Fox Haters Week in Review!

We’ve got Glenn Beck’s rally, Fox News building a mosque, and a half-dozen invisible men. All that and more in the latest action-packed installment of Fox Haters Week in Review!

No ‘Honor’ Among Deceivers

If the 8/28 ‘Restoring Honor’ rally did nothing else, it certainly sent the anti-Fox noise machine into overdrive. Everyone seemed to find something to glom onto, regardless of how ridiculous. So much to choose from, we will have to settle for a few representative exemplars. At Salon, Joan Walsh reviewed Beck’s rally before it happened:

He's invited Sarah Palin to headline the event -- but the gathering isn't "political," he says. You'd think as much as Beck prevaricates, he'd have gotten a little bit more convincing at it.

Ms Walsh adds:

Put the "I Have a Dream" speech side by side with whatever Palin says Saturday, and you'll create instant civil rights believers among whoever reads through both. I promise we'll do that here on Saturday.

That’s odd. Saturday came and went, and Ms Walsh didn’t deliver. Promises, promises. Oliver Willis erupted that Glenn Beck was ‘insulting’ the purple heart by wearing a ‘fake’ one. Conveniently this was done with a screengrab only, thereby not confusing his readers with Beck’s explanation that his badge was not today’s ‘purple heart’, but rather an award of merit handed out by George Washington.

The Globe and Mail fretted that ‘no major Republican other than Sarah Palin has agreed to endorse the rally or participate in it’. That could have something to do with the fact that Beck decided some time ago that no elected officials would be invited. Ya think? That was no secret, and yet people still tried to make an apolitical rally political. Michele Bachmann was not a part of Beck’s rally, and not on the speakers list. And yet here’s MSNBC, at the scene of the rally, telling viewers that Rep Bachmann was ‘set to speak’ at the event ‘a little later today’.

In an effort to diminish the impact of the rally, Keith Olbermann immediately took to twitter. It turns out that NBC’s Chuck Todd had relayed an estimate of the crowd size at c. 300,000. Olby was having none of that, and when this figure was cited, he angrily replied: ‘You’ve been lied to’. Instead, Keith decided that the only accurate crowd count was--surprise!--the smallest one. The source was CBS...but wait, doesn’t Olby work for NBC? Well yeah, but you see, NBC lied about the crowd, so what’s an Olbermann to do? KO also had this to say about the rally:

Glad y'all kept it nonpolitical. Except for the who-to-vote-for part.

Um, which part was the ‘who-to-vote for’ part? We invite researchers to watch the entire event so we can pinpoint when the speakers were endorsing candidates. Because heaven knows, Edward R Olbermann never will.

Olbermann’s blog of choice also got into the act. Angelajean called an ‘ACTION ALERT!’ She urged everyone to contact Charity Navigator to bug them about the ‘legality’ of Glenn Beck raising money for the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. It appears the Kos call to action didn’t have much effect on the Navigator folks, though we did find a mention of the SWOP where they gave it their top four-star rating. As a further call to ACTION!, Angelajean urged her vast millions of readers to call the SWOP and encourage them not to be a part of the event. Yes, if all else fails, ask the charity to cancel its own fundraiser so they won’t get the $5.5 million! In Kosville, that’s called supporting the troops.

When you want unhinged, you go to a lunatic asylum. And that’s exactly what Chris Golas did: he visited the head cases at, where Beck’s rally is a ‘scam’, he’s ‘robbing the charity’, and from there it gets even dumber. As Mr Golas points out:

If this is a scam it's a very bad one at that and one that Beck can't earn from. Is Beck part of the SOWF? If you send checks payable to SOWF to beck, then beck would have a hard time cashing the check if he signs the back of all the checks he gets with his name or the Mercury Radio Arts name. Plus the fact the money would be deposited into an account that must have the SOWF name on it.

There’s more, so read the whole thing.

And then there’s Andrew Steele. He rips the event as ‘creepy’, showing his class by calling the glasses Beck wears (due to his deteriorating eyesight) a prop to ‘hide his insincerity’. What’s got his panties in a bunch? Just read down a few paragraphs and you’ll find the real answer: Glenn Beck once exposed a Texas gubernatorial candidate as a 9/11 truther. Man, there’s no getting away from these people.

Around the Interwebs

The weirdness begins with a writer who keeps his identity secret. And for good reason, since he reveals his ignorance of the law by saying it’s time to ‘prosecute Fox News’ for ‘inciting to riot’. What riot is that, you ask? Oh, never mind, because the secret cabal behind mosque opposition has been exposed. No, it’s not any of the 9/11 families. They’re only involved because Fox News ‘solicited’ them. Rasmussen Reports is in on it, because ‘Fox’ instructed them to make up fake polls. But what about all those protesters? Weren’t many of them from the ADL? Mr Anonymous has blown the lid off that conspiracy too: those protesters were ‘bussed in’ to Lower Manhattan by...Fox News!

Color of Change, the outfit founded by Van Jones, famed 9/11 truther (can’t we ever get away from these people?), has launched a campaign to ‘turn off Fox’ (roughly equivalent to the ‘We Don’t Read Wynand’ crusade). Aside from citing disparate events unconnected to FNC in a guilt-by-unassociation smearapalooza, we get the 347th invocation of Beck’s ‘Obama the racist’ comment (the one he’s repeatedly recanted). And of course the Shirley Sherrod mess, where Fox is attacked for having aired Breitbart’s tape, while MSNBC and CNN are given a pass. As Lachlan Markey writes:

The document is an attempt to single out Fox News for supposed wrongdoing.... Call Turn Off Fox's claim a lie, call it a half truth, call it what you like. But the fact is, the document pushes the false notion that Fox was uniquely responsible (among television news channels) for the Sherrod controversy. That claim is nothing short of false. The document goes on to offer flimsy evidence linking Fox News to the Tea Party movement.

There is more to it and we suggest you read the entire analysis.

It’s always a bit ironic when Fox haters decide to get their facts from a performing clown. But that’s how the latest bit of flim-flammery got started:

Yep, the illusion that a comedian is a news source continues, but the falsehoods and lies really should stop. Prince Al-Waleed is an investor in News Corp holding 7% of the shares. He is an ‘owner’ of News Corp only in the same technical sense that every other shareholder. And that’s News Corp, of which Fox News is just one of many companies. You could just as easily call the Prince a ‘co-owner’ of HarperCollins, Truck Australia, and Avatar. But somehow that doesn’t have the same incitement factor.

So you get Einsteins like Bob Cesca helping to push misinformation through the echo chamber:

FOX NEWS INVESTOR FUNDED PARK 51...In the above photo, we see Saudi Prince Al-Waleed with Rupert Murdoch. It turns out that the #2 shareholder in NewsCorp helped to fund Park 51.

Well it must be true. All those other websites said it! Just ask that font of misinformation, Cenk Uygur:

Beck works for the man who apparently funded the Park51 Project, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. So, if the same man who is funding the mosque is funding Beck (as the second largest shareholder in Fox News, Prince Alwaleed is in essence signing Beck's paychecks)...

Ah, but facts are stubborn things. As of May 16, ‘Fox News’ (or the Prince) couldn’t have been funding Park 51, because:

Fund-raising has not started, donors have not been identified and that the Kingdom Foundation has no involvement.

The Kingdom Foundation? That happens to be Prince Al-Waleed’s group. And they have ‘no involvement’ in the project. Doesn’t sound much like ‘Fox News’ funding a terror mosque, does it? But wait, didn’t the Prince once upon a time contribute to the Cordoba Initiative? Yes he did, but another stubborn fact gets in the way:

"Cordoba House will be a new entity whose funding sources will be independent from the funding sources of ASMA and Cordoba Initiative," Khan said.

So, no ‘Fox News’ money going to the mosque there either. And then the final nail in the coffin of this concocted fairy tale:

Sharif El-Gamal announced the start of the funding drive at the conclusion of Friday prayer sessions that have been taking place since last year in the vacant Manhattan clothing store that is to be torn down to make way for the new center. He said a new nonprofit group had been formed to guide and control the project — a formal step required before the capital campaign could begin.

Whoa! They only started raising money two days ago? They had to go through legal hoops before they could accept their first dollar? So what about Cesca, Chunk Uygur, and all the rest who’ve been saying for a week that Prince Al-Waleed has been funding the mosque all along? They’re either fools, or liars. You pick.

Shaggy Dog Stories

We don’t want to give short shrift to the fabulists of the dog pound, so let’s continue on the subject of the Park51 mosque. Chief of the newshounds Ellen Brodsky serves up a wonderful how-to lesson in agit-prop:

Laura Ingraham And Dick Morris Agree: Purpose Of Ground Zero Mosque Is To “Indoctrinate” American Muslims In "Revolting" Sharia Law...Dick Morris hate mongered about the Islamic cultural center and Muslims, in general, by claiming that the purpose of the so-called mosque is to “counter the assimilationist tendencies of Muslims in the United States” and to “recruit people, train them, indoctrinate them in” "revolting" sharia law. Laura Ingraham, substituting for Bill O’Reilly told Morris, “I’m where you are on this issue.”

Unfortunately, Brodsky’s doing a little quote doctoring here, trying to give the impression that Laura agrees with Dick Morris about the mosque, when in fact Ingraham’s ‘I’m where you are’ comment wasn’t agreeing with him about Park51, but rather agreeing with him about the the dangers of Sharia law:

DICK MORRIS: Under Islam the Imams are there in charge of applying Sharia law. And don't think of it as a mosque, think of it as a law school in Sharia law, where they recruit people, train them, indoctrinate them in it. And Sharia law has contained within it not just this horrible, vicious abasement of women which is revolting throughout it, but it also has jihad, and suicide bombing, and terrorism built right into the structure.
LAURA INGRAHAM: Well let me tell you what Imam Faisal has said in the past, I'm trying to give another point of view here. Obviously I'm where you are on this issue, but he said his view of Sharia is encouraging self-dignity, independent thought...

Quite a nice little slice-and-dice job, what Ellen might call ‘Breitbartian’. By the way, Brodsky seems to take exception to Dick Morris saying that the abasement of women is ‘revolting’; she regards that view as ‘Islamophobic’. If that seems odd to you, it shouldn’t. You see Ellen may be a stalwart believer in separation of church and state, but she makes an exception for Sharia law:

Asking a judge to recognize Sharia law in a divorce case seems fairly benign to me, akin to recognizing a marriage performed by a rabbi.

Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

The biased bassets couldn’t resist the 8/28 rally either. It so got to Brodsky that she just couldn’t contain herself. Just 15 minutes after it started, Ellen whipped out the race card:

Can't Find Any Black Faces In Beck's Restoring Honor Rally Crowd. Glenn Beck dug up a few African Americans to bring on stage and he's bragging about the thousands of people in attendance, but I have set [sic] to see a single black face in his crowd. Unless C-Span is just part of the liberal media conspiracy.

Really? 15 minutes? What took you so long? Why didn’t you make it easy on yourself and post that on Friday night? Then you could sleep in. About 2/3 of the way into the event Brodsky apparently thought she needed some self-validation. So, taking care to include the requisite weasel words (‘I haven’t watched every minute’), she doubled down:

I've seen lots and lots f [sic] crowd shots and not a single black face, except on the stage.

How about that. Not a single one. It’s a funny thing about Brodsky’s teevee. It doesn’t show the same pictures as everyone else’s. You know, like when Ellen saw ‘no black faces’ in an FNC audience and yet they were clearly there. Or like when she made the same claim about a different audience, but oops, that wasn’t true either.

Regarding the Beck rally, we spotted a half-dozen ‘black faces’ in just a few minutes of checking C-SPAN’s coverage. It was pretty hard not to have seen them. Maybe they were...invisible. Brodsky’s pattern of using the same untrue smear over and over suggests that there’s nothing inadvertent about her serial falsehoods. But she could prove us wrong. Hey Ellen, put up our screengrab (here’s the direct link to make it easy for you to download) in a post at the top of your front page--just as prominent as your original attack--and admit you were wrong. Just this once, to see what it feels like.

Finally, the mutts have railed long and loud about Glenn Beck for many things, among them an ad that ran on his program for ‘survival seeds’:

How did you manage to find a sponsor that ratchets up the doom and gloom exponentially from all those gold sponsors? Brilliant!... Survival Seed Bank wants you to prepare for the coming Apocalypse, or the possibility your show will be cancelled, because “If you don't have the ability to grow your own food next year, your life may be in danger.”

But the newspoodles aren’t doing their job. They totally overlooked an advertiser that puts ‘survival seeds’ to shame in the gloom-and-doom department. Meet Off the Grid News, and their apocalyptic warnings:

  • One ‘not-guilty’ verdict led to riots in L.A.
  • Now word is leaking out that we’re on the verge of a catastrophic global food shortage that experts are saying could result in mass starvation, war and societal collapse and our own government is covering it up.
  • Our own rulers have a worldview no less radical and dangerous than the dictators of the past, and they will stop at nothing to implement their agenda.
  • Just imagine if the next al Qaeda attack isn’t a plane full of jet fuel crashing into a skyscraper, but a missile hundreds of miles over the US carrying an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon.
  • Plan your survival retreat or emergency hideout...Plant a survival garden and avoid the common newbie mistakes.
  • While the threats to the power grid and our health care are grave, the threat to our very existence grows daily as our food supply borders on collapse.

Wow. So this is the sort of advertiser Glenn Beck welcomes? Well, not exactly. You see, it’s not Beck who willingly takes advertising dollars from Off the Grid News:

Spot something you’d like to see in the next Fox Haters Week in Review? Send us an email!

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