Don't Watch That

The mongrels’ latest scoop praises Alan Colmes for bashing Fox News. But there’s a catch.
Actually more than one catch. Ellen Brodsky tells us:
I was looking for something else at Media Matters when I found this clip...
We’ve suggested for a long time that the newshounds don’t actually ‘watch Fox’, as their slogan disingenuously claims. They find clips on the interwebs and base their ‘analysis’ on whatever the clip-maker deigns to include. This is nothing new. Just a few days ago Brodsky did a post about O’Reilly’s ‘three-part’ interview with Donald Rumsfeld. Since anyone who saw the broadcast knows it was a two-part interview, where did Ellen get the idea it was three? Because the clips she found online were broken up into three parts instead of two.

But we digress. Ellen continues:

I found this clip of Alan Colmes squaring off against three Fox conservatives and chewing each one of them up over their double standard for unacceptable rhetoric.

The catch here is that the panel was not Alan Colmes vs three others. Kimberly Guilfoyle and David Webb were on one side of the argument, Colmes and Leslie Marshall on the other side. Is Brodsky claiming that Leslie Marshall is conservative?!? The fact that she was taking Alan’s side in the discussion would seem to be enough of a clue on that score, but Ellen would have to have watched the clip to know that.

News Hound Aria noted that host Eric Bolling went over the line twice...

Why would Brodsky need notorious liar Aria to tell her what’s on the clip, if she had watched it herself? And if she did watch it herself, why cover-up Leslie Marshall’s presence? Quoting Ellen again:

...Alan Colmes squaring off against three Fox conservatives and chewing each one of them up over their double standard for unacceptable rhetoric.

There’s another catch: the nonexistent ‘three Fox conservatives’. Even if you count host Eric Bolling as one of the three, it’s still false. David Webb is not a ‘Fox conservative’. He does not work for Fox News, is not an employee, not a contributor. What’s more, Alan Colmes hardly ‘chewed him up’ over double standards. In fact, Colmes praised Webb, congratulating him for criticism of ex-tea party honcho Marc Williams. But Brodsky would have to watch the clip to know that.

And then there’s Ellen Brodsky’s headline:

Alan Colmes Calls Out Fox News' Double Standard For Unacceptable Rhetoric

You guessed it: another catch. At no point did Alan Colmes call out ‘Fox News’ for a double standard. In fact he didn’t criticize ‘Fox News’ at all. He cited Bolling, Glenn Beck (who wasn’t there), and ‘the right wing’ for having a double standard. But that’s hardly Alan Colmes ‘calling out Fox News’. How could it be? Alan Colmes is part of Fox News. Fox gives him more airtime every week than anyone else in that discussion.

This too is obvious from the clip. Either Ellen Brodsky doesn’t watch the videos she posts, or she just lies about what’s in them. But there’s a catch here too: it could be both!
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