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Thursday Cable News Links and Open Thread

Holocaust killer bashed O'Reilly, targeted Fox News office.

Wednesday's numbers.  Fox dominates shooting coverage.

Why are women stiffing Greta?

Greta defends FNC coverage.

Star-studded shower.

Video: Barney bolts.

Guilt by snippet.  Outrage: FNC airs diverse views!

Q&A: Joe & MikaJoy in the evening.  Today's Beck review.

Eight cablers make lists.  Oops!  Hotline after dark.

Updated through the day.  Use our valuable bandwidth to post your cable news comments in today's open thread. Standard rules apply.

It is amazing that MEDIA MATTERS continues to spread the lie that FNC does not air both sides of the story even as their own reporting shows different opinion about the DHS report.
Beck and Hannity are accurately advertised COMMENTATORS by FNC. They make their opinion well known and debate with others.
MSNBC still touts their journalist, Keith Olbermann, as their "face." Last night on COUNTDOWN, Olbermann all but declared victory regarding his opinion that April's DHS report was accurate and validated. No one of a different opinion was on to make the opposite case.
Let us also be accurate and remind readers that much of the criticism of the DHS report surrounded it's over-simplified concentration on war vets and the implication that advocacy on specific ISSUES warranted worry (ie immigration and abortion). Concern over such BROAD profiling is still valid and debatable.
FNC once again serves as the place for fair and balanced analysis of a very complicated and ever-changing story. The museum tragedy is an unfolding story, even now, with the shooter's economic problems emerging as a motive. Also, previous violent behavior is another factor in this specific case with the shooter being a convicted felon.
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Johnny, the pictures of Megyn's shower are great. The ones of Bill O'Reilly at a baby shower are especially worth viewing!
Megyn is further along than I knew, and looks terrific!
Her husband looks like a college student! I may have purses that are older than he is!
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I agree, Cee. But are you really surprised that an 89 year old keeping a promise that he made years ago that he was going to go out with a bang, would be pronounced as the justification for broad-brushed theories in that DHS report.
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I know this is a long post but I wanted you all to see what an absolute idiot this person is.
Here's the lowdown:
Business don't have the money to advertise in print. They prefer to advertise online. It's cheaper and they can reach a larger audience.
News Corporation has been cutting its loses by unloading affiliates, cancelling its annual Christmas Party, and selling off its unprofitable assets.
News Corporation is the victim of this economy, however bad publicity of them lately, thanks to Fox News, isn't helping them. Advertisers don't want to link their valuable brand name to controversy for fear of losing customers.
Here's some advice for Murdoch:
Revamp Fox News and ditch your controversial commentators, especially O'Reilly. Instead of 'covering' the news, your news outlet has become the news. Very bad for business.
Diverse your on-air talent. All we see is mostly blond females. It would have worked in Nazi Germany under Hitler, but it doesn't work in today's society.
If you don't change the hateful direction of your publications and Fox News, we guarantee you News Corporation's assets and divisions will continue to lose money. The shareholders won't be happy about that.
Antoinette | 06.11.09 - 1:42 pm | #  
Many newspapers are in the same situation. So little Antoinette, another Fox Hater, misses the point.
Bad publicity has not hurt them one bit.
Diversity doesn't pay the bills.
News Hounds shows more hate Fox ever could.
Note to Antoinette. You're an idiot!!!!
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"FNC airs diverse views"
Does this mean News Hounds will go out of business?
They could always find a job picking up dog squeeze.
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Tit for tat....MEDIA MATTERS and TV NEWSER is now implying that FNC is guilty of under-reporting the museum shootings.
There's a poll at TV NEWSER asking which murder is most newsworthy.
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Olby Sucks
I just forewarded the weekly standard story about the nut job shooter to tp. Think I'll be getting one of those "hat tips?" :lol:
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johnny dollar
You mean like Haggis?
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Well then, by their own standards, the shooting at the Holocaust Musuem is the fault of the Newshounds.
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I'd wager that Greta was fairly sure how things would turn out with her search for a feminist spokesperson to opine about Letterman's insinuation that Bristol Palin is a tramp (aren't all single mothers?...).
Thanks, Greta, making them tell you "no".
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I think CNN doesn't care anymore.
Or Steltzer can't think beyond one minute.
Why would CNN put Behar on at 9:00 on HLN? The only viewers she is going to draw is from Larry.
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Fox Fan
Megyn Kelly on O'Reilly tonight- it's starting to show that she's pregnant. Not in the belly! :+:  
I eagerly await Blackflon's comment on the matter.
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