Fox Haters Week in Review!

Old lies, new lies, and two sites collaborating in a smear campaign against your humble correspondent. It’s a very special edition of Fox Haters Week in Review!

Around the Interwebs

There’s no smear like an old smear, and they neither die nor fade away. One again the hoary old canard about Fox News vs The Simpsons has resurfaced, via a video produced by the discredited ‘liberal viewer’. This allegation sprouted from a Matt Groening publciity tour, where he enjoyed saying that Fox News objected to a satire of FNC on The Simpsons and even threatened to sue. One problem: it’s not true:

Fox News, however, denies reports that they ever threatened to sue. "We were all scratching our heads and thought it was hysterical," spokesman Rob Zimmerman told us yesterday. "It's not the first time we've been spoofed, you know."..."The Simpsons" (the show, not the characters) issued an apology yesterday: "Matt was being satirical and certainly there was never any issue between the show and Fox News. We regret any confusion."

You may have read about the Palin/Beck Alaska event, the one that’s suspiciously evil because ‘there's no indication where the proceeds will go’. Perhaps you heard CBS’s Harry Smith describe it as Beck ‘profiting from his punditry’, or read Gawker hyperventilating that Beck and Palin will be ‘counting their blood money’. These are just a few of the ignorant allegations going around. As Chris Golas wrote, Palin didn’t get a speaking fee while Beck donated his to charity. Read his article to see who really ‘profited’ from this event.

And so we come to our pals at News Corpse. To refresh your memory, it’s another Fox hater site that’s been caught misinforming and distorting repeatedly. This week is no exception, bringing us a corpsicle claim about FNC’s Carl Cameron:

His bias during the presidential campaign of 2008 was plainly apparent. His wife worked for the McCain campaign, which he never disclosed when covering it.

Whoa! What a scoop! Unfortunately, News Corpse provides not one speck of evidence. Not that there is any--we couldn’t find any substantiation anywhere on the interwebs. Maybe because it’s a lie! News Corpse fans stay tuned--we’’ll have more to say about them below.

Breaking News!

Why take old news and pretend it’s new news? Maybe because attacks from yesteryear, even if they are thinner than a flea’s wing, are better than nothing at all. There are probably lots of fleas’ wings over at the dog pound where the newshounds hold court. They were on top of several breaking stories this week. Here’s Ellen Brodsky hyping a startling revelation:

Sarah Palin Advises Christine O’Donnell To Go Rogue From Her Own Campaign, Reveals Clandestine Calls In 2008....Palin said, “She’s going to have to learn very quickly to dismiss what some of her handlers want. Remember what happened to me in the VP? Remember I used to have to sneak in my phone calls to you?” O’Reilly said he remembered getting calls from her late at night, thinking it was a prank. “(O'Donnell's) going to have to learn that," said newly minted "strategist" Palin.

Um, ‘newly minted’? You mean like nine months ago newly minted? And how could Palin have ‘revealed’ the phone calls to O’Reilly this week when she did so nearly a year ago? And on Fox News, which the bassets claim they watch! Equally dim, but in a whole ‘nuther galaxy of pedantry and desperation, is this Brodsky classic:

Megyn Kelly's Fake Window.... Our good friend and sometime contributor, Hula, caught this for us. You know that "window" Megyn Kelly sits in front of on America Live? It turns out it's not a window, after all. I'm not sure what it is, a monitor?

What, you didn’t do an investigative report to get to the bottom of this? Especially after the hounds’ world exclusive on Glenn Beck’s tv set? The utter inanity of Ellen’s post is that as far back as America Live’s first day on the air, that screen has been used to display not just a window view, but also things like, oh, the date. But hey, Brodsky would actually have to watch Fox to know that. Apparently that’s a bridge too far.

And now, Breaking News:

Rep. Weiner To Investigate Brodsky’s Sponsor, Goldline
Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) announced yesterday that a hearing will take place next week to discuss legislation to regulate gold-selling companies, such as Goldline, an advertiser on Newshounds. Goldline uses several websites to shill for its precious metal business, including “Under this proposed legislation, gold dealers will have a much harder time preying upon the nest eggs of vulnerable consumers,” said Weiner. “It’s shameful that companies like Goldline are able to rip off consumers, use misleading and possibly illegal sales tactics, and deliberately manipulate public fears to sell gold coins at inflated prices.”

Note: the preceding was adapted and condensed from an Ellen Brodsky article that made zero mention of Goldline being a newshounds advertiser.

The Lie(s) of the Week

It’s become necessary to address an unusual topic this week: the concerted attempt to smear me and this site. Clearly J$P is striking a nerve among the Fox haters; they have to resort to personal slanders and mass emails to satisfy their bloodlust. Such detritus has a way of lingering if not addressed, so I’m invoking a point of personal privilege. Follow:

In addition to their blog, the newshounds (under the aegis of Ellen Brodsky) also operate a discussion forum. It was billed as unmoderated, but in fact there are multiple moderators, ready to smite anyone who displeases the powers that be. It doesn’t take a lot to get your comments deleted, or to get you banned. And yet they published posts calling for Bill O’Reilly to be raped and murdered. That gives you a little flavor of what happens in the so-called ‘off-topic forum’.

Anyhow, the OTF became so obsessed that at one point ten new discussions about J$P were created within the space of just 11 days! Eventually Ellen decided that was enough and created the ‘only’ J$P thread, which she alone can post to. No other J$P threads would be started. All comments on the subject were to be emailed to her, and--if she approved--she would post them in this one thread. Well over a year later, that thread has 16 posts. But meanwhile new J$P threads continued to appear--roughly a half dozen by now. And almost all of them were started by...Ellen Brodsky! Fancy that.

This brings us to the latest new J$P thread, also started by Brodsky (natch!):

Our friends at News Corpse came up with a hilarious rebuttal to Johnny Dollar's weekly "defense" of Fox News via obsessive attacks on its critics.

All right, as noted above, the corpsicles are fluent liars. Like when they insisted:

Fox also canned Alan Colmes, Wesley Clark, and Harold Ford.

Which was shortly after they had said the exact opposite:

Harold Ford Ditches Fox News For MSNBC

Aside from the fact that Alan Colmes was never fired by Fox since he’s still working there, neither Wesley Clark nor Harold Ford was ‘canned’. Regardless of why Ford left FNC, it’s metaphysically certain that at some point News Corpse lied about it.

Having established the bona fides of the corpsicles, let’s start in on the wonderful ‘rebuttal’ that Brodsky saw fit to reprint. Apparently even News Corpse wasn’t willing to publish it on their own website, instead sending it as a mass email--but hey, Ellen has no such scruples:

Fox Suck-Ups Week in Review! -
Johnny Dollar (significantly overvalued)
Thomas Charles Stewart III (OMG, there two others???)

Already this is assuming Swiftian levels of trenchant satire, is it not? The corpsicles, via Brodsky, continue:

Johnny Dollar (or whatever alias he is using now) continues his incessant SPAM campaign...

Lie. I have never had a spam campaign, and certainly wouldn’t waste valuable bandwidth on News Corpse if I did.

...refusing to remove innocent victims from his list when they ask politely to be removed.

Lie. Nobody has asked me to be removed from a list, since I don’t have one.

Dollar's relentlessly annoying behavior is comprised of emailing his unwanted (and usually inane) opinions to people who don't care about his puerile nonsense.

Lie. I don’t mail unwanted opinions to anyone, let alone to a list that doesn’t exist. And if I did, they wouldn’t be puerile nonsense of the corpsicle variety.

He is notoriously unreliable, but he is reliably notorious for his dishonesty and absence of intellectual capacity. In addition he leaves links to his pathetic web site that spews so-called "analysis" that is really nothing more than a demonstration of his logic-challenged talking points and Fox News genuflections.

I don’t know how it’s possible to ‘leave links’ in an email. Maybe he’s talking about comments at his little website. I commented on one thread at the Corpse site--over two years ago--and I didn’t leave links to anything. Ergo: another Lie. Skipping over a paragraph of personal attacks:

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: You can use this form at Yahoo (Dollar's email provider) to report him for Spamming. STOP THE MADNESS!

Lie. Yahoo is not my email provider; it never has been. So obviously I can’t be spamming from it, which is another Lie.

p.s. You received this email because you were on Dollar's email list (which he doesn't bother to secure).

Lie, for reasons stated above.

Unlike the half-wit Half-Dollar, I will immediately remove anyone from these responses who requests removal. You're Welcome.

I’ve never refused a request to remove, but that might be because I never got one, because I don’t have a list. You guessed it: Lie.

So in just four paragraphs, News Corpse lies eight times. That’s a pretty impressive ratio, even for them. But wait, there’s more! Since this was posted by Ellen Brodsky in her forum, that means we get to see responses from the kennel-dwellers. So let the lies commence (vulgarities will have key letters replaced):

  • But as one of our readers has already pointed out to him (I guess there was discussion elsewhere?)the spam is coming from his proxyboy, Thomas Charles Stewart III, who DOES have a yahoo account. Dollar's dirty-work boy has apparently spammed around 75 addresses repeatedly with pro-Fox/RW propaganda. They are mostly bloggers or named sources at MSM outlets, so I strongly suspect it was done with Dollar's help. --’Alex’

Lie. I don’t have a ‘proxyboy’ and have zero involvement with anything Stewart III does. But I suspect ‘Alex’ knows that. Or should I call her Carol Carty? The similarity between what each of them wrote is striking, even taking into the account the clumsy attempt at misdirection (‘one of our readers’).

  • The reason for this thread was what I thought a very clever satirical email by News Corpse. Yes, they apparently think that the guy with the Yahoo account is J$. I don't think he is, I think he's just an acolyte. --Ellen Brodsky

I suppose it’s not a lie for Ellen to say she ‘thinks’ he’s an acolyte. But it’s still false. What’s notable here is that Brodsky admits she published a smear of me built on a claim she herself doesn’t even think is true! Now that’s what I call ethics! Kind of explains all the stuff she says about Fox too.

  • Having nothing but picayune comments, years ago Dollar posted mainly to correct spelling and grammatical errors . . --Liz

Really? Liz’s lie is an astonishing one. After all the biased bassets would never reduce themselves to picayune nitpicks about spelling:

It’s true I did post once about the incredibly inept writing of one newspoodle post, but really, could anyone possibly ignore anything this bad? But the point of the article was not the 2nd-grade quality of the prose, but two outright lies told by the newsmutts, exposed with video proof. And since Liz brought it up, let’s see some of the ‘picayune’ things we harped on ‘years ago’, i.e. 2005-6:

These are just the tip of the newsliar iceberg. There are hundreds of examples in our archives, and they ain’t about spelling and grammar. The fun continues with a pair of trenchant observations from ’Aria’:

  • To me, the most telling part of Dollar's obsession with is how much time he invests into learning everything he can about us- even the parts that are none of his business and have absolutely no relevance to critique of this site. In what universe is such behavior consistent with good mental health?
  • Johnny Dollar (real name Mark Koldys) is a hateful, overopinionated moron who's so cartoonishly outlandish with what he does that I keep expecting Daffy Duck to make a cameo on his site. For some reason has a dangerous obsession with Ellen, and from what I gather, no one's sure what he has his panties in a wad about- but we all have theories. Anyhow, he does a lot of really, really scuzzy sh!t to people who are article writers or valued regulars on the mains- ranging from petty attacks in his articles to flat intruding on their private lives as far as he can get away with to collect information about them he has no business or purpose knowing.

More lies made up out of thin air. No surprise there, given that ‘Aria’ distinguished herself in our last FHWiR by telling The Lie of the Week. But maybe the mongrels can’t help it; they’re just suffering from projection. You want to see people investing time into collecting information about somebody and intruding into private lives? Happy to oblige:

  • He says he is a writer and a former prosecutor. It takes brains to be an attorney so I think he's lying about that and his writing leaves a lot to be desired. --ConchRepublican
  • From left: MARK KOLDYS, Charles Rilegh, George Komar, Rózsa, Mike Quigley, Alan Hamer...below: From left: Charles Rileigh, George Komar, Rózsa, Mike Quigley, Mark Koldys, Alan Hamer...Yes, Boys and Girls, we have here some juicy pics of the Dollar man - Oh, I'm getting so hoooot looking at them. Move over Tom Cruise. --Joannie Dollar
  • Some people say, Mark Koldys is a liar and a homosexual. --il128
  • Look, I found another one!...Koldys is the guy sitting up very straight at the back. 1977. Oh, look. Here's another one: ...And here is something I found that I suspect strongly demonstrates the link between music Koldys and prosecutor Koldys: KOLDYS: Mark Koldys is a pianist who played as a teenager with the Detroit Symphony but went on to a law career in Detroit. He has had a lifelong interest in film music". --Bluestater
  • Oh, wow! I usually don't like to make fun of anyone based only on physical characteristics, but if that creep doesn't fit the protypical description of a troll, nobody does! --MLP
  • Thanks so much for all the supportive comments. I was very touched by them. --Ellen Brodsky
  • Good god, no wonder he hides out in his mother's basement and blogs all day long. --bluestater
  • BTW, is Koldys bitching on his blog about this? --Claudo
  • Johnny Dollar = William Koldys Dearborn, MI --parrotguy
  • Perhaps someone should go tell huffpo that the guy making claims that they deliberately smeared Gibson is Mark Koldys of Canton, Mich. --bluestater
  • j$ is from Dearborn Michigan, first name actually William. Look up anal retentive and you see his picture. --Rick
  • This site also has a map although the geographic coordinates are within a certain radius of the computer and not pinpointed. Johnny Dollar seems to be near Dearborn Michigan. --Claudo
  • But this is all hingeing on his being in Michigan. Although I gotta admit,there are only 569 matches for his name googled: *edit*. So the probability that there are too many mk's floating around the country(on the net) is pretty slim. --Yakki
  • If anyone wants to see a picture of Dollar here it is. He's the one on the left that looks like he's either trying to play with the guys ass in front of him or steal his wallet. --john t
  • I mass downloaded his pictures. Now we got something to go on. Question is,which is him? Anybody have an aproximate age for Marky? --Yakki
  • The blue scrotum just took a back seat to what a f#cking anus Johnny Duller is. --Keg
  • Johnny Dollar's real name is Mark E. Koldys, he's 62, and he lives in his parents' basement. --Pegleg Peggy
  • It is not a stretch to conclude that Johnny Dollar is a public figure. Cyberfishing for public information on him is not "stalking", in my opinion. --wuzupdawk
  • Google Mark Koldys and maybe you'll see what I mean. --Ellen Brodsky
  • Our guy is named Koldys. I once did an exhaustive amount of research to figure it out (before he had his own website and just pestered us here) but now you can tell from the url of his site which contains, "mkoldys." IIRC, the "M" stands for Mark. --Ellen Brodsky
  • By the way, if you do some research on him, you’ll find out he was arrested many years ago (I believe it was in the ’70’s) for political dirty tricks. --Ellen Brodsky
  • Before J$ goes into a paroxysm of snarls and yelps, I may be wrong about the arrest. He may just have been charged. My recollection is that he pleaded guilty. --Ellen Brodsky
  • Oops, stop the presses! I may have been wrong about the political dirty tricks. --Ellen Brodsky
  • Koldys/Dollar reminds me of a stalker....I find it totally creepy. This is one sick dude. --Ellen Brodsky

This scramble into my background went so far as posting what they imagined to be my employer’s address and pictures of where I live (since removed). Hey ‘Aria’, what was that you said about ‘good mental health’? One more thing:

  • This thread is for which one you think is more out of control- popularity aside. Is Koldys more out of line for what he spouts on his site, while being too much of a coward to face us... --’Aria’

How am I supposed to face you, when I’ve been threatened with complaints to my ISP if I do? Forgot to mention that, huh? Why try to hide it? It’s not like Brodsky has been keeping it any sort of a secret:

  • We asked him to leave. When he refused, we banned him. When he persisted in sneaking back here under various IP addresses, we finally reported him to his ISP for harassing us. --Ellen Brodsky
  • As far as I'm concerned, you can't be too rude to that little pr!ck... Frankly, I've just had it with him and I have just reported him to his ISP for harassment. He has been repeatedly asked to stay off our blog and yet he refuses to honor our wishes. I hope that anyone who sees one of his comments on our blog will alert me pronto so that I can continue to report him. I also intend to post comments about his character on every other blog that cites him. --Ellen Brodsky

Yeah ‘Aria’, tell me again who the ‘coward’ is. Tell me who has a ‘dangerous obsession’ so severe that she’ll stalk someone all over the internet to post smears any time another blog mentions his name. And while you’re at it, stop lying.

That’s all. I need a shower.
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