Newshounds Exit 2011 With Another Lie

Ellen Brodsky has fingered another stunning example of rampant, rampaging racism at Fox News. But there’s a catch.
The Fox haters do not take a holiday from hate. The newshounds serve the community 24/7 with smears and lies. For example, ‘Priscilla’, whose odd hobby appears to be counting up the number of Jews at Fox, once again spreads the lie that Chris Wallace is their ‘only Jew who is an anchor’. Perhaps Prissy thinks they should all be made to wear identifying badges to make it easier for her. Luckily she obsessively reads the comments at J$P and spotted our takedown; once we had done her research for her she could add a few more names to her deranged vitriol. But we’re not here to document the endless lies of a venomous bigot. Or wait, maybe we are, since the subject now turns to Ellen Brodsky. She claims:

Fox Nation Attacks Kwanzaa

What sort of ‘attack’ did Fox Nation come up with? Oh it’s pretty bad:

A recent post “asks,” Who Celebrates Kwanzaa? followed by the comment, “The results of a reader poll suggest that the holiday may be past its prime.” As if Fox Nation readers are in any position to judge.

Quite a vicious attack, isn’t it? Only there’s a catch. What Sharia Ellen doesn’t want you to know, and therefore omits from her smear, is that the headline in question, and in fact the entire article that follows it, was not written by Fox Nation, but rather by The Root! It’s not like Brodsky doesn’t know that--it’s right there in plain sight on the very page she linked to! What, you ask, is The Root? It is:

the leading online source of news and commentary from an African-American perspective. Founded in 2008 under the leadership of Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. of Harvard University, The Root offers a unique take on breaking news, provides solid analysis and presents dynamic multimedia content.

So these are the people Brodsky is smearing as racists?

The Root raises the profile of black voices in mainstream media and engages anyone interested in black culture around the world. The Root is owned by the Washington Post Company.

Aha! Brodsky has now indicted the Washington Post’s premier black news operation as perpetrators of a racist attack on Kwanzaa! But wait, there’s more:

“The results of a reader poll suggest that the holiday may be past its prime.” As if Fox Nation readers are in any position to judge.

Another Brodsky Lie! Since the article was written by The Root, the survey was not of Fox Nation readers as Sharia Ellen well knows, but of the predominately black readership of The Root. You know, like these people that Ellen didn’t tell you about either.

It’s comforting to know that as we enter a new year, we’ll still be getting the same venom, smears, and outright lies from Brodsky and her congenital fabulists at the kennel. Where hatred never sleeps.
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