1/6/09 12:39 PM

'The War on Fox: Definitely Still Real'

J$P Video! Griff Jenkins reports on the latest skirmishes:

From Weekend Live, May 3 2008

Z.Z. Bachman
Excellent video clip. The attack on Fox comes from liberals who are supposed to be so "open minded" and "inclusive".
Hillary made a brilliant move by interviewing with Bill O'Reilly. It paints Obama into a corner to show he also has the courage to enter the "lion's den". O'Reilly will surely bring up Rev. Wright and other nefarious associations AGAIN and once again the entire nation will see Obama on the defensive trying to defend his own character and Hillary will not have said a word !!!!
Brilliant !! How-weird Dean will make an appearance to do what he will believe is damage control --- ROTFL !!!