Wednesday Links and Open Thread

Tuesdays numbers: Bill-Hannity-Greta 1-2-3.  Lewis exits FNC.

Alan’s hate mail.  Coop honored.  Huck syndication.

Zurawik to CNN: hire Kate Gosselin!  Q&A: Jon Klein, Gutfeld.

Halperin to MSNBC.  Another Cramer quandary.  Silly scripting.

Program rankersJune, Q2, 2010.  CNN anchors resent Cooper?

Fast Money falls.  Black leaders to ‘fight’ Beck rally.  Fox fees rise.

When Larry King ruled.  Moret’s memories.  Hero or hypocrite?  CNN’s PR story: fictional?  Zurawik: CNN rebuilding.  It’s about time?  Larry likes Seacrest.  Needed: format overhaul?
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