Nothing to Fear But FAIR Itself

Indiana Jones feared snakes. Vampires fear the crucifix. Ellen Brodsky fears truth. She thought she found a way around it, but there’s a catch.
If you fail to keep animals in check, they will run amok. That’s what’s been going on at the newshounds, where the lies have been flowing like Niagara. Some of them are so silly that it’s hardly worth the effort to expose them. But every misbehaving mutt needs a good smack now and then. Not that it will do any good, but at least Ellen Brodsky will know her act isn’t fooling anyone.

It’s been one fabrication after another from the Queen Bee. She was so desperate to make Sean Hannity out to be a liar she concocted a claim that President Obama ‘has expressly denounced Farrakhan’. As proof she cites two of them not a quote from Obama! No it’s a hearsay paraphrase of something Obama said...and both quotes made no mention whatsoever of Louis Farrakhan! Now you may wonder, how could Obama ‘expressly denounce’ Farrakhan (i.e. denounce him explicitly, by name) without ever mentioning him? Obviously, he didn’t in the flimsy citations provided by Brodsky. (This is a popular rhetorical trick at the dog pound. One day earlier Priscilla claimed Bill O’Reilly admitted that Fox News had a pro-life bias. You guessed it: O’Reilly said nothing whatsoever about Fox News bias.)

But let’s not get distracted by the other liars. We’re talking about Ellen Brodsky, who recently insisted that Greta was ‘too busy’ to cover the Troy Davis execution except for ‘only one brief Fox News alert when the Supreme Court denied the stay’. Before you do something silly like think Ellen might be telling the truth, remember...this is Brodsky we’re talking about. In fact Greta led her program that night with a report on the execution; as noted by TV Newser: ‘ Greta Van Susteren covered the decision and execution a few times on her program.’

This is the sort of dishonest drivel Brodsky spews day after day, secure in the knowledge that the gullible lemmings who frequent the kennel are easy enough to deceive. Ellen, who claimed to have watched the last FNC/Google debate, nonetheless required Think Progress to tell her what to say. As part of the newspoodles’ increasing tendency to regurgitate ‘reports’ from other hate sites, Ellen parroted the Think Propaganda furor over two questions asked in the debate. One of these was really outrageous:

If you were forced to eliminate one department from the federal government, which one would you eliminate and why?

Brodsky was in an uproar:

Fox News Failed To Disclose Right-Wing Affiliations Of Two YouTube Debate Questioners

Let’s try to look at this logically. What does the background of the questioner have to do with anything? Does it change that question? Does it affect the answer? How is it relevant to anything at all? Brodsky doesn’t say. When CNN did debates with youtube, did they send out investigators to dig up background info on all the people who submitted videos? Is that what Brodsky thinks Fox should do, but CNN doesn’t have to? All to reveal the shocking information that a questioner at a Republican debate was a right-winger?!? Does this make one minute of sense? Really, it’s like Ellen isn’t even trying any more.

But it gets better, as Brodsky bawls about the other questioner, the other instance of ‘failing to disclose right-wing affiliations’:

Think Progress noted that one questioner, Kristen Williamson, is a spokeswoman from Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-immigrant hate group.

Wow, that was some ace investigative reporting by Think Propaganda. In fact, Think Propaganda even included video of the question in their ‘report’. But there’s a catch. Ellen Brodsky, who happily lifted entire sentences from the TP article, for some reason did not post the video. How curious. What would Ellen have to fear? Is there something in the video that Brodsky doesn’t want us to see? Well, as they say, let’s go to the transcript:

CHRIS WALLACE: But Kristen Williamson of the Federation for American Immigration Reform sent this question. Please look at it.
QUESTION: Kristen Williamson, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Struggling U.S. workers continue to compete...

Hold on a minute. Doesn’t Brodsky claim, in her big, bold-type headline, that Fox News ‘failed to disclose’ this questioner’s affiliation? Not only did Fox News disclose it, so did the questioner, just seconds later as she asked her question! Yet Brodsky says it didn’t happen, though she purports to have watched the debate and ergo knows full well that she’s not telling the truth. Could this be why Ellen was afraid to include video with her post? Because the video shows her headline to be Another Brodsky Lie?
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