A Matter of Decree

The Hate Squad attacks Steve Doocy. But there’s a catch...or two.
It’s happened again. Someone let the internet’s premier religious bigot loose, and Priscilla of the newshounds has gone off on another tear. And as usual it’s laced with her snide religious attacks:

  • good, conservative Catholic Steve Doocy
  • Good "Christian" Steve Doocy
  • good Fox & Friends "Christians"
  • Jesus loves Fox & Friends, yes he does
  • in "America's Newsroom," there's only one true faith and that doesn't include anybody who isn't one of Jesus' BFF's

Prissy’s panties are in a bunch because Fox & Friends did a segment on the President’s failure to issue an official Easter message. She calls Doocy’s guest an ‘Islamophobic, Christian pastor’ (he’s not just an Islamophobe, he’s also--horrors!--Christian!) and whines about ‘agit-prop’ chyrons such as:

WH Laughs Off Criticism Over No Easter Decree

But as usual with Priscilla, when you look a little more closely at her ‘analysis’, things start to get a bit muddy. Consider the headline:

Steven Doocy & Christian Pastor Guest Say Obama Prefers Muslims

But there’s a catch. Leaving aside what the guest said, where exactly did Mr Doocy make that claim? Surprise, Prissy doesn’t say. She doesn’t cite one quote from Steve Doocy anywhere in the video stating that Obama prefers Muslims. Why? Could that be because he never said it? Wouldn’t that mean Priscilla is still a congenital liar?

But it gets better:

Note, not a word was said about Passover but in "America's Newsroom," there's only one true faith and that doesn't include anybody who isn't one of Jesus' BFF’s.

Now why would anyone complain about Obama not issuing a Passover statement when he clearly did? And it was reported, and discussed, on FNC. Is Prissy so ignorant she didn’t know this, or is this more rhetorical slight-of-paw to hoodwink the lemmings credulous enough to believe what she writes? Priscilla continues:

But the even bigger piece of propagandistic crap is that there hasn't been a Presidential Easter Proclamation since 1980 and that would include St. Ronald Reagan and the uber Christian George Bush.

Leaving aside the obligatory religious bigotry, there’s another catch. Ace investigative journalist Priscilla verifies her claim with a link to a post on a blog, and a discredited blog at that! Perhaps she trusts bloggers more than the Associated Press (4/13/2006]:

President Bush's Easter proclamation, as issued by the White House on Thursday:
"He is not here; for He is risen, as He said." Matthew 28:6. I send greetings to those observing the joyous holiday of Easter...

There’s even a website that keeps track of Presidential Easter messages, and it looks like there have been quite a few of them in recent years. Only there wasn’t one in 2011. A ‘proclamation’ is defined by by Merriam-Webster as ‘something proclaimed; specifically: an official formal public announcement’. That would seem to fit all those formal statements by Bush 43 and his predecessors, including ‘St Ronald Reagan'.

One more bit of drivel from Prissy:

Meanwhile, Morning Joe is live in London where the reality based grown-ups of MSNBC are discussing world events and the British politics, culture, and economics.

Actually, MJ is in London for a week of Royal Wedding hype, and was discussing such things as whether Americans are enthralled with William and what’s-her-name (with an expert from Access Hollywood as Joe exclaims ‘This is exciting!’), and the ramifications of a Prince marrying a ‘commoner’. This is Priscilla’s idea of hard news! And then there was the Morning Joe segment that asked the question:

Is London becoming an Al-Qaeda hub?

Geez, we thought Prissy didn’t approve of fear-mongering and Islamophobia. Oh wait, it wasn’t on Fox. So it’s OK.
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