd, but CNN seems to me to have a fairly discernible Clinton preference. Begalia. Crowley. If your argument were that MSNBC has an Obama preference, I might tend to agree, Buchanan and Scarborough notwithstanding. If you were to argue FNC has a McCain preference, I wouldn't argue. But, I am not sure you can reasonably claim CNN has an Obama preference.
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