3/3/09 1:21 PM

'Neocon Republican' Bruns a Soros Backer!

You know when a Fox employee gets arrested, the haters erupt with glee. So yesterday when Aaron Bruns, who was an embed producer covering the Hillary Clinton campaign, was picked up on child pornography charges, the most reckless elements of the blogosphere just couldn't help themselves:

  • Another REPUBLICAN pedophile gets caught!
  • I love it when a NeoCon shill shows his hand.
Meanwhile, over at Keith Olbermann's blog, the comments were no less euphoric:
  • Right wing conservatives take thier entitlement patriarchy a little too seriously.
  • If this is one example of what conservative values looks like, I will stick with my liberal ideals.
  • Geez, these Republicans really need to do something about their ever-growing repression because, when they don't release it in a healthy manner, [deleted] like this ends up happening.
  • The fact that the guy is a FOX producer just points to the rank hypocrisy that permeates modern republicanism.
  • It seems that the Republicans have a huge problem with pedophilia...
The point here is that the Fox haters have been so poisoned by the echo chamber that they assume this guy must be a "Republican" and a "neocon". After all he works for the eeevil FNC. Ergo they just declare it to be fact! But it took only 60 seconds of investigation to determine that the accused is neither Republican nor a neocon. In fact, he is a supporter of George Soros. His only political contribution found in the FEC archives was to "America Coming Together", a George Soros-funded group looking to assist in the election of John Kerry.

Another Fox News "Republican neocon"!

Of course no such roundup would be complete without a nod to the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob). There was of course the inevitable "he's a Republican!" lie ("Family values republicans!!!! ahahahaha! Too funny-sick.") But poster Alex (no last name) seemed more fixated on J$P:
What is interesting is who isn't reporting the story. When I did a search at 10:30AM EST, I found zip at FoxNews.com, zero on Drudge Report and nada at Johhny "Your source for the truth about Fox News...and the latest cable news links" Dollar's Place, which had been updated at 10:15 AM.... Update: Another check at 2:50 PM and guess who still isn't reporting the story? Quelle surprise!
Well, the newspups may have only gotten around to this story today, but it broke yesterday. And Alex NLN is either inept or dishonest, since in our Tuesday post we included two links about this story, including one to the very same TVNewser piece that the hounds did. Only we did it yesterday. When the story was still news. 18 hours before the newspoodles got around to it.

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