Another Cover Story

Aha! Fox didn’t mention a huuuge news story. The mongrels present their proof, but there’s a catch.
When you see one of the newshounds claiming that Fox didn’t cover something, that’s a pretty good indication that Fox in fact did cover it. So we knew what to expect when notorious liar Aria came up with another such scoop:

Yesterday, I was preparing a run-down of Virgil Peck’s now infamous “joke” that advocated shooting immigrants from helicopters when I noticed something strange. CNN and MSNBC had mentions of the incident and Peck's subsequent apology, but I could not find any Fox News articles or archived video mentioning the incident in any context....shouldn't there be a text report as part of their bid to justify their “fair and balanced” tagline? A search on yielded no results.

Well that’s not exactly true. That search turns up 491 results. But why do we get the idea that Aria didn’t bother to check out those 491 results?

Perhaps one of the right wingers who like to attack News Hounds can show us where this has been given a fair debate - or at least notable mention by any Fox News host - or provide a link to a text article.

Let’s see what our search of turned up. A text article? You mean, like this one?

Kansas Republican state lawmaker Virgil Peck has apologized but refused to resign over a remark earlier this week in which he suggested illegal immigrants should be shot.
During a committee meeting on whether the states should try to control the wild hog population by using gunmen in helicopters Peck said --quote -- "If shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a (solution) to our illegal immigration problem." The comment garnered bipartisan outrage. Peck later issued an apology saying it was a regrettable joke.

OK, what about a mention by a ‘Fox News host’?

There it is, reported on one of the most watched programs on FNC. How is it that the bowsers who claim to ‘watch Fox’ never seem to know what actually airs on Fox? It’s almost like they don’t watch Fox. (Maybe that explains how it is that Priscilla described a Huckabee interview as being from Saturday night’s program--a program that didn’t air because both the original and repeat showings were pre-empted for special coverage of the attacks in Libya!)

Not holding my breath, but who knows? I might just be surprised.

Aria might be surprised, but we’re not. We expect her not to tell the truth.

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