Desperate Housewife

What happens when the newshounds are reduced to grasping at straws? Why, there’s a catch, of course.
You can tell when Ellen Brodsky, Queen Bee of the newshounds, gets desperate to find some way to smear Fox. Case in point, today:

Another All-Republican Lineup For Fox News Sunday

Now is Sharia Ellen this stupid, or is she deliberately dumbing-down her drivel for the moronic lemmings who believe what she writes? It’s the day after a Presidential primary in which an insurgent candidate won an upset victory by a landslide. And Brodsky’s up in paws because Fox interviews two Republicans? Whom does she think should have been featured? Janet Napolitano? Duh! What Sunday network talk show isn’t going to focus on the primary election? Well, let’s just see:

  • ABC News This Week: Guest, Rick Santorum (R)
  • CBS News Face the Nation: Guests, Newt Gingrich (R), Haley Barbour (R), Lindsey Graham (R)
  • NBC News Meet the Press: Guests, Newt Gingrich (R), Chris Christie (R)

Yes, every one of the network Sunday shows--not just Fox--had an ‘all-Republican lineup’. Because they are produced by professional journalists, not by some wannabe whose only journalistic experience was maybe writing an article for the library newsletter. Brodsky continues:

Funny how Wallace neglected to mention that his look at both the President’s speech and the Republican agenda was from a Republican perspective, only.

But there’s a catch. Did he neglect to mention that? Here are his words:

WALLACE: We’ll preview the President’s State of the Union speech and the Republican agenda with the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

What do you think? Another Brodsky Lie? Oh, and was only the Republican perspective offered, as Sharia Ellen claims? The first thing Wallace did was play comments from President Obama about the do-nothing Congress. Was that ‘a Republican perspective only’? And more:

  • WALLACE: Several studies found that Congress this last year, 2011, has been one of the least productive ever. Let's take a look...
  • WALLACE: What did Congress do this year that was significant?
  • WALLACE: Nothing got done. Nothing got done in any of those jobs bills.
  • WALLACE: Will anything get done in Washington this year?
  • WALLACE: Are you held captive by other people?
  • WALLACE: It sounds to me, and I'm sure to a lot of people, like you're basically saying this whole year is going to be politics.

Are those more questions from the ‘Republican perspective only’? Pretty lame, Brodsky. Not to mention pretty dishonest. Sharia Ellen also clucks disapprovingly that Chris Wallace ‘pressed’ John Boehner on the Keystone Pipeline possibly being attached to a payroll tax cut deal. Brodsky writes (with zero evidence) as if this is something Wallace cooked up out of the blue to try to ‘push Boehner’ into doing it. But once again, while Ellen is no newsman, Chris Wallace is--and he was grilling Boehner on a news story. This proposal was reported two days ago by Roll Call! Yet Brodsky wants you to think Wallace suggested the idea to Boehner!

Desperate people do desperate things. But really, Brodsky’s baseless bushwa is a voyage to the bottom of the barrel.
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