Newshounds: Jewish Protesters Are Ugly Bigots!

Has anti-semitism at a hate-Fox smear site finally gone too far?

The so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ has been a hot news topic for some time, and as such has been covered at The newshounds have been spewing vitriol as usual, but now they may have crossed the line. The article is titled:

One Fox News Photo Worth A Thousand Words

That’s not even true; the photo in question is from AP, not Fox. It shows a group of people objecting to the mosque (it’s more than just a mosque but we’ll use this shorthand). Only one sign is visible enough to be legible. It reads:

You can build a mosque at Ground Zero when we can build a synagogue in Mecca.

Here’s how Priscilla describes these peaceful protesters:

The stereotypical “ugly Americans” flaunting their bigotry to the world.

Now has run multiple photos of people protesting the mosque. Prissy did not write a post calling the people in those pictures ugly bigots. But when a Jewish woman is shown referencing a synagogue all of a sudden Priscilla goes into smear mode, calling them ‘ugly Americans’ and accusing them of ‘bigotry’. Why does she reserve her hateful invective for pictures of Jewish protesters?

This is nothing new for Priscilla or Ellen Brodsky, who repeatedly throw around the term ‘Zionist’, identified by the ADL as a ‘code word’ for ‘Jew’. The extremism of the newsmutts is exemplified by a post claiming the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah was not ignited by rocket attacks or the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, but was a set-up by the scheming Jewish state:

Their words make this conflict look more and more like a planned event. They have all of the rhetoric ready to back it up. And for what? Because 3 soldiers were kidnapped?

Whoa! How demented is this? Well, it’s so demented that it turns out to be a favorite theory of hate sites that run headlines like this:

FBI'S PRIME SUSPECT ON ANTHRAX LETTERS IS JEWISH! No wonder they were dragging their feet.

Sites that--surprise!--have their doubts about the Holocaust too. These are the sort of mongrels the newshounds are running with.

Ellen Brodsky claims to be Jewish. We have no idea about Priscilla, since her identity and credentials (or lack thereof) are kept secret. But their site speaks for itself: it truckles in anti-Semitism and crackpot anti-Israel theories, while attracting commenters who feel free to post their venom without even trying to disguise its ugly hatred:

  • I'm glad crooks and warmongering neocons like Jew-liani and yourself are NOT associataed with Dr. Paul anymore. Your a disgrace to true libertarianism.
  • Hey Goldberg, how would you like it if we linked your boy McCain in with the ZOG machine, maybe a little ditty about taking down the ZOG Machine JEW BY JEW BY JEW will get the white people up in arms and against McCain and the ZOG machine.
  • Morris is a paid global business lackey and a Likudnik Zionist Jew
  • Jew me, sue me / Everybody do me / Kick me, kike me / Don't you black or white me

It’s about time Ellen Brodsky ‘drained the swamp’ and cleansed her site of vile anti-Semitism.
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