Blame Canada!

‘Aunty Em Ericann’ summons his ‘expertise’ to strike a blow against Fox News. But there’s a catch--a huge, spectacular, embarrassing catch. Updated!

The internet is full of liars. Some of them pretend to be Nigerian princes. Others hype nonexistent viruses. And then there are the Fox haters, who like other internet liars have a habit of re-using the same, shopworn falsehoods over and over again. And that’s where our pal ‘Aunty Em Ericann’ comes in.

In an effort to smear Fox News Aunty is once again regurgitating other people’s writing, this time from something called Addicting Info. Aunty cites the money quote, the devastating final paragraph that she puts in bold type because it’s so, well, devastating:

It’s against the law to lie on television in Canada. Canadian conservatives tried to change that law so FOX could broadcast in Canada. They were unable to get the law changed, so FOX does not operate in Canada!

Wow! Bullseye! Knockout! Aunty revels in a vicarious show of brilliance by adding her own ‘expertise’ to the matter:

My tee vee newswriting experience all occurred in Canada and I know how Canadian broadcasting works. While you can find opinion on Canadian television, you won’t find opinion disguised as fact—or lies disguised as fact, for that matter—which means that Fox and Friends wouldn’t last much more than 15 minutes on Canadian cable, and that’s just the start of the Fox “News” broadcast day.

What a devastating exposé! Only ‘Aunty Em’ isn’t telling the truth. Nobody tried to change the law so Fox News could broadcast in Canada. For one thing, it’s not a ‘law’ but a regulation. And more to the point, the move to change it, an issue for at least a decade, had nothing to do with Fox News. It was spurred by a Supreme Court ruling that contradicted the regulation.

It gets better. ‘Aunty Em’ insists that Fox News isn’t permitted in Canada, and wouldn’t last 15 minutes on cable there. But there’s a catch, a huge one: Fox News has been on Canadian cable for years--since 2004 in fact! It’s not like this is some sort of highly secret fact. Anyone can learn the truth in seconds; Fox News is available all across The Great White North:

Askivision, Aliant, Artic, Bell Express Vu, Bay Cable, Bruce Telecom, Buffalo Narrows, Cable Axion, Cable Cable, Slave Lake Conuma, Coop Antelle, Country Broadcasting, Cross Country, East Link...

There are dozens more, but you get the point. Remember the words of ‘Aunty Em’:

I know how Canadian broadcasting works...Fox and Friends wouldn’t last much more than 15 minutes on Canadian cable.

Yeah, right. So far FNC, including Fox & Friends, has lasted nearly a decade on Canadian television, all the while operating under that regulation against ‘lying’. But wait. Doesn’t that mean that--under Canadian law--FNC has not been lying, and all this time has been telling the truth? Seems so. If only Aunty Em were as truthful as Fox News.

If this is starting to sound vaguely familiar to you, it’s because this lie is not a new one. Remember Robert F Kennedy and all the echo-chamber websites that parroted his nonsense back in March? Or David Shuster, Boy Reporter?  And now here’s Aunty Em, cranking up the noise machine anew, recycling their falsehood and attesting to its ‘truth’ by putting his own alleged knowledge of Canadian broadcasting on the table as proof. That really helps his credibility, doesn’t it? Regardless of how he tries to gussy it up, ‘Aunty Em’s desperate smear of Fox News is just another blatant, obvious, shopworn lie.

UPDATE: ‘Aunty Em’ is quick to label any disagreement, mistake, or difference of opinion a Fox News ‘lie’. And yet when cornered on his obvious falsehoods regarding Fox News in Canada, he suddenly applies a different standard in a lengthy ‘update and correction’:

I erred and allowed myself to be fooled by conventional wisdom...

So Fox News lies, but ‘Aunty Em’? Oh, he just erred. If it weren’t for double standards, the newsliars wouldn’t have any standards at all.

AE tries to explain away the shoddy, risible regurgitating of talking points that passes for ‘research’ at the kennel:

As recently as September 21, 2011 Sarah Jones wrote at PoliticusUSA “Fox News was denied a license to air their “news” program in Canada because the CRTC has a law that prohibits deliberately lie in news content. The USA has no such thing.” There are other articles which make similar claims.

No kidding. Thank you for making our point. The Fox haters echo chamber repeats and amplifies its lies from one credulous website to another. The noise machine is nothing if not insular. And never mind that the lies were debunked months ago. Just dust ‘em off and use ‘em again!

Bottom line: I made an error which needed correcting.

Indeed, and AE gets credit for doing so this time. But there’s something strangely missing from his ‘updated and corrected’ article. A missing piece of the puzzle, one might say. Can you spot what it is?

At no point, does AE ever address a key question: who exposed the falsehoods in her post? Who published the truth about Fox News in Canada, and made it necessary for AE to write a correction longer than the original article? We know: it was the above post right here at J$P; no other site called out AE on his fabrications. Incredibly, ‘Aunty Em’ couldn’t bring himself to admit that J$P was right. So there’s no mention whatsoever--nothing!--of J$P and the post that caused AE to correct his fictions. Whatever the ethics of that omission, we can’t help but note just how very petty it is.
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