The great coffee bean conspiracy exposed! But alas, there’s a catch.

After an appalling display of ignorance and dishonesty, ‘Aunty Em’ has regrouped to try and save face. In an effort to find something nasty to say about Bill O’Reilly that isn’t Another Hound Lie, AE has had to settle for a letter from an O’Reilly viewer. No, we are not making this up. Watch as AE blunders her way into another embarrassment:

“Charlie Harrington, Truckee, California. Bill, I know you’ve won the war on Christmas battle because Starbucks is calling their seasonal blend [brew] ‘Christmas Blend,” to which you replied, “Excellent.”
Just one problem, Bill: It’s simply not true. Take a look: As you can clearly see, Bill, the Starbucks Christmas blend and the Starbucks Holiday blend are two separate products, both falling under the rubric "Holiday Coffee.". Where was your research? It took the News Hounds Crack Research Team * less than five minutes to expose that lie. Don’t you even care about the truth?

We have no doubt that less than five minutes was spent to research this exposé, and that AE’s team was ‘crack’ in more ways than one. Because yet again, AE isn’t telling the truth. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Starbucks says:

Starbucks® Christmas Blend, also known as Starbucks® Holiday Blend, reaches its silver anniversary this year.

So Starbucks is calling its Seasonal Blend ‘Christmas Blend’--just like the letter writer said! This must be sooooo confusing to AE. Here’s more:

Starbucks releases the beans under two names: Christmas Blend and Holiday Blend. They are packaged differently, but they are the exact same beans.

But no! The ‘Aunty Em’ crack research team says they’re not. They must be in evil cahoots with Bill O’Reilly to deceive people about coffee beans! If so, the conspiracy only grows larger:

Starbucks Christmas Blend hits stores on Nov. 16. Also known as Holiday Blend, Starbucks Christmas mix combines beans from Latin America coffees with Asia-Pacific coffees, including rare aged Sumatra beans.


Same coffee packaged for Christians and non-Christians. Is it Christmas coffee or holiday coffee? It's both!

AE calls O’Reilly (and/or the letter writer, Charlie Harrington) a liar, when in fact they told the truth: Starbucks does call its Seasonal Blend the ‘Christmas Blend’. So if there is a lie here, the liar is ‘Aunty Em’.

The more ‘Aunty Em’ cackles about his latest phony O’Reilly smear, the more he humiliates himself. Or to put it another way: Hahahahaaa!
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