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Friday Links & Open Thread

Latest cable news links [7:30 pm]:

Video: Megyn Kelly's girl fight.

Don't believe disgruntled ex-employees...says MSNBC.

Loose lips at CNN?

Olbermann's bias slammed...by Air America! Second tax warrant surfaces! Olby: no comment.

Saturday special: Porked.

MSNBC: the plot thickens.

Greta: I'm no racist.

Thursday's numbers. May ranker. Reese reviews ratings.

Coop/McClellan preview.

Chris Wallace on McClellan, Olbermann.

Iraq through a lens.

Hotline quotes.

The case for Kirsten.

Amanpour awarded.

Soleded O'Brien: trading spaces.

Use our valuable bandwidth to post your comments on any and all cable news topics in today's open thread. Standard rules apply.

On The Mark
A brief comment during "quiet time": Ms. Powers is an interesting figure. I believe it is foolish to say that she is conservative, in the far right wing sense of the term, and I don't find her in the least objectionable. However, I have never figured out what she really contibutes. As best I can tell, nothing. She is an attractive table lamp that never gets turned on because there is abundant ambient light.
May 30, 2008, 3:20:18 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Summing up Mr Wallace's question,he said  
"...if he felt that was part of the propaganda effort, and had any doubts about it...",then why now?Why not when you were doing it?
The title of the piece,
"Chris Wallace Says What No One Will About McClellan" obviously gives the impression that this is a question that hasn't,and won't,be asked.
I'm sorry I couldn't find a transcript,but this is yesterdays interview on the Today Show.About 9 minutes in,she asks "the question",and even asks if McClellan had displayed cowardice by not speaking out at the time.
Therefore,the premise of the article from "Newsbusters" is false.
And didn't KO interview McClellan last night.That is a very obvious question that Mr Wallace put out there.I can't imagine KO didn't ask it.Does anyone know?
May 30, 2008, 7:51:35 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
I can't imagine KO didn't ask it.Does anyone know?
notveryhow | 05.30.08 - 7:56 am | #
I think that tree fell in the woods, nobody knows...
OTM, you never fail to entertain with colorful analogies. There's a Gutfeld comment hiding in there somewhere...
"Kirsten Powers, Fox News democratic strategist. If she were a table lamp, I'd turn her on several times a day!"
May 30, 2008, 9:54:39 AM EDT – Like – Reply

I still think that a Powers and (insert conservative woman's name) show could do well on FNC. I originally thought a Powers/Malkin thing might be good... but Malkin has kinda gone off the rails a bit, and is too extreme for that type of show.
Not sure who would counter-balance Powers... but a female talk show might be good for the female demographic, and could be an different take on news analysis.
May 30, 2008, 11:04:40 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Powers & Ingraham. Toss in, say, Ferraro and a rotating spot and you've got a Fox News version of The View.
May 30, 2008, 11:15:25 AM EDT – Like – Reply

The Cable Games story has it right that the ACU rating tells little of SNOBamessiah's radical leftist ideology. Just yesterday, another of his 20 year religious advisors impugned Hillary Clinton on purely racial grounds, once again yanking the scab off the wound of race relations in our country.
These long time friends of the Senator's sure are of a very far leftist ideology that seems not to want racial unity or healing. MSNBC has signed on to elevate the power of a very radical pole in this country for the benefit of its bottomline for demogogic headlines and continuing punditry fodder.
One thing I can say about the Clintons is that they are not a part of this far left cabal that spews hatred and anger towards America. The reaction of good, normal journalists like Gregory, along with likely OVER 50% of the primary voters of The Democrat Party, confirms SNOBamessiah's position on the political spectrum.
If this stuff had come out back in January, HRC would have been the nominee for about 4 months now.
May 30, 2008, 11:27:40 AM EDT – Like – Reply

keith did an excellent job interviewing McClellan last night...I see Fox are pushing the non-story about Pfleger hard to try and get the McClellan book out of the headlines...But it's not working.  
May 30, 2008, 11:33:11 AM EDT – Like – Reply

"non story?" The consistently fair CBS NEWS RADIO (880 here in NYC) had the hate speech by Pflegar first headline after the 6AM bell this morning.....Nothing on McClellan.
How do you know why editors choose some stories over others, HSUK? Also, why would a story about a candidate's spiritual advisor racially attacking his opponent not be an important news story?
May 30, 2008, 11:41:00 AM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
Yes, but surely we do not need nor do we desire another "View," do we?
May 30, 2008, 11:46:54 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Pfleger has apologized....Obama has denounced what he(Pfleger) said...Where's the story?
If any member of that church makes an outrageous remark in the future will Obama be held responsible?
May 30, 2008, 11:59:32 AM EDT – Like – Reply

olby sucks
Where's the story?
If any member of that church makes an outrageous remark in the future will Obama be held responsible?
HSUK | 05.30.08 - 12:04 pm | #  
Where was the story in regards to "Hagee?" The orange dnc mouthpiece ran with it 3 nights in a row if not 4. Pathetic.
May 30, 2008, 12:30:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
HSUK, Matthews was on "Morning Joe" sans Joe and was all over the hapless and shameless Clinton hustler Mika about trying to turn this into a story when there were important political stories, Scotty, gasoline prices, inflation &c. Mika's response was pretty lame. The crane story then broke, and that seemed to be much more to Mika's interest.
Cable news' interest in trivia and smut can sometimes really be irritating, even when it is being mucked out by the real pros, O'Reilly, O'Hannity and O'Dobbs, but we should probably all take heart. In the words of Peggy Lee, "Is That All There Is?"
May 30, 2008, 12:33:09 PM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
3 nights in a row if not 4 ....
Which was it, 3 or 4?
May 30, 2008, 12:49:33 PM EDT – Like – Reply

KO did ask the question (7:56 comment) by phrasing it that others will be asking him to answer that. It was one of those long-winded KO questions that makes your head spin. McClellan's vacuous response, from what I could gather, was that he was caught up in the 9/11 drama. Being the non-reporter that he is, KO did not probe further. McClellan's current position seemed to "jell" for him when he felt screwed over during the Libby fiasco.  
I didn't realize at the time that he was pushed out of his position early. I sense honesty and dishonesty from him. He basically dodged the question about possibly being called to testify before Congress, stating that he had nothing to add and that he gave all information during the investigation. He said he had not given it much thought. The hype for Dean's take on McClellan really didn't pan out for KO. There was some sort of creepy laughter between the two at the end of the interview over who knows what.
May 30, 2008, 1:05:43 PM EDT – Like – Reply

A radical leftist, who also supports the anti-semites in The Nation of Islam, makes racially divisive comments about one of the nominees for President, Father Pfleger also received a $100,000 federal ear mark through the work that same nominee's direct, SNOBamessiah....This is not a valid story?....All the while, Olbermann beat the dead horse of Hagee 3 nights after both McCain and The Reverand parted company....Oh, and Reverand Hagee never received federal money through the ear mark system a la Senator McCain nor is he a current member of his church.
SNOBamessiah is a member of Trinity UCC, where the good father cursed and ridiculed, "some white people," including Senator Clinton, and continues to be associated with these very strange and polarizing figures.  
Nothing here to report!
May 30, 2008, 1:23:35 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
>Powers & Ingraham. Toss in, say, Ferraro and a rotating spot and you've got a Fox News version of The View.<
I'm on board with that. I don't know where to put it, though. Maybe on Saturdays.
I'm sorry, but when I saw Father Pfleger's disrespectful remarks in the Reality Check segment on "The Factor" last night, I couldn't help but laugh at the delivery. Not what he said, but the way he said it. I felt bad doing it.
May 30, 2008, 1:32:22 PM EDT – Like – Reply

On The Mark
I wouldn't feel too badly, Mike. It all had a farcical feel to it. The substance of what was said, when it is printed, is very disturbing, but when you watch it, you ask what is a white RC priest doing acting like this? And, the acting wasn't very good. It wasn't good at all. A cheap sitcom with a mayonaise and corned beef on white bread character trying to jive. Ridiculous.
May 30, 2008, 1:42:33 PM EDT – Like – Reply

olby sucks
Which was it, 3 or 4?
On The Mark | 05.30.08 - 12:54 pm | #  
Nice diversion. Shocker!
May 30, 2008, 1:46:07 PM EDT – Like – Reply

david smawley
The plot thickens, indeed. NBC journalists will not stand pat and be linked to the partisan foolishness that is taking place at Messnbc. Stand by as this plays out because you can be sure that some exec's at NBC are looking for a way out of this as well, which I stated a couple of weeks ago.
May 30, 2008, 1:48:26 PM EDT – Like – Reply

"Fox News was also more positive in its portrayal of Obama’s major personal narrative than either McCain or Clinton. Fully 69% of the assertions about Obama personally were positive, a number that rivals what he received on MSNBC (70%)."
Fox News keeps saying MSNBC are in the tank for Obama....But looking at these numbers you can only come to one conclusion...Fox news themselves are in the tank for Obama.
May 30, 2008, 1:54:14 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Must I again ask people not to post links to stuff I've already linked to in the blog?
May 30, 2008, 1:56:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply

olby sucks
Where was the story in regards to "Hagee?" The orange dnc mouthpiece ran with it 3 nights in a row if not 4. Pathetic.
Wanna try again, "on the mark?" And whatever name you'll b using tomorrow?
May 30, 2008, 1:58:33 PM EDT – Like – Reply

david smawley
Fox version of The View - I am all for it!
May 30, 2008, 2:09:17 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I hate to inform some on this site, but the good father has been the priest of a predominantly black Catholic Church for years and has always spoken in the style you see in the clip.
To the uninformed old time mainline protestant or nonchurchgoer, the father's style may seem "funny" but this is the style his parishoners, and those at Trinity UCC see every Sunday morning. I have no problem watching it, it is neither disturbing or humorous and the style of speech does not matter....using amusing descriptions seems only trite...But the content is what matters.
Defining people in terms of race in a derogatory and accusing matter is not funny. I wonder why this putrid content seems to just keep flowing out of SNOBamessiah's church, a place he himself sites as a mjor influence on his spirit and intellect?
Again, looking at this as a news story is not important, though.
May 30, 2008, 2:25:46 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
I know about Father Pfleger. I guess I laughed because I had never seen that before. I saw him defending Rev. Wright, though, and he wasn't funny in that. He's a fiery guy, even though he's so calm and measured elsewhere.
Anyway, wow, Lionel grilling KO. Excellent. And I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever. Out of curiosity, is he a Hillary supporter?
May 30, 2008, 2:47:30 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Father Pfleger introducing Louis Farrakhan many years ago saying people calling him anti-Semitic are liars from the pit of hell:
Even after that, Father Pfleger was still listed on SNOBamessiah's website as a "spiritual guide" and his endorcement was listed.
I am not surprised by either the content or style of SNOBamessiah's friend and advisor.
Then again, I have not drunk the bug juice that is the man's campaign.
May 30, 2008, 3:08:04 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
I was going to elaborate on something Lionel brought up in that clip, but I'm too ticked off right now over unrelated stuff.
May 30, 2008, 3:10:24 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Sorry MikeC, I intend no disrespect to you but am only responding to flawed points made at 12:04, 12:38 and 1:47. I will move along now because I like your points.
May 30, 2008, 3:20:57 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
It wasn't you. I was mad that the repair place that repaired my computer wasn't bringing it back to my house, wanted me to pick it up, and neither my dad or mom would pick it up. I'm fine now because they'll bring it after all. (I'm on a separate computer in the meantime.)
May 30, 2008, 3:23:38 PM EDT – Like – Reply

cee | 05.30.08 - 3:13 pm |
Do you think that the black religious community is racist,ie, they hate whites?
May 30, 2008, 3:39:53 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Obama should just use the Rights talking points....Father Pfleger is not Obama's preacher (being a non-believer I haven't a clue if preacher is the correct term)
May 30, 2008, 3:43:45 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
"the black religious community"
It's glittering generalizations like this that inevitably pop up in political discussions. Like there is "a" black religious community, and they must either all be racists or maybe none of them is.
Which is why I periodically have to remind people that this is not a discussion site for political issues. Covering the coverage of the pastor disaster is on topic. Getting into who's using who's talking points means we're back to politics, so let's don't.
May 30, 2008, 3:45:46 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar | Homepage | 05.30.08 - 3:50 pm |
I regreted the way I posted that question right after I hit publish.I should have asked,much more gently,what are the implications of black church groups having such controversial priests and pastors.I mean,if you can tar Sen Obama as a racist or a bigot because of his attendance at a church,then everyone in the congregation is painted with that same brush.
My intent is not to play 'gotcha' with anyone,or accuse them of anything.My intent is to only start a dialogue about race that this country,IMO,has been ducking for decades.Sen Obama's Philadelphia speech was an attempt to begin this dialogue.And I've been attempting to start this dialogue whenever a chance is presented.
But it's your blog,so carry on.
May 30, 2008, 4:07:49 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox News keeps saying MSNBC are in the tank for Obama....But looking at these numbers you can only come to one conclusion...Fox news themselves are in the tank for Obama.
HSUK | 05.30.08 - 1:59 pm | #  
Thank you HSUK. Now make sure that you go over to News Hounds and tell them that they are all wrong about Fox. As a matter of fact, now I guess that there is no need for NH and they can just close the site down. Go now and spread the word.
May 30, 2008, 4:08:39 PM EDT – Like – Reply

HSUK, all I will say is that the Seantor's church has a particular theology that is very radical and only a small minority of people believe it to be true...This is black liberation theology...Both Wright and Pfleger hold to this view of Christianity as does the current minister at Trinity UCC, Rev Moss. I truly believe Obama holds to the ideas of the theology (evidence his continued affiliation/membership in the church)and it is NEWSWORTHY to cover it and the speech that comes from such thinking....black v. white....etc.
My only reason for posting in the first place was in response to those who feel it is not newsworthy starting with your 11:38 post. This is my last comment because I know it is off topic but the cable networks should be covering the continuing infusion of racially divisive speech into this Presidential campaign FROM THE LEFT'S FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES, not the bad ol' bogeyman far right wing!
On a related entry, Olbermann's nonresponse to his tax evasion charges as he enters his palace on the Upper East Side is a wonderful picture of what is wrong with the American left.
May 30, 2008, 4:20:35 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
> My intent is to only start a dialogue about race that this country,IMO,has been ducking for decades.
I applaud your noble goal, and I hope that you find a website where that discussion will be appropriate.
May 30, 2008, 4:20:35 PM EDT – Like – Reply

olby sucks
"Asked about the delinquency Thursday night by conservative journalist Evan Gahr, the otherwise loquacious Olbermann uttered nary a word as he scurried inside his Trump Palace apartment building on the Upper East Side."
Haaaaaa! As the drooler would say...
May 30, 2008, 4:24:48 PM EDT – Like – Reply

olby sucks
"The Pastor Wright controversy turned into a positive for the nation"
by 'nvh'
May 30, 2008, 4:33:12 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Powers & Ingraham. Toss in, say, Ferraro and a rotating spot and you've got a Fox News version of The View.
johnny dollar | Homepage | 05.30.08 - 11:20 am | #  
Exactly! I think it could do wonders for the female audience, and could be marketed as such. They could call it, "Point of View"... although that might upset Barbra.
Anyway, I think a show like that could have a lot of potential.
May 30, 2008, 4:38:37 PM EDT – Like – Reply

olby sucks
"But that didn't do much to appease her former employer, MSNBC, which called her a disgruntled short-term employee whose comments should be discounted."
Oh, the irony.....
May 30, 2008, 4:43:39 PM EDT – Like – Reply

J$...a bit OT but any news of what kind of coverage Fox will be doing this weekend for the primary?
I understand CNN is going all day tomorrow with coverage...
May 30, 2008, 4:47:39 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Well Fox will be live on Sunday all day, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, with Geraldo Rivera among others reporting live from Puerto Rico and anchoring several hours of coverage from there (plus The Strategy Room live at 10pm). Other than the biz block in the morning live Saturday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, plus the Fox Report at 7:00 pm. Edited to add: F&F is actually starting an hour early at 6:00 am Saturday.
> J$...a bit OT but...
Off-topic? Yours is one of the LEAST off-topic posts in the thread!
May 30, 2008, 4:56:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Asked about the delinquency Thursday night by conservative journalist Evan Gahr, the otherwise loquacious Olbermann uttered nary a word as he scurried inside his Trump Palace apartment building on the Upper East Side."
We finally found a way to get Olbermann to shut-up. Just ask him a direct question!
May 30, 2008, 4:57:51 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I guess I was too minor of a poster over at OW to be allowed access once the site reopened, but wow, I just wanted to say what a great job "Lionel" did on Keith! He didn't miss a thing.
May 30, 2008, 7:31:12 PM EDT – Like – Reply

J$, it may be that people are posting links to your already posted stories here so we can follow the conversation - so people will know what others are talking about.  
You typically post maybe 10 stories, and in some cases, it's difficult to see to which story a poster is referring. More than often, one poster will start a rant, and maybe one other will respond, so it turns out there's a conversation just between the two of them. I've cited links just to tell others I've moved on to another topic.
May 30, 2008, 7:34:29 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Well the post that caused me to issue that reminder posted a link from a DIFFERENT post. In other words, it wasn't even in the right thread. And of course that means the conversation that should be taking place in the PEJ thread ends up in a different thread!
When somebody repeatedly posts links that are already part of blog posts, one might get the idea that they aren't bothering to read the posts at all. Which is perfectly fine with me. However, that does mean that if they don't know what's in the posts they could post one link after another that's duplicative and possibly in the wrong arena.
And Missy, if you want to get registered to post at OlbyWatch, send Mr Cox an email or sent it to me and I'll forward it to him. Your presence in comment threads would be a valuable addition to any site!
May 30, 2008, 7:47:10 PM EDT – Like – Reply