3/21/09 11:50 PM

'Some of That Stuff Will Come Up'

J$P Audio! Chris Wallace previews the Obama interview:

From Brian and the Judge, April 25 2008

The Judge is such a love! I'm glad someone is starting to articulate some answer to this idiocy that it's somehow "racist" to suggest that there seems to be a theme to candidate Obama's friendships and alliances that SHOULD be a focus of scrutiny.
When you have a candidate say that his mentor is someone who links the U.S.A. with genocide, says that 9/11 is retribution for the dropping atom bombs on Japan, U.S. govt plotted genocide towards its black citizentry, world-wide white imperialism, and backing Zionists (all POLITICAL stances as contrasted the calls of Godly retribution for the sins fornication, adultery, idolatry and homosexuality heralded by Bible and would-be modern day prophets..) AND who also pals with a notorious member of a group that was dedicated to bring racial equality via violence, you have some questions to answer. PERIOD.
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