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'It Was a Real Push, But Also Symbolic'

J$P Audio! Bill O'Reilly says Obama rally confrontation is just another skirmish in the War on Fox:

Audio only:

From The Radio Factor, January 8 2008

I think he's right. I don't think the 6'8" guy would have blocked any other reporter like that. He did it because it was Bill O'Reilly and FOX news.
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On The Mark
What profound hooey! BOR should be arrested for battery. What an ego!
January 9, 2008, 11:38:36 AM EST – Like – Reply

Off Your Mark, you, as always get things wrong. Study alittle CL and you will find a reporter or any "news' person has something in the Constitution called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! If it wasn't for that your Keithy or any of the American Hating Media would be imprisoned. Got it now OYM? Also study some basic criminal law. Portecting one's space for an outright intrusion/ assualt upon that space allows one to defend that space with the necessary force needed. Another words OYM, if someone enters your home you are now claiming you will leave and let them have your home, in your world. Study some basic law, most 101 classes will teach you this. An assualt was committed by the Obama clown in attempting to VIOLATE an AMERICAN CITIZEN's CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! Got it?
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Fox Fan
Bill kept his cool like most others could not. This seconds-long squabble was completely unimportant unless you are so desperate to find fault with him that you have to resort to talking about it.
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